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Philips Nose Trimmer with Durable Stainless Steel Blades

Philips Norelco NT5175 Nose Trimmer in India

Philips Norelco NT5175 Nose Trimmer

Grooming your face is something that can earn you approval among people with the least of efforts. Luckily, nowadays there are lots of face trimming equipment you can buy from local stores. Ranging from eyebrow trimmers, to beard shavers, the choice is really yours. I, however, have come to appreciate this new entry in the face grooming tools section. The tool is non-other than a Nose trimmer. Although it seems a little bit of an understatement, because most people don’t need to shave their noses, the importance of this gadget comes to be known with age. As we grow older, we need to trim our noses and ears more frequently.

If you come from a family line that has an issue with fast facial hair growth, then you will need one of these contraptions. Nose trimmers have been in existence for a considerable time now. However, the main disappointment with these earlier models was the fact that they used a spinning blade, which at times would bruise the user’s Nose lining. Having used an early nose trimmer model, I can tell you that you had to be very precise with the gadget. Any silly mistake and you would either pull the hair in the nasal cavity or graze yourself. This were the two painful experiences I dreaded when using this tool. Nevertheless, Philips has come to our rescue, with their Norelco NT5175 Nose Trimmer. The NT5175 is both safe to use and effective. Here are some likeable features in this gadget.

Features of NT5175 Trimmer: Easy to use

Unlike traditional trimmers, this gadget is exceptionally easy to use. It exploits dual-cut blades which trim the hairs effortlessly. The rounded edges of the blades make it easy to shave hairs even on body areas with extreme curvatures. You can use the blades to shave curved regions such as the area around the neck, the mustache area as well as beards and sideburns. The product is also light in weight, hence allows for easy maneuvers and has less strain on your hand even after working for long periods. To keep the trimmer cleaner the designers fitted some stainless steel blades on this device and a water resistant frame. With these two features, users can easily wash the nose trimmer with a gush of water. The sleek plastic body also adds on to the easy cleaning factor.

Maximum safety

Philips thought of the safety of the user when building this gadget. They, therefore, fitted a protect-tube to prevent sudden pulls and cuts when shaving the nasal cavity region. In addition, this gadget does to clog at the blades since it doesn’t collect hair. Typical spinning-blade nose trimmers have this problem. As you shave, the spinning blades tend to collect hairs as they rotate and eventually you have to unclog them. The fact that it uses normal AA batteries means that there is no risk of electrocution eve after washing it with water.

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Does a neat Job

The NT5175 nose trimmer, if I may say, is like the pinnacle of all nose trimming technologies. Considering that it is the very latest trimmer model in Philips’ Norelco series, you would agree with me that its predecessors are nothing like it. Before this Gadget was made, Philips had other nose trimmers such as the Norelco 3300 and 3200. The problem with this early models is that they didn’t have a strong frame for shaving other regions, such as the beards. Moreover, the job they did on you was no better than what a razor would do.

However, with the NT5175, things have changed. To start with, it has additional attachments on the blade that add on to more functionality on this gadget. The attachments allow you to shave the sideburns, beards, and eyebrows. The powerful motor also drives those blades with a lot of precision and surety. Therefore once you trim a region, you don’t have to repeat it once more.

Philips Norelco NT5175 Nose Trimmer Review and Specifications

Extra information

This device comes with three combs (1/8 inch and 3/16 inch). Philips also included a carrying pouch for this gadget. Therefore you can comfortably travel with it anywhere. It uses standard Lithium AA batteries which can last for a considerable duration of time, maybe a month or so. Nevertheless, it would have been better if Philips included a rechargeable battery for this gadget. AA batteries are almost getting wiped off from the market.

Pricing and Final verdict

This device is not expensive as it is priced at 1340 Rupees. I think it’s a great trimmer but the batteries are a bit of a letdown. If you don’t mind changing the AA batteries every month, then you can go for it.

Price 1400 Rupees
Brand Philips
Blade type Stainless steel
Blade technology Dual cut
Body Plastic
Water Resistant Yes (Hence washable)
No pulling Guaranteed Yes, with a Protect tube
Battery Lithium AA changeable batteries
Number of combs 3
Size of combs 1/8 inch and 3/16 inch
Pouch Yes
Colors Black and Silver

Users Review and Opinion


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