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Philips Salon Straightener HP8312 below 1600 Rupees

Philips SalonStraight Essential straightener HP8312 in India Below 1600 Rupees

Philips SalonStraight Essential straightener HP8312

There’s nothing as irritating as having to deal with a sticky hair situation in the morning, especially if you are in a hurry. Long hair tangles up easily and in some serious situations using a comb wouldn’t disentangle in due time. That’s why you need a reliable hair straightener to help do the straightening with perfection and of course without inflicting pain on your head. The good thing is that the market is full of these gadgets all you have to do is select the model that you prefer most. I particularly like what Philips has created in this field of electronics. Its all new Salon straightener HP8312 will help solve those knotty hair locks with a nick of a second. Here are some of its features.


Philips never wanted to mimic the crude hair straighteners we have in the market, instead they opted for something that is outside the box. To begin with, the Philips HP8312 Essential straightener is light in weight for easy maneuverability. It weighs less than half a pound. It further utilizes ceramic plates for the straightening edges. These plates glide smoothly through the hair leaving a sparkling attractive look on the hair. The sleek slim design also allows for a firm comfortable grip on the device, so you won’t be struggling with the holding and positioning angles while using this specific hair straightener.

Time saving

The main idea behind using an electric hair straightener over a traditional comb – is to save time. Apart from the streamlined ceramic plates, which disentangle the hair within no time, the Philips HP8312 heats up very fast. In less than 60 seconds the device is already heated up and running. In other earlier hair straightener models, you had to attach voltage regulating mechanisms before using the device, however, the Philips HP8312 Essential straightener the universally recommended voltage level. This means that you won’t waste time setting up a voltage regulator before use. It’s just a plug-in and use situation.

Flexibility and long power cord

A good hair straightener must allow for adaptable manipulations in the entire period of use. The Ceramic plates are fixed on a flexible hinge that allows for flexible adjustments. You can, therefore, adjust the plates seamlessly while working on different types of hairs. The power cord is roughly 1.8 meters in length. This is more than enough when working on your hair own hair, or while helping another person comb their own hair. The flexible hinge is also imperative during storage, as it allows for easy locking and storing in a drawer. You can even hang the straightener on a wall from the hinge.

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Power and temperature

As mentioned earlier, the Philips HP8312 straightener uses the universally recommended voltage on home appliances. It, therefore, has a voltage working range of 110 to 240 volts. The maximum temperature on the ceramic plates is 210 degrees Celsius, obviously, any higher temperature than this – could roast your head. In addition, the Philips HP8312 Essential straightener has an Auto Overload Off feature that cuts out power in case of an overload.

Philips SalonStraight Essential straightener HP8312 Review and Specifications

Rechargeable Battery

The battery functionality is quite a new feature in this Philips hair straightener series, but luckily the Philips HP8312 wasn‘t left out. It has a rechargeable battery that charges to full capacity for about 5 hours.

Pricing and Verdict

To have the Philips HP8312 Essential straightener, you will have to part with about 1500 Rupees although in some outlets the same device goes for 1300 Rupees. From my own point of view, I think the Philips HP8312 is a good choice since its competitions aren’t offering much either. So next time you decide to buy your girlfriend a birthday present, make sure you buy her a Philips HP8312 Essential straightener.

Model No HP8312/00
Cord Operated Yes
Colour Pink
Maximum Temperature 210 °C
Voltage 110 to 240 V
Cable Length 1.8 m
Heating Type PTC
Heating time 60 seconds
Swivel Cord Yes
Hanging loop Yes
Price 1550 Rupees

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