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Best Party Speaker under 25000 Rupees

Best Selling Party Speaker under 25000 Rupees in India Market

Which party speaker is best in India market? In this piece, we cover the best-selling party speakers from 20000 to 25000 Rupees range. The recommended party speakers are currently a top favorite of buyers because they produce loud & clear sound with deep bass, they have the latest connectivity options, and their build and design are premium and expensive.

► 500W Samsung T50 Wireless Party Speaker

In recent years Samsung has become one of my favorite brands for speakers. The T50 Speaker Tower is the second Samsung speaker I reviewed recently. Its bi-directional design, connectivity features, bass-boosted sound, and build quality justify its current market price. Its 500W peak audio output, however, isn't as per the current market trend.

The 1700W Panasonic party speaker costs just ₹23000 whereas the Samsung T50 500W party speaker costs ₹25000. Yet those like to listen to songs with extra pronounced bass should consider this Samsung party speaker. It has a dedicated bass booster button for extra-bass in the songs.

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Another good reason why this Samsung party speaker should be your next purchase is the wireless connectivity options that include it being fully operated by a smartphone application. Samsung has launched a mobile app that allows the user to reset all settings of the speaker for the fullest entertainment.

Price ₹23000 | Amazon | Flipkart
Features Max-Audio: 500W | Dedicated Bass Booster Control | Karaoke | Wireless & Wired Connectivity Options | Party Modes | DJ Modes | DJ Lights | Warranty: 1-Year


► 1700W Panasonic UA7 Wireless Party Speaker

Which is the best party speaker under 25000 Rupees? You will be surprised to know that the answer is not a Sony party speaker or a JBL speaker rather a Panasonic speaker. The Panasonic Urban Audio 7 is currently the best Bluetooth party speaker under 25000 Rupees. It is an even better speaker than JBL PartyBox 300, in terms of sound quality, sound performance, sound clarity, and pronounced bass in the audio.

1700W Panasonic UA7 Party Bluetooth Speaker

The Panasonic UA7 Party Speaker is much more than just a premium speaker with expensive sound. It is a Karaoke system with two mic ports, so two persons can sing together, and a digital FM radio as well. Thus, a complete entertainment system.

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Which one should you buy if you have to decide between this Panasonic Party speaker and a Sony Home Theater? I will go with the Panasonic Bluetooth speaker with 10 speaker drivers.

Price ₹23490 | Amazon | Flipkart
Features 18700W PMPO | 2.1-Channel Speaker System + Karaoke + FM Radio | Wired/Wireless Connection | Room-Filing Expensive Sound | Overwhelming Bass & Resonance | Stylish Hexagon Design | With Remote-Controller | With Panasonic JUKE App | Auto Power Off | Warranty: 1-Year
Sound 360° Sound | 2×Subwoofer {2×16CM} + 4×Woofer {4×8CM} + 4×Tweeter {4×6CM} | Impedance: 5-ohm | Separation: Greater than 40-dB | Latest Mode:  Voice Expansive Mode | Local Preset Equalizer | Manual Equalizer: Yes (3 Band + Surround) | Surround-Sound: On/OFF ( Recommended ON} | DJ JUKE Box
Karaoke Karaoke JUKE Box | 2 × Mic Points | 6 Functions: {Eco, Key-Control, Others}
Connectivity 2×USB 2.0 | Bluetooth | NFC | Digital Audio-In | 3.5-mm Audio-In | Analog Audio-Out
Build Memory: 4GB | LED-Notification Display | Cone-Type Subwoofer | Plastic & Wooden One-Box Design Chassis | Lighting Touch Sensor Buttons | Illuminated Control-Buttons | Cable: 1.5-meter | Height: 74.4-CM | Weight: 14.0-Kg | Power-Consumption: 190W
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