Wonderchef Misaki Tea Maker – a perfect way to Make Real Green Tea

Are you the one on the fat side? In the quest to drop weight, it is essential to combine some active lifestyle practices and ingredients. Green tea is an influential beverage with considerable health benefits. This can play an undeviating, constructive impression on your weight control program. This brew comprises of countless polyphenols. Polyphenols enclose anti-oxidants that can combat free radicals from attacking healthy cells.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea contains few assets that offer it its curative properties. It is opulent in catechin polyphenols, chiefly EGCG. EGCG, epigallocatechin gallate, is an influential antioxidant. It constrains the development of cancer cells and can, in fact, destroy them. Thus far, it does not damage healthy tissue. It is fairly functional in dropping LDL cholesterol – the BAD cholesterol. It constrains the irregular creation of blood clots that are the foremost reason of heart attack and stroke. Let us look at all the benefits it embraces.

  • Dismisses bad breath and prevents cavities.
  • Treats constipation.
  • Prevents formation of cancer cells.
  • Maintains health.
  • Averts weight gain.
  • Kindles nervous system to cope with hangovers.
  • Manages cholesterol levels.
  • Diminishes the smoking effects.
  • Gets you rid of fatigue.

Prepare Green Tea with Wonderchef Misaki Tea Maker!!!

Want to sit back, relax, and enjoy a great cup of tea? What better way to brew your tea than in a tea maker that is exclusively designed to prepare green tea? Yes, I am talking about Wonderchef Misaki Tea Maker. For the very best tasting tea, this is the best way to go!! This product is made specifically to create that perfect pot of green tea. You will be stunned at how cool it is to use Wonderchef Misaki Tea Maker. Sure, when it comes to making green tea swiftly, effortlessly, and flawlessly every time, you just cannot beat this product.

Remarkable tea maker

Wonderchef Misaki Tea Maker is finished of exceptional quality glass. Since it is transparent, you can view the color of the tea inside. It can enclose around 300 ml of tea. Preparing tea in it is quite artless. Just add the hot boiling water and green tea leaves. Let the leaves infuse and form lovely, light yellow color fluid. Then you can strain the leaves and collect the warm green tea in the pot. Prepare green tea without creating any untidiness!

Wonderchef Misaki Tea Maker Review and Specifications

Easy to maintain and comfy to use! This glass tea maker is easy to wash and has a stylish and sophisticated look. The Wonderchef Misaki Tea Maker is cool to clean. All you have to do is take the tea maker to bits and rinse every single part distinctly. It owns a comfy handle letting you to effortlessly pick it up. The product by means of its cool press button lets you relish a divine cup of tea. That too without any silts coming to your way.

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Trust of the Brand: WONDERCHEF is admired CHEF SANJEEV KAPOOR's brand that endorses an exclusive choice of cookware, kitchen equipment and accessories. The Chef himself sensibly chooses each of them. The brand claims to offer products that can grow the efficacy of your kitchenette. The brand is known for the safe-to-use cookware it offers.

Makes Green Tea Preparation Easy

Do you wish to preserve good factors in your green tea? Then, all you need to do is follow the right method of making Green tea. Nevertheless, preparing green tea perfectly is not tough any longer as Wonderchef Misaki Tea Maker will help you out-prepare that in just a few minutes. With Wonderchef Misaki Tea Maker, making tea is artless. Particularly intended to prepare green tea, it assists in taking out the anti-oxidants from the leaves. Here are the steps you need to follow to prepare the green tea with this tea maker:

  • Firstly, you have to dispense the green tea leaves into the container.
  • Then properly brew the tea by transferring the steaming water.
  • After this, just press the top button, discharging the tea into the outside jar.
  • Do away with the inner container. Your stimulating and revitalizing cup of green tea is all set!!
  • Pour it into your cups. The stainless steel filter lets you serve tea with no trouble while straining the tea leaves handily.

Final Verdict: Relish the green tea in this Wonderchef Tea Maker! Finished of fine quality plastic, this tea maker is lightweight and simply handy. This easy to clean tea maker can easily and promptly prepare green tea for you. Endorsed by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, this handy product is available at a reasonable price of 500 INR. So, get this, to enjoy that soothing and healthy cup of green tea. Happy Sipping!!!

Brand Wonderchef
Color Transparent
Material Glass
Package Contents 1 Tea Maker
Capacity 300 ml
Buy 500 Rupees