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Top 5 Philips Mixer Grinder In India Under 4000 Rupees

In this article, we have done quick reviews of some of the most rated Philips's mixer grinder juicers available in the price range of 2000 to 4000 rupees budget.

750-Watt Philips HL1645 Mixer Grinder

Philips's mixer grinder model HL1645 features a sleek and classic design. Its noise reduction technology is impressive. You can do wet grinding, dry grinding and even blending with this product. It can be a durable all-in-one device for any kitchen needs.

Specifications: A giant 750W motor powers this MG machine and making it capable of doing any task assign to it. Grinding ingredients of different hardness is an easy task with its three-Speed modes. Its lift and grind blades made from stainless steel and will make sure that you get a consistent grinding.

One Product for All Your Needs: Philips HL1645 750 Mixer Grinder comes packed with a set of four jars. 1.5 Liter wet jar with a transparent top makes it easy to do wet grinding. 1.5 Liter blender jar makes it easy to extract fruit juices, blending milk shakes and it can be extremely useful in making south Indian recipes. 1.25 Liter multipurpose jar will take care of all your dry grinding. You can even do wet grinding with this jar if you want. 0.5 Liter chutney jar with a PP lid can help you in grinding chutneys and pastes.

Philips HL1645 750 Mixer Grinder Review Specification Pros Cons

All four jars are made with Revers Quadra Flow technology to make sure that nothing sticks to walls.

Safe and Secure: The auto shut off features makes it really secure. This one safety feature prevents the product from getting overloaded. A button at the bottom allows resetting the function if it gets triggered.

Pros: It is really a powerful product that can grind different ingredients with ease. The noise reduction technology makes sure that your kitchen remains noise free. The four jars that come along eliminate need for buying any additional blender or juicer. The blades are made with so much perfection that you will get even cutting of ingredients.

Cons: Even though the Jars are made with care but some customers have reported leakages. If your kitchen is small then this product is certainly not for you, the 10 KG weight makes it hard to move this product from one place to another. If Philips had made it a little compact then it could have been a better product.

Price 3960 Rupees
Total Jars Four
Functions Chutney Grinding, Wet Grinding, Blending
Power Consumption 750  Watt
Warranty 2 Years
Safety Automatic shut-off
Blades Stainless Steel


750Watt Philips HL7720 Mixer Grinder Machine

Made with a careful thinking, the Philips mixer grinder is a durable, reliable, and powerful device. It fits for all kinds of grinding and mixing needs. Its light weightiness and compactness make it easy to move it from one place to another in the kitchen. Handling and operating Philips HL7720 Mixer Grinder is also a very easy task.

Featuring a modern design the Philips HL7720 Mixer Grinder is a very compact device. It is light weight and so small that it can be placed anywhere in the kitchen but still it has the power.

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Specifications: Although being a very small device, it features 750W motor inside. 3 speed modes can take care of all your grinding and mixing needs. An auto shut off features saves the motor from becoming overloaded.

Philips HL7720 750 Mixer Grinder Review Specification Pros Cons

Vacuum suction and Turbo vent technology make sure that the motor remains cool even during a busy day, ultimately increasing the life of the grinder.

Operation and Handling: The one click lock feature really makes it easy for the user to know when the jar gets locked. Just put the jar on the coupler, rotate it clockwise till you hear a click sound. Now the jar is locked.

The grinder also comes packed with a 0.4 liter jar for chutney grinding, a 1 liter jar for dry grinding and a 1.5 liter jar for wet grinding. These jars are made with reverse Quadra flow technology to make sure that ingredients don’t stick to the wall.

If you notice you will find that Philips HL7720 Mixer Grinder comes with an exposed coupler. This has great benefit. If somehow, while grinding or mixing the ingredients get leaked, then you can easily clean the coupler.

Pros: It is compact, lightweight and powerful; any kind of grinding can be done easily with this product. The product is durable; it will make sure that you don’t have to buy another grinder after using it just for a couple of months. The one click lock and open coupler technology makes it user friendly.

Cons: Even though it is compact and powerful, the lack of blending feature stops many users from buying this product. And unlike Philips HL1645 it makes a lot of noise while operating.

Price 3435 Rupees
Total Jars Three
Functions Wet Grinding, Chutney Grinding, Dry Grinding
Power Consumption 750 Watt
Warranty 2 Years
Safety Automatic shut-off, Locking System
Blades Stainless Steel


600-Watt Philips Viva HL1646 Durable Mixer Set

Crafted with perfection and beauty Philips HL1646 Mixer Grinder is made from durable materials. It can really enhance the beauty of your kitchen. It can do multiple tasks like dry grinding, wet grinding and blending.

The moment you look at this product you will fall in love with its design. The color combination and the material used are really of high quality. The housing material of the grinder is made up of polypropylene and Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene which are best known their long durability.

Specification: With the grinder you get a 0.4 liter jar for making chutneys, a 1.5 liter jar for wet grinding, and a mulch-purpose jar which can be used for dry as well as wet grinding.

Philips HL1646 600 Mixer Grinder Review Specification Pros Cons

The motor inside it operates at 600W, which might not be enough if you plan to grind hard ingredients. But if you just want it for making chutneys and grinding soft ingredients then this product is for you.

In the safety aspect its auto shut off feature turns the motor off in case of overloading.

Operation and Handling: The nice and user friendly design of jars make it easy for the user to operate the grinder. 3 speed modes allow grinding and mixing of different ingredients at different speeds. Moreover, the grinder does the task very fast.

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Even cleaning the Philips HL1646 Mixer Grinder is easy. Most of the parts are detachable so you can easily clean every corner of this grinder.

Pros: The grinder looks very cute and adds to the beauty of kitchen. The auto shut off feature makes it very safe. The build quality of the materials used is very good and you won’t need any repair for one or two years. As we discussed while cleaning also this grinder does not give any problem.

Cons: Though the 600W motor can do daily tasks very easily but it can be a slow runner if you need to grind hard ingredients like coconut. This product also generates a lot of noise while operation. Moreover, some customers have also reported that the lids get detached from the jars while grinding.

Price 3125 Rupees
Total Jars Three
Functions Wet Grinding, Dry Grinding, Chutney Grinding, Blending
Power Consumption 600 Watt
Warranty 2 Years
Safety Automatic shut-off
Blades Stainless Steel, PP and ABS


500-Watt Philips HL1632 Juicer Mixer Grinder

Philips's this juicer mixer grinder machine is an all-in-solution for your kitchen. You can grind ingredients, make chutneys, and also make juice from it. Though the assembly can be a tough task but when you are done with the assembly you will be very happy with the result.

On the design side this product lags a bit behind. So many individual parts are needed to be assembled before you can use this product and this is something that customers might not like. Philips HL1632 Juicer Mixer Grinder is a very bulky product; you will certainly need a lot space in your kitchen to keep it.


It comes packed with a powerful 500W motor inside, but can be a bit of disappointment if you want to do heavy grinding. 3 speed modes can help you to grind or extract juice from different ingredients at different speeds. You also get a 0.3 liter chutney jar, a 1.5 liter extra blender and a multipurpose jar that you can use for dry and wet grinding.

Philips HL1632 500 Juicer Mixer Grinder Review Specification Pros Cons

For the juicing purpose you get a very big box that you need to attach to the coupler. This can be a little tough.

Philips auto shut off feature also makes its way to Philips HL1632 Juicer Mixer Grinder. It stops the motor from being overloaded by turning it off.

Handling and Operation: Philips HL1632 Juicer Mixer Grinder lags much behind in this aspect. So many parts that need to be attached for it works make the operation really a mess.

You will need a lot of space if you are going to extract juice. And I recommend reading the manual, which comes long, thoroughly before else you might damage the product.

On the cleaning side also, it requires a lot of hard work and time. It might make you not to use this product.

Pros: The best benefit of this product is that you can extract juice without buying any extra equipment for your kitchen. Three-speed modes make it an efficient product. The features like auto shut off and non-slip feet give it an extra edge over others.

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Cons: Although it has a strong price point (it is available at Rs. 2699 only from Flipkart) but the assembly might consume a lot of time. This product is not the best when it comes to grinding hard ingredients like coconut and dried turmeric.

Some customers have reported that the blades stop working after using it for a few months.

Price 2570 Rupees
Total Jars Four
Functions Dry Grinding, Juicing, Chutney Grinding
Power Consumption 500 Watt
Warranty 2 Years
Safety Automatic shut-off
Blades Stainless Steel


550-Watts Philips HL7510 Mixer Grinder Kitchen Appliance

One of best-selling Philips mixer grinder is the model HL7510 – a budget friendly, nice looking and multi-purpose Kitchen tools. It is very sleek so it will fit anywhere in your kitchen. The use of ABS material makes it durable even in hard conditions. One the safety side also, the overloading protection gives it an extra edge over the other products in this price range.

Philips HL7510 Mixer Grinder features a very sleek and stylish design. The color combination used makes it look very premium. The design of controls and the handles also add to the harmony of this product.

Specifications: It comes packed with a 550W motor inside that can do all the daily work easily. With the grinder you also get a 1.25 liter jar for wet grinding, a dry grinding jar that can take in vegetables up to 0.75 liter, and a 0.3 liter jar for making chutneys.

Philips HL7510 550 Mixer Grinder Review Specification Pros Cons

The three speed modes can be very efficient in using power wisely for the ingredients with different hardness. Moreover, the auto shutoff feature that I discussed earlier turns the motor off in case of overloading.

Handling and Operation: Philips HL7510 Mixer Grinder can easily grind the daily life soft ingredients with much ease, thanks to the 550W motor. But it may face problem in grinding ingredients like coconut and dried turmeric. Its sleek design makes the cleaning very easy.

Pros: Because of its light weightiness and sleekness you can put it in the smallest of places in your kitchen. The ABS material really makes it durable for a long time. The overloading protection saves the motor from damaging because of extra power.

You can’t get anything better in this price range from a brand like Philips.

Cons: Though the motor is safe and sturdy, with only 550W of power it can’t grind hard ingredients. It could have made it a better product if Philips has included a 600W motor instead. Customers have also reported that it makes a lot of noise while operation.

Price 2475 Rupees
Total Jars Three
Functions Dry Grinding, Wet Grinding, Chutney Grinding
Power Consumption 550 Watt
Warranty 2 Years
Safety Automatic shut-off
Blades Stainless Steel, Robust ABS Body

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