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Best Pedestal Fan under 4000 Rupees

Best Selling Pedestal Fan under 4000 Rupees in India Market

Which is the best pedestal fan under 4000 Rupees? This review article covers the best-selling pedestal fans from 3000 to 5000 Rupees range. The recommended pedestal fans are from the top fan brands in India market, such as Crompton, Havells, Orient, and others.

► 54W Crompton SDX Black Gold Pedestal Fan

Crompton is one of the best brands for pedestal fans in India market. Pedestal fans of this Indian brand are cheap but they have a durable build and catchy design. This year Crompton brand introduced many new pedestal fan models. One of the best models from them is the SDX Black Gold pedestal fan. This pedestal fan has 54W motor but its motor is so powerful that it can rotate the blades 1360 times in 60 seconds. Thus, it is a low power consumption but a high-speed pedestal fan.

Crompton SDX Black Gold Full Metal Body Pedestal Fan

Another interesting feature of Crompton SDX Black Gold Pedestal fan is its metal body. The whole body of this Crompton fan is made of metal including its stand. So, this fan will last longer, maybe 10 to 12 years. I can make such a big claim because the 54W motor of this fan comes with over-heat protection. As it is well known that fan motors often burn because of over-heating.

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Thus, Crompton SDX Black Gold Pedestal Fan is the option if you are looking for a durable and fast pedestal fan. It is one of the best pedestal fans under 4000 Rupees in India market. So, go for it.

Price ₹3500 | Amazon | Flipkart
Motor 54-Watt | Max-Speed: 1360-RPM | 100% Copper-Coil | Over-Heat Protection
Blade Metal-Blade | Length: 400-mm | Air-Delivery: 77-CMM
Build Metal-Body | Metal-Guard | Metal-Stand


► 30W Atomberg Energy-Efficient Pedestal Fan

Atomberg is the only brand that makes genuine super energy-efficient fans. Energy-efficient fans of other brands come with 50W or more than 50W motor whereas the max power rating of Atomberg Energy Efficient Fans is usually 35W or less than 35W. Therefore, it should not be surprising that presently the most energy-efficient pedestal fan in India market is an Atomberg Pedestal fan.

Atomberg Energy Efficient Pedestal Fan with Remote Controller

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The Atomberg pedestal fan features a 30W BLDC motor whose power rating is 5-Star. Its air delivery is similar to the air delivery of those pedestal fans that feature a 55W or 65W motor. The price difference between those ordinary pedestal fan and this Atomberg super energy efficient ceiling fan is not much; less than 500 Rupees only. But it will save you lots of money by consuming less power.

Price ₹3290 | Amazon | Flipkart
Features Super Energy Efficient Fan | with Remote Controller {Boost, Sleep, Speed Control, Timer} | Runs 3 Times Longer on Inverter | High Air Delivery | Silent Motor | Up to 2-Years Warranty
Motor 30W | Type: BLDC | Rating: 5-Star | Max Speed: 1300 RPM | Supported Voltage-Range: 140V – 285V
Cooling Sweep: 400-mm | Air Delivery: 75 CMM
Build Blade-Guard: Metal | Blade-Material: PP | Bottom-Base: ABS | Height Adjustment | Weight: 8-Kg | Fan-Height: 4-ft
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