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Philips Bluetooth Soundbar below 6000 Rupees

Philips HTL1010 Bluetooth Soundbar in India

Philips HTL1010 Bluetooth Soundbar Review

Philips is really coming up fast in terms of sales and even quality of their products. One very enduring feature that you will find in almost all products from Philips is their antique touch in design. I don’t think there is any Audio-visual gadget from Philips, that doesn’t embrace the vintage right-angle edged design. Unlike products from Sony and Samsung, which prefer to use smoothly carved edges, Philips prefers the Right angle edges. Probably it’s a trademark feature, but it really looks attractive. One particular product from Phillips whose design and distinction will fascinate you is the Philips HTL1010 Bluetooth Soundbar. This product is a must have in your living room since it is endowed with both the charm and the Power to set things in motion.

Features of Philips HTL1010

Why I would recommend this particular Philips product to you is because of a number of factors which I have discussed in this piece. However, before you make your decision whether to purchase it, it’s good to evaluate all your choices properly,since there might be elements that differ between this device and its competitions.

Build and Design

As mentioned earlier, the Philips HTL1010 is among the very many Philips products that embrace a compact block build. It measures 84 by 52.8 by 35 cm and has a weight of 13 kilograms. The Woofer alone measures 5.25 inch. The product comes with 2 by 3-inch speaker is adequate, considering that there’s a Woofer already attached to the product. The Rectangular build gives the product a low-rise profile which ensures that it can fit in any standard cabinet without blocking other devices mostly television screens.

Connectivity and Input options

The Philips HTL1010 Bluetooth Soundbar uses Bluetooth connectivity to connect with its speaker as well as input gadgets. This means that you can actually stream music directly from any Bluetooth supported gadgets like smartphones, computers, and tablets. In addition, this Philips product also supports USB connectivity from which you can insert drives and play music from them. You can also use a standard 3.5mm AUX cable to connect other inputs such as desktop computers which have a 3.5mm audio port.

Audio quality and surround capability

This is one particular area where I would give Phillips a thumbs up for. The Philips HTL1010 Bluetooth Soundbar comes with a whopping 50 Watts sound output which comes out with utter crystal clearness. Moreover, this gadget gives you an audio surround similar to the one you would get in a movie theatre. This makes the Philips HTL1010 Bluetooth Soundbar a good choice for amplifying sound when watching a movie on your TV or laptop.

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Other Practical features

The Philips HTL1010 Bluetooth Soundbar comes with an FM radio with remote controlled capabilities. The smart enabled audio equalizer allows you to interact with different audio presets or you can actually set your own custom settings. This device is powered by a standard Input of AC 110 V – 230 V (50 Hz / 60 Hz) meaning that it’s quite economical in terms of power consumption.

Pros and Cons

In as much I am recommending this device to you, I would like you to have an overview of its bright and dark sides. On the Pro’s, the Philips HTL1010 Bluetooth Soundbar has a powerful woofer and gives you a maximum of 50 W output. In addition, it gives you numerous connectivity options among which you can decide whether to use Bluetooth, the 3.5 AUX input or the standard USB port.

On the dark side, this device lacks a memory card slot and lacks an efficient Woofer control. This means that occasionally you will have to lower the volume when watching a movie or something if the woofer goes overboard.

Philips HTL1010 Bluetooth Soundbar Review and Specifications

Final verdict

For this price range, I must say that it’s a winner. I would recommend the Philips HTL1010 Bluetooth Soundbar since it will only set you back about 6200 rupees and its features are a rare find in audio systems around that price.

Compatible Devices  Smart Phones, Tablets, TV, Apple Gadgets, BD/DVD
Remote support Yes
Wall Mountable Satellites Yes
Key Features 5000 W PMPO, Home Audio Speaker, Bluetooth Supported, 50 W Output Power, FM Supported,
Subwoofer 1
Color options Black
Input Power AC 110 V – 230 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Power Output 50 W
Power Source Battery and AC Power Supply
Memory Card Slot No
Headphone Jack Yes
Connectivity Bluetooth Support, USB Cable, 3.5 mm Audio Jack, AUX-in, FM Antenna
Price 6000 Rupees

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