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Philips Clipper with Cool Features below 2200 Rupees

Philips Clipper for men with Cool Features below 2200 Rupees

A Perfect Clipper for Indian Men – Philips QPPH51

A hair clipper is one of the most essential tools that every man should have. However, you need a clipper that will not only shave you clean but also do the job without a scratch. The problem that most people have with clippers, is grazing. As a matter of fact, more than 80% of clipper models we have out there in the market have scraping issues. In some of the worst cases, people have obtained enduring wounds and scratch marks from faulty clippers.

Philips QPPH51 Clipper is among the most recommended clippers for men. Its stainless steel blades allow it to shave reasonably tall hair and it can even be used by the rest of the family, for example for shaving kids. However, what makes this clipper an ideal tool for men is its self-sharpening blades and lightweight build. This combination makes the Philips QPPH51 an ideal clipper for shaving beards. Of course, nobody wants a heavy shaving machine that needs sharpening every now and then.

Key features: Here are some of the exceptional features that make the Philips QPPH51 clipper a wise choice to consider.

Build and design: To begin with, this particular clipper comes with an ergonomic design that is necessary for shaving extremely taxing regions such as the area under your chin. The fact that it gives you a choice to connect or disconnect the power cord is a plus for this tool. This is because when you are shaving some unreachable body parts, like the chin, a corded clipper isn’t the best of options to use. Still, on design, this clipper is remarkably light and has 11 Lock-in length adjustments. It also supports combs of different sizes which can be fixed easily on the clipper.

Philips QPPH51 Clipper for men Review and Specifications

Power Usage by this Philips Clipper

It’s common knowledge that clippers don’t consume a lot of power. Nevertheless, having an option that allows you to charge your clipper as you work with it can be a life saver especially in the case of a power outage. The Philips QPPH51 clipper has a battery that charges within eight hours of use. While on battery this clipper can run for 60 minutes without dying. Read also Philips Nose Trimmer with Durable Stainless Steel Blades.

Ease of use: Unlike with most clippers, the Philips QPPH51 has a low vibration intensity while working and hence it’s more accurate. So you don’t have to fear bruising yourself because of the machine’s wobbliness. Moreover, its light weight means that it is less tiring.  The Philips QPPH51 is also easy to clean since head can pop open for easy polishing.

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The Clipper comes with lots of Convenience features

One recurring issue I have always had with hair clippers is the need to regularly oil and sharpen the blades. The Philips QPPH51 comes as a relief to me since its self-sharpening blades hardly need sharpening. In addition, this clipper is designed such a way that it will never need oiling and this actually saves you a lot of time to do other things, instead of just sitting around sharpening a clipper. Read also Good Quality Philips Body Groomer under 1500 Rupees.

I have also liked the way Philips has tried to cut down on vibrations and noise in this particular clipper. The Philips QPPH51clipper if I may say is the quietest clipper I have ever used. When you are shaving let’s say in the bathroom nobody can even know what you are doing because the motor is ultra-silent.

Pricing and Specs of this Philips Grooming Device

The good news is that this clipper isn’t as pricey as most people would imagine. In most retail shops, this clipper is going for around 2200Rs but you can find a cheaper version in bigger outlets.


  • Ultra silent motor and accurate
  • Can be charged and battery goes for about an hour
  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Does not need oiling.

Cons: The battery does not run for long, at least 3 hours would have been great.

Oil Free Yes
Cord/Cordless support supports both
Ideal For Men
Color White and Black
warranty 2 Year from Philips
Recharge Time 480 min (8 hrs)
Battery Use Time 60 min
Voltage Universal Voltage
Comb support Yes
Number of Lock-in Length Settings 11
Blade type Self-sharpening
Price 2200 Rupees

Users Review and Opinion


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