For sound producing devices, Philips along with Sony is two top brands in the Indian market. Between them, however, Sony is best. Some of the premium wireless headphones of Philips are a better option than substitutes because of enduring build quality that provides excellent comfort while listening to music on them along with clear audio with powerful BASS, although. In this piece, I cover the latest and best wireless headphones under 5000 Rupees of Philips brand.

► Over-Ear Wireless Hi-Fi Headphones Philips SHD8600

Philips is known for constant innovation of its products in order to enhance their functioning and adjust it to the taste of its consumers. The Philips SHD8600 Over-Ear Wireless Hi-Fi Headphones can be termed as a result of such efforts put in by the company. These wireless headphones are an example of the brilliance Philips is capable of pulling off when it comes to delivering the best of technology. Made especially for users who like to have their headsets on without compromising on their movements, the SHD8600 is as good as it can get.

The best of Philips: Available for buying at just 5000 Rupees, the specifications on these headphones are really great. The magnet provided in speakers of these headsets is undoubtedly neodymium which makes for delivering a balanced sound quality. The frequency response on it is 20 – 20 000 Hz and the ratio of noise is about 86dB. The diameter of its speakers is 40-mm in size and it weighs quite light. The channel range is automatic and it can receive signal up to 30m of range. The modulation which they use is GFSK.

Flawless features: Speaking of accessories provided by Philips, they come with an AC/DC adaptor of 5V/ 550mA DC and a battery charger in form of a docking station. Users can easily set their piece on top of it for easy and quick recharging once the batteries are wiped out. In the convenience section, these headsets score some pretty good marks too. They have an automatic power off feature and an LED indicator for its base station.

The headphones even have an indicator for showing the battery power and provide an operating time of total 10 hours on full charge.

Philips SHD8600 Over Ear Wireless HiFi Headphones

→ Pros and Cons of this Wireless Headphone

  • Wireless use
  • Brilliant reception
  • Flawless sound quality
  • Self adjusting headband
  • No noise leak
  • Long lasting battery
  • Great design

Cons: No microphone

Verdict: The reception on these headsets is brilliant and this results in delivering absolutely immaculate sound quality. They are perfect for being used with countless gadgets including the smart TV sets. The headband comes with an option of self adjustment which is great as it spares users from fidgeting with it to get the right fit around their heads.

The pivoting feature on-ear shells provide a comfortable fit around the ears and this in return prevents noise leakage. The docking station provided with them even manages the charging on few models of these headsets. These headphones are sturdy and lightweight. Available for a reasonable cost, these headsets are definitely worth going for. With countless plus points and very few setbacks, these headsets are capable of being anybody’s treat when it comes to having the best in class. Read also Stylish Powerful Philips Headphone Wireless Below 2500 Rupees.

Connectivity Wireless
Frequency 20 – 20 000 Hz
Design Over-The-Head
Weight 300g
Buy 5000 Rupees


► Philips SHB5500 – A Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

Philips is a company which has managed to establish a reputation for itself in such a way that consumers go buying its products trusting just its name. It’s one of the biggest manufacturers of headphones and they are considered to be one of the best in market. Its SHB5500 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is one such product, which is a strong competitor against other wireless Bluetooth headsets currently on sale by other brands. Priced at INR 2719, these headphones come loaded with tons of cools features which will leave users utterly satisfied.

Amazing battery backup: The battery which powers these wireless headsets is LI-Polymer and it provides a playtime back-up of 9 hours.  When on standby, the battery will last about 200 hours. The talk time is also the same as music playtime, whole 9 hours. Speaking of its Bluetooth profiles, it can manage up to four, A2DP, AVRCP, HFP and HSP. The maximum range of transmission they can capture is 15m which is quite sufficient. It can easily be connected to smartphones and never lets users miss out on any calls even when they are in the middle of listening to music.

An experience like no other: Philips offers a frequency range of 10 -22 000Hz and an impedance of 24-Ohm on these headsets. The magnet provided in speakers is Neodymium which makes for a balanced sound listening. The speakers are 32mm in diameter and its ear shells are covered with really good cushions which provide absolute comfort to its listener’s ears.

One good thing about these headphones is that the sound doesn’t distort even if music is being played at high volume level. They require a USB cable to charge them which the company provides along with the headphones.

Philips SHB5500 Headphone Review and Specifications

→ Trust the Brand Philips for a Headphone with comfortable fit

The company offers a one-year warranty on these headsets from the date of purchase and it’s no secret that their customer service is great lest any issue arises with the product.

The ear shells of these headphones are thoroughly adjustable and are made to fit any head shape quite easily. The quality of Bluetooth on them is very good, so users can experience perfect music listening without any distractions or connectivity related issues.


  • Good and sleek design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Clear bass sound

Verdict: These headphones are great for those who are on a budget but still are looking to get themselves a decent pair of wireless headsets. Philips once again lives up to the expectations of its consumers by delivering a fantastic Bluetooth powered headphones with the all new SHB5500 model. Once you put them on, you’re bound to forget all that is going on around you and get lost into experiencing nothing but pure music exactly the way it should sound. Read also 5 Latest Premium Headphones in India for Music Lovers.

Connectivity Wireless/Bluetooth
Frequency 10 – 22000 Hz
Cord Length NA
Design Closed-Back Design
Weight 118 g
Buy 3000 Rupees