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Philips DJ and Noise Cancellation Headphones in India

Philips SHL3750 Noise Cancellation Headphones

Philips SHL3210 DJ Monitoring Style Headphone

The market for headphones targeted at the DJ fraternity is fast expanding. Witnessing the rising craze for EDM music, players are already queuing up new products in the market targeted at relevant consumers. Most new brands like Beats and Skullcandy have already established quite a following for their products and their older and experienced counterparts are not behind themselves. Philips being one of the pioneering brands in headphones manufacturing industry has already dropped few pieces in market. Its SHL3210 DJ Monitoring Style headphone is one which is garnering a lot of attention these days. Read also 5 Latest Premium Headphones in India for Music Lovers.

A headphone for DJs: It’s one of those masterpieces from the house of Philips, which is especially targeted for aspiring DJs and also those who currently are rocking their turntables already. Its specifications are bold and loud enough for blowing anyone’s mind really.  Also Its neodymium magnetic drivers measure a cool 40-mm which provides a sound balance like no other headset. Further, its ear shells come with an option to change and also they can be rotated to an amazing 165 degrees. A powerhouse in their own right, they are capable of handling 2000-mW of power and yet produce no distortions even at its highest volume peak.

This Philips DJ Headphone has an Amazing fit and comfort

The headband of these sets is extra flexible for fitting any head size quite snugly and the ear shells are padded with the softest cushions for most comfortable wearing experience. Its sturdy hinges are made from fine material to make them durable and the foldable design makes it easier to store them after use. The frequency response on them is 18 – 22,000 Hz and they have an impedance of 32Ohms. The cable connection is one sided and the sensitivity reaches a total of 107dB. Available at just 35 USD, these headphones are an absolute bargain.

Philips SHL3210 DJ Monitoring Style headphone

Brilliant sound quality: The design of these headphones is closed-back and the color which it is available in is all black. The sheen on the body of its ear shells makes them appear very sleek and designer not to mention. The length of its cable is standard at 1.2m. It’s tested ok after performing a total of 8000 bends. If there was a shortcoming in these sets, it would definitely be the fact that they don’t come with an option to be used wirelessly.


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  • Durable material
  • Flexible body
  • Crystal clear balanced sound
  • Noise reduction
  • Great for DJs
  • Sleek looks

Cons: No wireless connectivity

Final Verdict: So, if one’s looking to go for headphones which offer great value at reasonable cost price, the Philips SHL3210 are undoubtedly one of those. These are perhaps the best headphones in the market currently which offer so much for so less. After buying these, you can surely forget about getting another piece for quite a while because it is bound to last and keep you engrossed in experiencing the sound of music in finest way possible.

Connectivity Wired
Frequency 18 – 22 000 Hz
Cord Length 1.2m
Design DJ Monitoring Style
Weight 203g
Buy 2000 Rupees


DJ Monitor Philips SHL3300 Headphone

The DJing industry is one a steady rise and so is the market for headphones targeted at it. Philips is one of the pioneering names to have unlocked the secret to making those perfect headphones for consumers involved in the same line. It has come up with a brilliant line-up of headsets which come not only under budget but also execute the services perfectly living up to the expectations of its users. The Philips SHL3300 DJ Monitor Style headphone is one such headset from the Dutch company which steadily is on its way to becoming one of its bestsellers. Read on to learn more about this masterpiece.

Better features: The SHL3300 can be termed as the slightly upgraded version of the good old SHL3210. It just like the latter features a 40-mm of drivers fitted with neodymium magnets which are responsible for delivering a balanced sound to its listeners. The cord on these headphones is extra longer, measuring a total of 1.5 m in length.  The cord is coiled so it reduces the tension caused due to unintentional jerking and pulling of cables while using. These headphones like most of its counterparts are foldable and its earpieces are flexible for swiveling up to 165 degrees.

Comfortable wearing: The cushions covering the ear shells of these headphones are 95mm in diameter and made of absolutely soft material for a cozy and light fit. The frequency response on these headphones is 18 – 25,000 Hz and they have an impedance of 32 Ohms. The maximum power input they have is 2200-mW along with a sensitivity level of 108 dB. The cable connection provided on these is one sided and they weigh a little over 300 grams which makes them pretty lightweight.

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Philips SHL3300 DJ Monitor Style headphone

Sleek looks of this Philips DJ Headphone

Available in all black color, these headphones show off a very elegant design on them. The plastic which is used for making these headsets is of the finest quality. Even at the highest sound level, it shows no signs of distortion whatsoever. The noise cancellation feature on these sets works marvelously for providing nothing but pure sound. The delivery of bass on them is quite mind blowing and is great considering that it’s a huge priority for most DJs out there.


  • Crystal clear sound
  • Longer cord
  • Flexible headbands
  • Lightweight
  • Noise reduction
  • Brilliant bass

Cons: No wireless connectivity

Verdict: Apart from not having any wireless connectivity option on them, these headphones do a wonderful job overall. They deliver what they are built for incessantly and perhaps even more. The lightweight of them makes it easier for users for putting them on without having to worry about any issues at all. These headphones are definitely worth going for at the rate which Philips is currently offering them and it can be said that one won’t be disappointed by this purchase.

Connectivity Wired
Frequency 18 – 25 000 Hz
Cord Length 1.5m
Design DJ Monitoring Style
Weight 300g
Buy 1900 Rupees


Philips SHL3750NC Noise Cancellation Headphones

The noise cancellation headphones from Philips are quite in demand, and the company has recently launched many products catering to the same. The Philips SHL3750NC Noise Cancellation Headphones is one such product from the Dutch powerhouse which has managed to garner a lot of attention for all the good reasons. Priced at INR 2499, these headphones are specifically designed for users which require their headphones to do a great job at getting rid of unwanted noise. Let’s see how well the Philips SHL3750NC fares at this task and other basic ones as well.

Job well done: Coming equipped with drivers measuring 32mm, these headphones are boosted with the ActiveShield TM noise cancellation technology. This results in cancellation of noise up to 97% which makes them a brilliant piece for using in recording studios. The two feed-backward microphones featured with this do a great job at even detecting the lowest of frequencies and blocking them when the headphones are in use.  Hence, in this department, these headsets acquire full marks for performing what is required of them.

Philips SHL3750 NC Review and Specifications

Classic sleek design: Available in stunning black color, these headphones have a slim and compact foldable design which ends up giving it a classy look. These headphones can be folded in which makes them easier to store and use while traveling. With a frequency response of 10-22.000 Hz and an impedance of 16Ohm, the Philips SHL3750NC promises its users some fine music listening experience. The sound quality of these headphones is strikingly immaculate and it’s one feature which definitely stands out.

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Comfortable Design of this Philips Noise Cancellation Headphones

The length of the cable provided with them is a standard 1.2-m and its 3.5 mm jack allows connecting it with countless of gadgets and devices absolutely hassle free. The design of these headphones makes them wearable for a long time without experiencing any discomfort or issues. The only shortcoming they have is that a little more padding can be used on their headband so that it feels just as comfortable as it does on ears.


  • Very compatible with other gadgets
  • Noise cancellation feature
  • Fits comfortably around ears
  • Very handy to use and carry

Cons: Less padding on headband

Verdict: The battery backup lasts an amazing 40 hours on use which is simply great and on standby, it lasts a good 50 hours. The quality of bass delivered is also very good and also there’s no noise distortion experienced even when the music is turned up to high volume for a longer period. The material used to make the body of the headphones is plastic but a fine quality one. It ends up making it quite durable and well prepared for handling any type of physical shock to the body quite efficiently. Hence, despite a few setbacks, these noise cancellation headphones are definitely worth going for if you are looking for quality that comes within a budget price.

Philips SHL3750 Noise Cancellation Headphones

Connectivity Wired
Frequency 10Hz – 22 Hz
Cord Length 1.2 m
Design Closed Back
Weight 281g
Buy 2000 Rupees

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