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Philips Battery Mobile Phone under 12500 Rupees

Philips W6610 Review-5300 mAh Battery Phone under 12500 Rupee

India’s most trusted electronics brand Philips is a little known brand in the smartphone world. Whenever we say its name the only products that come to our minds are the kitchen and home appliances. However, for those who keep eye on every launch in the mobile market, Philips is not a small brand. It got great attention last year when it announced the launch of its Xenium W6610 smartphone that boasts a 5300 mAh battery.

This 5300 mAh battery phone has failed to perform in the market because of its high price, a whopping 20,650 Rupees. However, in the last one year that has passed since the launch, this smartphone has been through huge price drop and it is currently selling for the price of 12,250 Rupees. In this comprehensive review, our focus on the usability, functions and battery performance aspect of this phone.

Design Display and Camera

Philips has really tried hard to put the huge battery in the thinnest possible body. This phone only measures 11.4 mm in terms of thickness, but becomes extremely heavy with a weight of 200 grams. Of course the smartphone battery technology cannot reduce the weight while packing huge power inside.

The back panel is non-removable and to insert SIM cards one has to open the small metallic panel right below the camera section. From the front the phone looks like any other Android phone, but the real difference is made by the edges. Curved sides with tactile buttons make it feel great in the hand.

The Philips W6610 smartphone features a 5 inch IPS display with a qHD resolution of 540 X 960 pixels. The only thing to be noted here is the IPS panel that gives nice viewing angels to the screen. The pixel density of only 220 ppi does not match the price in any sense. The color reproduction of the display is not that good either which makes this phone bad for movie watching.

Lack in display protection is another bummer for this phone. If you are buying a phone priced above 10000 Rupees, you will certainly expect at least a custom made protection to increase the durability of the display.

The 8MP rear camera does generate great details in daylight, but considerably fails to produce natural colors. In low lighting conditions, you won’t be able to take shot without noise all over. Camera UI is highly customized, but does not create any confusion. However, the shutter takes much time to capture the image.

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On the front the Philips W6610 features a 2MP camera, which is capable taking some nice selfies. You will also be able to do quality video conferencing using platforms like Skype and Hangouts.

Performance (Gaming, Multitasking and Benchmarks)

A 1.3 GHz quad-core processor with a MediaTek chipset doesn’t seem to impress much at this price point. The processing power that this phone comes with is enough for all the low intense tasks. Graphic intensive games like NOVA 3 and Asphalt 8 can be played at low graphic settings with frame drops. The phone comes with 4GB of on board storage out of which about 1.7 GB is available to the user. But this phone doesn’t suffer from low storage issue as you can install a 32GB micro SD card and this external storage can also be used as a primary storage.

The 1GB RAM of this phone appears not enough for doing multitasking especially when you use social networking applications. More often recent opened apps will forget your last status. This situation will be common when you will be viewing web pages with three or more apps opened in the background.

On the front of benchmarking also the Philips W6610 fails to perform. AnTuTu score of 16629 falls much behind the score of Moto G (2013) that has a 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU. MediaTek chipset is really affecting this phone.

5300 mAh Battery Smartphone Philips W6610 Display

Connectivity & Sensors

The Philips W6610 features two SIM card slots wherein the first SIM card supports 3G networks. However, you will find the much needed connectivity options on this phone like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM Radio, GPS and micro USB. Wi-Fi tethering is also available that allows to share internet wirelessly.

The list of drawbacks gets amplified on this section. With only accelerometer and proximity sensor this phone can’t give a good competition to other smartphones of this price segment, at least on the sensor front.

5300 mAh Battery

The greatest feature of this phone is massive 5300 mAh battery. Phillips is promising about 33 hours of power backup on this smartphone. If you calculate, the standby will add up to 1604 hours, which is really a huge number. This phone has taken the crown that was earlier on the head of Lenovo P780. You can easily make it to 3 days with a full charge. However, huge battery also requires a great amount of time to get charged.

Philips has put a dedicated power saver toggle on the right side of this phone. This toggle proves to be really handy especially when you don’t have time to make your way into the settings. Moreover, you also get the capability to set what all feature you want to sacrifice in the power saver mode.

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User Interface

The Philips W6610 smartphone runs Android 4.3 Jellybean out of the box. It is a dated version of the popular mobile operating system. The good thing is that this phone does not come with many bloatware that makes user experience really bad.

It would have been better if Philips had updated this phone with at least Android 4.4 KitKat.


  • Super massive 5300 mAh battery
  • Dedicated power toggle on the right side of the phone
  • 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera
  • Dual SIM


  • Feels heavy in hand

Although the price of this smartphone has dropped remarkably, but still it is a little overpriced for the specs it features. The only features that will attract customers to this phone are its power backup and the power saver mode.

This phone is not recommended to the people who expect great performance from their smartphones. However, the people who suffer most because of the low battery backup of their phone, the Philips W6610 can be a good upgrade.

Price 12250 Rupees
Feature Dual, Mini, GSM, 3G+2G; Andriod Jellybean 4.2.2
Display 5 Inches, 540×960 P, IPS LCD, 220 PPI
CPU 1.3 GHz Quad Core; 1GB RAM, 4GB Memory, 32GB SDcard Support
Camera 8MP[P], 1.2 MP[F], LED Flash
Battery 5300 mAh
Backup 33 Hours Talk Time (2G), 2 Months Standby (2G)
Body 200 g [W], 11.4 mm [Th]
Connectivity 3G, BT, Wi-Fi, GPS, USB

Users Review and Opinion


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