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Excellent Durable Philips Body Groom Pro Below 9000 Rupees

Excellent Durable Philips Body Groom Pro Below 9000 Rupees

One thing that sort of discourages most men to shave their beards is occasional clipper breakdowns. That moment you are late for work while trying to shave your beards and the damn thing dies on you. Clippers could be very disappointing at times, I even prefer visiting the barber shop instead of doing the shaving myself. However, even at the barber’s shop, you still find the same clipper problems you were running away from. Having your own reliable shaving machine can, therefore, be a life-saving affair. Notably, Philips latest releases in their body clipper series are something worth noting. The Philips Norelco BG2040 BodyGroom Pro is among the latest gadgets in the series. I liked this clipper with my first use and since the market doesn’t have much to offer either, I have learned to live by it.

Philips Norelco BG2040 BodyGroom Pro Review

Being the current clipper I use in my bathroom, I might be tempted to favor it to some extent, but I will try to be a bit rational. Furthermore, I know of several weaknesses that the clipper has, which most review websites on the same won’t tell you.

Product Build and Design: To start with, the Norelco BG2040 BodyGroom Pro has an ergonomic design and it fits in your hand perfectly as you shave along body curvatures. The fact that it weighs less than a pound gives it a plus. Its light weight means that it won’t tire you even after using it for long hours. This product is among the few clippers in the market that have a dual end design. Both ends of the clipper are fitted with different types of blades for performing different tasks. The main blade which is located at the top end is further crafted to include a 3-D pivoting head which allows it to slide smoothly along the body curves. The product measure 9 by 17 by 24.5 cm and weighs about 227 g.

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Durability: This is one factor that you wouldn’t want to ignore in a hair clipper. As mentioned earlier, the problem with most hair clippers in the market is that they are excessively flimsy. However, with the Norelco BG2040 BodyGroom Pro, things are a bit different. This product uses stainless steel blades that are reasonably strong. In addition, this clipper is 100% waterproof so you can use it while in the shower without the fear of damaging it. The soft rubber finish on the clipper’s sides adds on to its sturdiness and also gives the user a firm grip of the machine even in wet conditions.

Philips Norelco BG2040 BodyGroom Pro Review and Specifications

Maneuverability and adjustments of this this Philips Body Groom

Philips designed theNorelco BG2040 BodyGroom Pro in such a way that it would achieve any standard cut that user would get at a barber shop. As small as it is, it has 5 length adjustments for shaving different body hair lengths. The front end is fitted with a foil and two pre-trimmers. The 5 length settings can be adjusted up to 25 inches in length. 3-D pivoting in the front blade ensures seamless gliding on body contours such as the armpit region.

Philips Norelco BG2040 BodyGroom Pro Charger Doc

Battery and Power options: This product runs on a 220/240 Volt system which unlike in most clippers doesn’t need a voltage converter. The battery charges to full level within an hour and can run for about 50 minutes. Moreover, the device has an LED battery level indicator, from which you can tell the battery level.

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  • Durable and sturdy with chrome body finishing
  • Water resistant
  • Dual heads with 3-D pivoting on front end blades for easy trimming
  • LED battery indicator

Cons: Battery runs for a very short time. (50-mins run time)

Pricing and Final Verdict: To get this gadget you will have to part with Rs. 8950. I think the pricing is very fair judging from the fact this clipper will shave you with complete precision. I have been using one and I could advise you to get one if you haven’t made up your mind on what clipper you want. Read also 33 Best Electric Shaver for Men in The Indian Market.

Cutter width 32  mm
Number of length Adjustments 5
Blade type Stainless steel Foil with two pre-trimmers
Usage Cordless
Battery run-time 50 mins
3D pivoting head Yes
Water Resistant Yes
Warranty 2 years from manufacturer
Price 6000 Rupees

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