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Philips Nose Ear Eyebrow Trimmer Below 1500 Rupees

Philips Nose Ear And Eyebrow Trimmer NT9110 Below 1500 Rupees

Regular visiters of this website know well that the selection of any gadget for review is decided as per visitors request and demand. We use all mean and method to go into deep of a gadget to find pros & cons and certainly effectiveness to find worthiness. Following the rich tradition, we are going to review an unusual gadget that does not have many options because of less demand.

The hair in human nose and ear works essentially as a protection layer. But the same hair becomes a matter of embarrassment when visible from outside. That requires a proper trimming. In today’s time we mostly rely on a reliable gadget that makes even a tough task an easy one.

Philips NT9110 is a Reliable Durable Nose Trimmer

Most people use a scissor to clean nose hair. In fact, that is not only unprofessional rather painful, and not so safe as well. OK! Somehow you could risk trimming nose hair by a scissor but that cannot be used to trimmer hairs in ear side. That is like playing with fire. Putting scissor in ear might result in an accident which means some issue in the ear for whole life.

Philips Nose Ear and Eyebrow for Men and Women

Philips is a household name in India and does require any introduction. The Philips NT9110 is an all-in-one trimmer for giving a safe trimming to unwanted hair in nose and ear. it can also be used for styling eyebrow. This Philips trimmer could also save lots of your money: It is suitable for both men and women. This easily gets into the closed area of nose & ear and removes unwanted hair there in easy and professional way.

Build and Design: The micro trimmer usages an ultra thin foil wrapped up over tinny blades to safe guard your sensitive places like nose and ear. Think foil cover not only protects delicate skins of nose rather ensures that the end user cut only extra hairs even after using by a shaky hand. At the control side, it renders perfect grip for an easy use of it.

Philips NT9110 Multi Blades
Stainless Steel Blades: The NT9110 trimmer has a set of multi-angle precision micro blades, which removes all unwanted hair. According to Philips, stainless steel blades are changeable.

Philips NT9110 Multi Uages

How to use: You do not need to tilt your head to get perfect result. It requires just an easy pushing into either side of nose and ear then pressing the ON button. You need to roll the trimmer easily at the place to remove unwanted hairs and to get perfect and professional result. The gadget works flawlessly and gives result without any pain.

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Protection Features on this Philips Multipurpose Trimmer

The Philips trimmer has a perfect top which fits properly into your nose and ear. After the pointer length, it is perfectly thick which translated into avoiding of unnecessary encroachment in nose and ear.

Sales Box Content: The unit, battery, trimmer cap, small brush, and trimmer stand

A perfect Gift: This Philips trimmer could also be a perfect gift for some one above fourty.


  • All in One type gadget
  • Battery Powered Easy Gadget
  • All gain without any pain
  • Easy using and long lasting
  • Nose Hair Trimming
  • Ear Hair Trimming
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Washable head with stainless steel blades
  • The sales box contains all needed accessories
  • Two years of service warranty across India at Philips authorizes service centers
  • Blades are wrapped in thin layer to protect delicate skins of nose and ear

Philips NT9110 Stands

Verdict: Philips trust and worthiness of this trimmer type makes it one of must have electronic gadget in home.

Features 100% Waterproof, Stainless Steel Blades, Cordless
Suitable For Nose and Ear
Power Battery, One, AA-Size
Care Washable Head
Price 1500 Rupees

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