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Philips Bluetooth Home Theater System Below 5500 Rupees

Philips SPA6700B Cannon BT Home Theater System in India below 5500 Rupees

Philips SPA6700B Cannon BT Home Theater System: Over time, home theatre systems are becoming smaller, slender and louder. How manufacturers are achieving this phenomenal improvements, I don’t know but it sure is a commendable improvement. Philips has not been left behind either in this area. Their SPA6700B Cannon Bluetooth Home Theater System is a true definition of super small, slender but loud. Of course a reduction in size of the speakers and the sound system in general has brought about a huge discount in price. Moreover, new home theatre models like the Philips SPA6700B, are less bulky as compared to earlier models. Some few years ago, to have a home theatre system in your house, you had to source for enough storage space. However, today, a home theatre like this Philips product, which weighs only 9 kg meaning you can store it even in the smallest of stands.

► Features of Philips SPA6700B Speakers

Philips's SPA6700B home theatre system has a compact design that is complemented by a modern facing. Its refined front facing has an LED Display which comes in handy when tweaking things up and down on the system. Further, It comes in two conventional colors, Black and Grey. The control knobs on the facing of the Sub-woofer are ergonomically designed and utterly responsive. The product measures 39 by 37.6 by 32.2 cm and weighs about 9 Kgs. I liked Philips’ decision to give the speakers a bass reflex design. This will help the home theatre system produce an effective audio surround with pure clarity.

Connectivity and inputs: The Philips SPA6700B Cannon system uses a state of the art Bluetooth technology. With this Bluetooth connectivity, you can play music from your tablet, laptop or smartphone wirelessly through the sub-woofer. In addition, you can use the provide AUX input port or the USB port to play music from other gadgets that don’t have Bluetooth. The USB port supports external Hard disk drives and pen drives. The Philips music system even has a memory card slot and a 3.5-mm input port.

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Power consumption: Most people would assume that since the Philips SPA6700B has a Bluetooth radio, it must consume a lot of power. However, this is totally big delusion. This particular Philips home theatre system consumes about the same power, as traditional home theatre systems half its size. It has a 230 Volts input voltage and a frequency of 50 Hertz. The Bluetooth chip is a short range version meaning its energy efficient.

→ 6000W Speakers in this Philips Home Theater System

The Philips Bluetooth Home theatre produces high quality audio output. The speaker and subwoofer design allow for a rich bass boost. The audio frequency range of this audio system is roughly 20Hz to 20 KHz and it has a total Sound output of 60W. The Noise ratio is an astounding 60dB. The subwoofer alone in this system can go up to 30 W in output and has an 85dB sensitivity. With such an output, switching the home theatre system to full blast could be catastrophic. Nonetheless, for an outdoor party, you can have all the fun you want.

Philips SPA6700B Cannon BT Home Theater System Review and Specifications

Added Extras: The Philips Home theatre comes with an inbuilt FM radio, a remote control, and a user manual. In the box, you will also find a 2 RCA to stereo-1 cable and a warranty tag.

Pricing and Verdict: To own a Philips SPA6700B Cannon Home Theatre system, you will have to part with between 5200 to 5500 Rupees. I, however, think that this price range is okay for such a performing system. The system comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

Brand Philips
Item Weight 9 Kg
Product Dimensions 39 x 37.6 x 32.2 cm
Item model number SPA6700B
Speaker Surround Sound Channel Configuration 5.1 Channel
Audio Wattage 6000 Watts
Wattage 6000 Watts
Batteries Included No
Power LED indicator Red
Price 5400 Rupees
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