Naturally, women are caregivers, considerate for one and all in their world, particularly, when we talk about Indian women. However, as a woman do you take care of yourself? In the present world, where ladies lead an extremely eventful regime manipulating home and work, handling beauty aspects can be truly hard. Women's hygiene is a significant subject that needs to be considered. A topic that ladies need to absorb! That’s why, it is imperative for women to make the accurate picks for their discrete body requirements, by using suitable personal care appliances.

There are several personal care products accessible, so it can be overwhelming to discover the “correct” one. A wide range of personal care appliances is now obtainable on the web letting you have a better choice than any other place would offer. Every so often, the paramount way to find a breathtaking deal is to examine product reviews and compare prices.

Are you spending a lot of cash on discovering the best personal care appliances that work for you? Well, if you are one of those unsatisfied women who is going through this, we have some best suggestions that you must have. Have a look at the top most personal care appliances that can help you get the perfect care. Do you know what’s common in all the products we are going to discuss? Well, all of them hold the trust of a brand called PANASONIC.

PANASONIC Personal Care Appliances – A trust of millions!

You must never ever settle to the bad quality and must always pick great brands. In a world loaded with the invention and progressive technology, it takes a lot for a device to twist your head. The finest thing to do is purchase a bit that accomplishes your desires within your financial plan. Consequently, if you're seeking for anything like that, then purchasing a PANASONIC product becomes a no brainer!

Panasonic is an international ground-breaker in the field of development and production of electronic products. From home electronics to beauty and health to personal care appliances, Panasonic has anything and everything to offer you. This specific name is an innovator in the said realm, remarkably approaching with products for personal use. The products below aren’t just electronic gadgets; they might turn out to be your new best friends. Sounds great! Doesn't it?

Panasonic ES-WU11G Epilator for Women Leg & Arm

Imagine if you have to appear for an important function or party and do not have time for going to the beauty salon. Elimination of body hair in such a situation can be an immense discomfort! Doesn’t it? Those undesirable hairs can be pretty bothersome.

We comprehend your needs of hair removal and henceforward present you the Panasonic ES-WU11G Epilator. With its better-quality epilation procedure by way of wide and well-organized tweezers, this option is flawless for every single hair type. This product is really the knight in shining armor that frees you in such conditions. Get ready to gain freedom from the instinctive and untidy methods of hair removal like hair removal creams or waxing.

No need for painful waxing or tedious shaving: With the Panasonic ES-WU11G Epilator, you can disregard the necessity for those aching waxing or deadly shaving sessions. This offers a cool to use, non-messy and comparatively trouble-free option to the more normally used hair removing techniques. Now, you can always be ready to wear your beloved skirt or top.

With this Panasonic Epilator, you can do away with your hair by automatically grasping a number of hairs all together and dragging them out. The way is analogous to waxing, even though contrasting to waxing; this epilator won’t eliminate cells from the epithelium of the skin. No doubt, this epilator variant is one of the best-selling Panasonic personal care appliances in markets today.

Panasonic ES-WU11G Epilator For Women Leg Arm

Trust of Panasonic: The Panasonic ES-WU11 Epilator is dependable and is comes together with the globally renowned lineage of PANASONIC. Panasonic is an international frontrunner in the growth and production of electronic products. The brand is a big name when comes to personal care appliances and it serves an extensive range of customers. Ranging from digital machines to home appliances, personal care products to health products, Panasonic provides anything and everything.

Panasonic Epilator means Salon like expert finish in Home

The Panasonic Epilator provides rotational disks that are 30 percent faster and performs the job finely. For the most part, it is flawless to save your time if you don't wish to devote hours in a hair salon for hair removal and waxing sessions.

The epilator comes together with a replacement head that allows cleaning of your legs or arm’s hair. The outcomes that you’ll get would be fairly smooth skin. More than that, you won’t have to foam your skin; use it dry for better results.

On top of that, hair removal with this epilator — be it on arms or legs, will be completed even before you feel it. This guarantees that your skin won’t spring while epilating. Thus and so, you’ll feel the slightest amount of discomfort or uneasiness. This is particularly useful for sensitive skin. With AC power source, you can join it with cord and achieve even hair-free skin, with a salon like professional finish!!

Speedy and easy epilating

Do you prefer quick and stress-free epilating? This Panasonic epilator with effectual tweezers lets you eliminate hair painlessly and naturally. Your skin will glow by means of the charming, mild, and defined epilating it will offer. All you need to do is, just plug in the cord; turn the button on and start working on your skin. You won’t have to bother yourself over foams or shaving creams. Just epilate on a clean dry skin and make it clean and beautiful.

This Panasonic epilator, which could be one of your favorite personal care appliances – is specially intended to make the procedure cooler for you. Everything being equal, this epilator is effective and operative, allowing you to use it anytime and anywhere, specifically when you are in a flurry.

Value for your buck: Taking everything in mind, if you do not desire to expend your money getting waxed at a beauty salon; this Panasonic Epilator is a must have. All the potentials that this product has at a reasonable cost of 1900 INR, makes it certainly a good deal. Over and above, while epilating; it produces 55db of sound. Therefore, you can stay secure; no one would ever come to know when you finished all your hair removal. Furthermore, a skin firmer preserves your skin from being harmed while epilating. The epilator comes along with 2-year manufacturer warranty.

Travel sized with rechargeable batteries

Do you get very little time to go to salons and undertake arduous waxing sessions? If yes, then this epilator is a smart choice. It is constructed in an ergonomic portable size, so you can carry it with you in a handbag. Further, to boot, the product comes along with rechargeable batteries.  Moreover, the compact and colorful design that can be easily carried in your handbag turns it out to be a wonderful deal.

Verdict: All things considered, the Epilator bring one of the most popular Panasonic personal care appliances in online markets- is a flawless choice for all Indian women. The Panasonic epilator is smooth and lightweight. With this, you can easily remove all those annoying hair from your legs and arms.

Achieve a skin that stays silky smooth for weeks!! Offering boosted epilating with extensive tweezers, it promises hair free skin with the excellence of beauty salon. Ease of use and artless management are some specialty of this epilator. Likewise, you can carry it along with you anywhere, owing to its compact and lightweight. Simply irresistible! So, look no further, eliminate your body hair in the convenience of your own home!

Brand Panasonic
Warranty 2 years
Epilation System Tweezer System
Wet/Dry Use Dry use
Cord Yes
Shaver Head No
Trimmer Cap No
Pivoting Head No
Massaging Rollers No
Buy 1900 Rupees


☼ Panasonic EH-ND11A Hair Dryer

Smooth and silky locks are your prior need if you want to look good. The secret for hair care primarily is contingent on the kind of hair care appliances you use. The accurate type of hair care product goes a long way in resolving your issues. Girls, your hair is precious to you, take good care of it, and provide it with the vital sustenance. Considering the options available, Panasonic EH-ND11A Hair Dryer is a must-have product. This is strong and powerful, and will get your work done rapidly, particularly if you have the dense or long mane. Here are more than a few reasons that make it the best choice.

Perfect Power Rating: Panasonic EH-ND11A is a 1000W hair dryer and is a certain recommendation from the must have Panasonic personal care appliances. You see, greater the Watt rating- faster would be your hair drying process. If you have long tresses, a 1000W hair dryer is perfect for you. Though at 1000-Watt, you would need some additional time to dry your mane, this would dry your hair as you would expect without using unnecessary heat. Thus and so, this product won’t damage your tresses, in that way retaining its natural look for a longer durations. With such low power consumption, i.e., 1000 W, you can frequently use it without distressing about great electricity bills.

Turbo settings: The Panasonic EH-ND11A hair dryer arrives together with a Turbo Setting that is not obtainable with most of its competitors. As the name proposes, Turbo settings release dominant air for turbo drying. This function is superb as it produces constant and powerful airflow. This would let your hair dry hastily while the uniform heat it produces is flawless for defined and professional hairstyles.

Panasonic EH-ND11A Hair Dryer one of the Best Personal Care Appliances in India

The cool shot function of the Panasonic EH-ND11A lets you set your locks in style as soon as the drying finishes. This is a feature that makes this hair dryer wonderful. You cannot just try out diverse coiffures, but can also save your mane from heat harm and extreme styling.

1.8 m cord and Portability: This Hair Dryer is created to match suitability and routine use; you can easily store it as well. Its 1.8 m cord does not simply tangle and can likewise be put in storage easily. The convenience it offers makes it worthwhile as it offers you more suppleness while drying your hair to move around. On top of that, the product is one of the lightweight personal care appliances with a compact design; hence, it is stress-free to carry from one place to another. Thus and so, you can easily carry it with you while traveling.

Dual Speed and Dual Heat Settings: The dual heat and dual speed settings of the hair dryer are perfect for both artless hair drying and intricate hairdos. You can regulate the quantity of heat necessary for every hairstyle with its two heat settings. As a result, you don’t need to use high levels of heat all the time. You can furthermore regulate the speed of the airflow as needed by your preferred hairdo, thanks to its dual-speed settings.

Reasonably Priced Solution: This Hair Dryer from Panasonic is an inexpensive option that can be easily obtainable in the Indian market. Over and above, you can check out its online reviews and comments. No doubt, this is so apparent that it is one of the chart-topping hair dryers in India! Another significant reason for its reputation is, its affordability, as at a price point of 650 INR, this certainly is a great value for your buck.

Verdict: Taking everything in mind, the Panasonic EH-ND11A Hair Dryer is a sure-shot solution to make you look your dazzling best. So, get all-set to step out of your house with tresses that seem to be set at a beauty salon. This cool to use Hair Dryer with such a glossy design, lets you attain a variety of looks and styles. No matter if you desire to just dry your locks or sport the most prevalent hair fashions of the season, the Panasonic EHND11 Hair Dryer is a must have. In addition to being efficient and suitable, it comes in a white hue that is sure to add a trace of panache to your personal care stuff. Use it to get a mane that is glossy, sleek, and free of frizzle.

Brand Panasonic
Speed Settings 2
Heat Settings 2
Cord 1.8 m
Turbo Function Yes
Power 1000 W
Buy 650 Rupees


☼ Panasonic HV10VP62B Hair Straightener

Your locks are your crown. This is the major thing that others notice, so take care of it! Pick the hair care appliances that suit your hair type. For all ladies in India, a straightening and curling iron is the greatest buddy to keep handy. Here, I would recommend Panasonic EH-HV10VP62B Hair Straightener 2-in-1 Straight and Curl. However, I wouldn't acclaim overusing it as a lot of heat can harm your locks. Use only when it is essential. Take a look at what makes it the best option from some most recommended Panasonic personal care appliances in the Indian market.

Huge number of styling options: You can use the Panasonic EH-HV10VP62B as a curler and by this means it offers you an endless number of styling options. In just a few minutes, this hair straightener would transform you from dull to diva. Just allow the amazing quality ceramic plates warm up and slide them over your tresses.

Panasonic EH-HV10VP62B Hair Straightener 2 in 1 Straight and Curl

Instant glossy look: The Panasonic EH-HV10VP62B is your go-to appliance for a rapid glam up session before a rocking bash or a simple get together. Flattening offers an immediate polished look so that you may get salon ready in a matter of minutes. So plug it in and get all set for a marvelous night out. All you need to do is just watch as your locks turn out to be beautifully straight, gleaming, and sleek just like a fashion diva.

Ceramic Plates: This Panasonic hair straightener delivers overwhelming care and sustenance with stylish hairdos. Ceramic plates offer the efficiency of even heating that guarantees that the mane is secure from heat damage. So no worries about any kind of heat damage!! This would give you the desired style without any heat damage, thanks a lot to its nurturing ceramic black plates.

Verdict: So now, with the Panasonic EH-HV10VP62B, looking like you just walked out of the salon every day is no more a dream. In fact, it is dreams come true. With this low-cost hair straightener worth Rupees 1200, you can obtain an expert done hairdo look in just a few minutes right in the convenience of your home. This personal care appliance would turn out to be your daily solution to bad hair days. Just plug it in, sprig a slight protective serum and get going! Attain glitzily stunning locks in minutes! I will definitely recommend the product!

Brand Panasonic
Max Temperature 230 degree  Celsius
Plate Coating Photo Ceramic Coating
Lock System Yes
Cord Length 2 m
Universal Voltage Yes
Even Heat Distribution Plate Yes
Buy Rs. 1200

Editor Note!!! On GS, in the personal care appliances segment, Philips dominates with the maximum number of products reviewed here. Consequently, this time we decided to cover best products from available Panasonic beauty appliances in India.

After a very careful comparison of features and going through hundreds of buyers review and ratings for available Panasonic personal care appliances for women, we have shortlisted these three.  In terms of quality, features, durability, and delivery, these beauty care appliances are the best choice for Indian ladies in their respective category.