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Philips Samsung Headsets Below 400 Rupees

Philips SHE1405 In Ear Headphone Headset

Samsung In-Ear Earphones EHS61ASFWE

The market for earphones is fast expanding and players are coming up with new strategies and products every other day to woo the customers. When it comes to earphones, there must be over thousands of them for consumers to choose from. But only a few actually are good enough for buying and using. Samsung’s EHS61ASFWE In-Ear Earphones happens to be one of such earphones. Available for just Rs. 400, these earphones are one of Samsung’s bestsellers and are known for being very handy to use. Read also Best Headphone Earphone between 300 to 700 Rupees.

Compatible with Samsung and Nokia phones: In the department of specifications, these earphones easily have all the details which most of its counterparts in the market hold. They are wired like most of the earphones in its class and deliver good sound quality when used. The audio jack that it comes with is easily compatible with most of the smartphones. It also comes with an inline remote which makes it easier to take calls or disconnect, play or pause music, for users on the move.

Low cost Earphone yet a decent sound quality

The sound quality of these earphones is pretty decent considering how cheap they are. The headset design offered by Samsung on these earphones is earbud and its type is in-the-ear. They make for a cozy fit but after prolonged use one can start feeling uncomfortable and inside of ears might start hurting.

The Samsung EHS61ASFWE In-Ear Earphones also lack behind in many other sections. It does not provide Bluetooth connectivity and no noise cancellation feature either. This isn’t too surprising considering the cheap price tag they come with.Samsung EHS61ASFWE In Ear Earphones Headset

Easy to use: Samsung offers a warranty of one month on these earphones from the date of its purchase and it, of course, doesn’t cover damages caused due to mishandling and misuse of the product. Since these earphones are basically designed to be used with mobile phones, the microphone on its wire is placed on the one which is shorter than the other. The reason for that would obviously be for achieving better voice quality when in middle of a phone call.


  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with most smartphones
  • Decent sound quality
  • Available at bargain price


  • No Noise Cancellation
  • Lacking Bass
  • Fragile Cord
  • Detangling of cord a major issue

Final Verdict: The wire of these earphones could definitely be improved as far as the quality of it goes because it easily gets tangled. It takes quite some time and a lot of patience not to mention, to get them detangled. But since these are so lightweight to carry, this shortcoming can indeed be overlooked. They also come in two color options of black and white so users can pick whichever they feel suits them best.

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Since these earphones come so cheap and offer pretty average user experience, they are great for using on standby. Apart from that, these earphones are definitely worth buying for simply being so handy and feather light.

Connectivity Wired
Frequency NA
Cord Length NA
Design Ear bud
Weight 26g
Buy Rs. 400


Philips SHE1405 In-Ear Headphone Headset with Mic

When it comes to producing headsets and marketing them, Philips can be considered as one of the earliest pioneers of it. Being one of the oldest players in the market, Philips has the experience and the knowledge to deliver what is required by most consumers today, when it comes down to having a good pair of headphones. Read also 5 Best Earphones in India under 1000 Rupees.

They have been doing it for years and somehow have still managed to expand their market worldwide even after facing some serious competition from newcomers like Skullcandy and similar brands. The Philips SHE1405 In-Ear Headphone Headset is one of those products which remain one of its bestsellers to this date.

Amazingly handy: It’s more of an earphone than a headphone and comes under a very cheap rate of just 300 Rupees. That’s right! At such a cheap price the Philips SHE1405 is an absolute bargain and manages to outdo itself when it comes to delivering what it’s made for. Weighing at just 18 grams, these earphones are perfect for using with a phone to any Mp3 player. Apart from these, they can also be plugged into your laptop and would run just as efficiently. The earphones come with an integrated microphone in their wire and are great for answering and making calls when on the go.

A Philips earphone in a durable build that Fits easily

Along with this, they also come with extra pair of ear caps lest you lose the ones that are original. Since these headphones are to be used generally, not much emphasis has been paid on enhancing the sound quality that users might get to experience while utilizing them. Hence, the bass quality provided is not so great and very basic. If you go buy this set thinking that the sound quality and music listening experience would be amazing, then you will be greatly disappointed.

Philips SHE1405 In Ear Headphone Headset

Sleek looks: The quality of the wire on this Philips earphone is not up to the mark. In fact, they seem to get tangled and require constant untangling from time to time. The wire provided is about 1.2 meter in length. So it has that sufficient length to reach down easily to the pockets of trousers or shorts of users, in case they decide to put their devices there and use earphones at the same time. Philips has made this earphone in two different color options: black and white. In spite of being priced so cheap, Philips SHE1405 earphone look great and sleek in both colors.

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  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • So very cheaply priced
  • Integrated microphone
  • Handy to use
  • Great for phone use


  • Bass quality poor
  • Cord gets tangled
  • Very fragile

Verdict: It’s a great option to go for kids who are dependent on monthly allowances and don’t have the kind of cash to spend on a headphone that is super expensive. Apart from this, Philips SHE1405 will also do great as stand by earphones in case you can’t seem to find your usual pair or end up losing it. These would serve perfectly lest an emergency like that strikes. So, whatever might be the reason, these earphones are definitely worth one buy at least in a lifetime. Even if you aren’t satisfied with its performance, it still won’t hurt much considering you bought them for a price of a candy bar.

Connectivity Wired
Frequency NA
Cord Length 1.2 m
Design In-Ear
Weight 18 g
Buy Rs. 300

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