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Philips Onion Chopper Blender below 3500 Rupees

Philips OnionChef HR2505 Review and Specifications

Philips HR2505 – Onion Chopper and Spice Paste Maker   

Honestly, technology has made people super lazy, but with it, some of the most mind-blowing inventions have been created. One such creation is the onion chopper that uses a new technology known as ChopDrop. Just like the name sounds, it’s basically a motor fitted cutter that drives down blades to cut light vegetables such as onions in a confined area.

Philips OnionChef HR2505 is among the few chopper models we have in the market and it has taken ChopDrop technology to a whole new level. For instance, this chopper has enough strength to cut meat and tougher vegetables, including nuts, and dried fruits.  To monitor the chopping process better, the cutter chamber is housed by a thick transparent glass that is easy to see through. The already cut pieces fall into a bowl thus inhibiting clogging and the possibility of over-cutting the stuff being cut.

Philips OnionChef HR2505 features

I would recommend this particular chopper because of a number of reasons. In this piece, I have tried to factor in some of its amazing features.

It’s a Powerful tool

To get the 3 functional blades cutting over tough matter, the Philips OnionChef HR2505 needs a really strong motor. That’s why the designers of this appliance thought of a rather terminal solution that could do any cutting with ease, a 500 W Motor. 500 Watts on a motor to drive an onion cutter is kind of a joke, but since we’ve got other tough stuff to cut, I think it’s adequate.

Automatic speed regulator

The Onion Chef HR2505 has an automatic speed regulator and gives the user two workable speed options to work with. With this product, you can opt to use the slower speed adjustment to cut vegetables especially onions and carrots. While the high-speed blade can be used to cut meat and tougher stuff like nuts. Since this contraption is powered by a 500W motor, you can tell that it’s super fast.

Expediency and Practicality

One key area that designers have to think about when building such a tool is convenience or what I’d like to call expediency. Of course, nobody wants to work with a cutter that gives him a hard time when cooking, washing it or sharpening it. The argument is simple, why use a machine that will consume more time and energy than doing the task manually by hand?

In order to keep this appliance functional, designers thought of how it was to be cleaned and sharpened first. The compact design allows it to be cleaned easily through a dishwasher. You can easily rinse you chopper through a dishwasher just like you would do to a manual chopper (one without an electrical system).

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Ease of use

One very creative feature Philips thought of when creating this device is how it would become uncomplicated. With a manual chopper, users simply have to press down the top of the device and release it periodically so as to slice through vegetables. The more you press and release the top lid, the finer your vegetables get. When building the Onion Chef HR2505, Philips thought of how the same mechanism, similar to the one in the manual chopper, would be fitted to their electrical one. So instead of adding buttons to the chopper for controlling speed, Philips crafted the trigger mechanism to resemble the manual chopper. So all you have to do with the Onion Chef HR2505 is press down the top lid in order to set the blades in motion.

Philips HR2505 Onion Chpper

Pricing and Final Verdict

The Philips Onion Chef HR2505 is priced at 3365Rs and I think it’s a must have gadget for your Kitchen. Although the market is saturated with cheaper models, I would recommend that you select this particular one since it comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Bowl Capacity 1.1 Litre
Chop Drop technology Yes
Blade type Stainless steel blades
Automatic Speed Selection Yes
Power 500 W motor
Adjustments 2 (Coarse and fine)
Trigger type Press down mechanism
Warranty Yes (2 Years)
Price 3200 Rupees

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