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Philips Headphone Headset under 1200 Rupees

Philips SHL3005 Headphone

Philips SHK2000 – An Excellent Wired Headphone for Kids

Most brands today into targeting customers based on their age group and preferences. Same goes for the market for headphones and Philips is one of the pioneer companies of going ahead with it. With its Philips SHK2000 headphones, Philips has made it clear that it takes its consumers very seriously despite the age gap. It, in fact, has launched these sets keeping in mind that even children are in need of a splendid headphone to call their own and be able to enjoy their music in a fun way. Available in the market for buying at just Rs. 1150, these headphones are surely to bring a smile on every child’s face the moment he or she will put in on and press play. Read also Best Headphones below 1000 from Philips Sony Audio Technica.

Getting into the specifications here, these headphones are capable enough of producing a sound which will leave the little ones awestruck. The magnet placed in their speakers is Neodymium and its drivers are 32 mm in measurement. Further, the magnet placed in the speakers also ensures that every time they are plugged in, the sound produced is absolutely balanced and there’s no room for any errors related to it. As parents, most are likely to remain worried about the sensitive ears of their children and the loudness of music they will be exposed to. Hence, Philips has taken care of that by setting up the maximum volume level on these headsets up to 85dB for safe and sound hearing experience.

Philips SHK2000 Headphone

This Philips Headphone is a Great mix of sound and style

Since most kids are likely to enjoy a dash of color to almost everything they own, Philips has made the SHK2000 available in two colors; purple and blue. The insides of the headphones are also in two different colors. The blue is paired with lime green and the purple one with pink. The ear shells of the headphones are padded with cushion made out of really soft material to reduce the noise and also for enhanced wearing. Also, these headphones are super light in weight for comfortable wearing. Also, the design of these headphones is on-ear which makes them pretty stylish to look at.


  • Stylish and colorful
  • Good sound quality
  • Balanced sound
  • Cozy fit
  • Neutral sound range for safe listening
  • Lightweight

Cons: Not suitable for adults

Verdict: For those looking to buy a fantastic set of headphones for their kids within a budget and without compromising on the quality, these are perfect ones to go for. They hardly have any shortcomings and it passes with good marks on every safety test. The looks of the headphones are something which children will appreciate and not get bored of very easily. The bass of the headphones is rather enjoyable and its users are unlikely to face any issues with related to fit and sound quality even after quite some time has passed. Therefore, the SHK2000 is a headphone definitely worth going for and would even make up for a lovely birthday present.

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Connectivity Wired
Frequency 12- 22000 Hz
Cord Length NA
Design On-ear
Weight 102g
Buy Rupees 1150


Philips SHL3005 – A Wired Headphone with Easy to Wear Design

Philips for over thirty years has been involved in producing and marketing of headphones which are some of the finest in the world. It’s one of the very few companies to have carved a niche for itself in the industry and garner a following which easily is the envy of its competitors. The Philips SHL3005 is one of the very few headsets in the market which manages to deliver amazing user experience within a reasonable price of just Rs. 975. Read also Cheap Headphones with MIC: Best 4 Below 1000 Rupees.

One of Philips’ best: In the specification department, Philips offers 32 mm of speaker drives on these headsets which are guaranteed for delivering dynamic sound to listeners.  Weighing just 145 grams, these headphones have an amazing frequency response of 20 – 20,000 Hz. The magnet placed inside of them is neodymium and they require a maximum power input of 1000 mW for function. Speaking of impedance, the Philips SHL3005 has 24 Ohms. With a sensitivity of 106 dB, the speakers of SHL3005 have a total diameter of 32 mm which is quite enough for providing a decent coverage around the ears.

Easy to wear design: These headsets have a design which can be termed as on-ear and it comes with a cord which has a microphone in-built. It gets connected with a 3.5 mm pin, which is a standard size as it easily will allow the headphone to connect with devices such as laptops, iPods, and smartphones. Its ear shells are readily adjustable so it fits easily on any shape of head quite easily. The soft cushion pads covering its ear shells make it a very comfortable wear and users can wear it for a long time without any issues really.

Trust Philips SHL3005 for Crystal clear sound

The cable of these headsets is about 1.2 m in length and is great for using outdoors or anywhere for that matter. Another brilliant feature of these headphones is that it has a DJ monitoring style which makes them perfect for tuning in or out the surrounding environment.  The sound quality of these headsets is marvelous considering they are such a feasible buy. The delivery of bass on them is also quite worthy of admiration and something that absolutely stands out.

Philips SHL3005 Headphone


  • Very lightweight
  • Good ear cups coverage
  • Sleek design
  • Microphone for calling
  • Reasonably priced
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  • No physical volume control
  • No wireless connectivity

Verdict: These headphones are one of the best-selling ones from Philips and if you can overlook few shortcomings it has, these make up for a decent buy. It comes with a six months warranty and its looks are simply marvelous. In all black color, these headsets have a glossy finish which is guaranteed to catch attention from onlookers. They are great for pairing and using with almost any gadget of yours and offer nothing but pure and unadulterated listening experience. Hence, these sets are great for those looking for stunning sound quality within a budget.

Connectivity Wired
Frequency 20 – 20 000 Hz
Cord Length 1.2m
Design Closed-back
Weight 418g
Buy 1000 Rupees

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