Pet grooming is as important as showering is to human beings. Apart from protecting us from potentially transferable parasites and diseases from pets, cleaning our animals keeps them happy and healthy. I wrote this pet grooming kits review to guide pet owners on the best DIY pet grooming kits on the market today. Of course, not every other kit works for your pet. Before you choose the set of tools you need for cleaning your animal, you must consider some key factors.

First, you must take into account the breed of the animal you want to clean. For instance, in the case of dogs, (which are my personal favorites) some dogs are way more hairy than others. In this case, you need different types of clippers depending on the breed of the dog. Secondly, you must bear in mind the type of pet you are grooming. Some animals are generally allergic to shampoos and water, while others can withstand a good clean scrub.

I personally own an American Staffordshire Terrier or if you like a Staffie. Unlike most medium and small sized dog breeds, Staffies are not exactly hairy. As a matter of fact, before I bought my first dog grooming blade kit, I used to shave my dog using my sister’s hair clippers, (LOLJ… hope nobody tells her). Over time I realized, that I needed a good grooming kit if my dog will ever stop stinking. Here is my recommended list for the best pet cleaning kits in India.

► Cordless Rechargeable Pet Grooming and Trimming Kit

Though I use a Oneisall clipper kit for my dog, I happened to experience this particular kit hands on. I am not sure which brand manufactured it, but it sure does a good trimming job. My good friend Kalpana bought this dog grooming kit on amazon out of curiosity and it turns out that she was right about her gamble. Here is what I liked about this cordless rechargeable electric grooming kit.

Nicewell Cordless Pet Grooming Result

Lightweight and ergonomic design: From afar, you can notice the contours on this clipper especially in the middle part that is supposed to be the handle. The rounded design is meant to relieve the user from muscle twinges especially after using the clipper for long hours. Besides, this dog grooming clipper kit is super light in weight. The clipper alone weighs less than 250 grams, therefore, it won’t tire you even after using it for long.

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Low noise output: Some pets such as cats enjoy fondling. For such pets, you can take advantage of these massage sessions and use them to perform some grooming. Nevertheless, your sneaky trimming intentions can’t succeed unless you use low noise pet clippers. Otherwise, if you use a noisy clipper your cat will most probably scamper away and almost certainly scratch you if you try to hold it off. I noted with great concern that this device is way much quieter than my Oneisall clipper and hence ideal for sneaking up on your cat.

Nicewell Cordless Pet Grooming and Trimming Clippers Kit

Other features: In addition, this clipper comes with a set of combs and has a really sharp blade. The fact that it has a 1000-mAh rechargeable battery on it tells you that you can carry it almost everywhere.

Price 4700 Rupees
Ideal for Pet Dogs | Cats | Rabbits
Battery 1000-mAh | 90 Minutes Quick Charging | 120 Minutes Use Time | Use while charging | USB Charging |
Clipper Stainless Steel Fixed Blade + Ceramic Moving Blade
Noise Level Under 60 dB
Use Tips Clean you Pet before using this Grooming Kit | Clean Blades with Hot Water, then Dry Up and Apply Some Oil to the blade | Take Break for 10 Minutes after using for One Hour
Sales Box Electric hair cutter | USB charging cord | Cleaning brush | 3-mm limit guide comb | 6-mm limit guide comb | 9-mm limit guide comb | 12-mm limit guide comb | User manual | Lubricating oil