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Panasonic Speakers for Home Theater below 3000 Rupees

Panasonic SC-HT18 Speakers for home theater

You have perhaps done a great deal of research to catch and buy an impeccable dream TV set for your family. Perchance, you have furthermore endowed your valuable money in upgrading your home gaming systems and video disk playing gadgets as well. So, are you done? Don’t you think there’s something that’s missing? Yes, you got that right! I am talking about the breathtaking sound that you may only acquire with an impressive speaker system for your home theater.

Want to attain the best home theater experience? Of course! Now that you have resolved to add the final touch to your home, you must take account of certain things before running out to the market and buying a reasonably priced choice. After all, picking the best home theater speakers can be a fairly intimidating task.  A lot of producers assert their product to be the best — but as with any acquisition – few speakers are of greater worth than others. A few of them have a greater price than others too. But, does the most costly always mean the best? No, not at all!

So, what speaker do you think is the best for your home theater?  Before you make a decision, it would be a fabulous idea to do a slight research on the web. To streamline the unnerving task of research for you, after conducting a competent price comparison, we’ve selected a product that might suit your needs. Here, we are presenting a candid analysis of the Panasonic speakers for home theater that may perhaps work best for your home theater. Read on to make a dead-on decision. Read also F&D Home Speaker with FM Radio Remote in 4600 Rupees.

Panasonic SC-HT18 Speakers with FM Radio and Remote Control

Take your fun to another level! The Panasonic SC-HT18 Speakers delivers ironic bass effect together with rich lyrics by way of its handcrafted wooden cabinet. By means of the remote control that comes along with it, you can govern the operation of this speaker without actually moving from your place. As the gadget is compatible with more than a few devices like television, DVD player, PC, smart phone, tablets and the rest, it turns out to be an impeccable solution for your home. The stylish design of the Panasonic speakers for home theater with tall-boy wall-mountable speaker enhances the attractiveness of your chamber. By way of its USB and wireless Bluetooth connectivity, it is imaginable for you to snoop to your much-loved track right away from your smartphone or tablets.

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Sound Quality – Little Sound Monsters! The Panasonic SC-HT18 Speakers are little sound monsters. The sound effect it produces is truly tremendous and you will find no other in the market that can match the quality it offers. The woofer effect is terrific while the bass is clear and powerful. Even though there may be times when you will find the bass to be slightly overwhelming, but you’ll love it, for sure. EDM sounds wonderful as well. Every now and then, I feel that it could have been even better if there could be a bass control for snooping to a certain genre of tune. All in all, I powerfully applaud this product as the sound and woofer it produces is really splendid. Read also Remote controlled Intex Speaker with Bluetooth FM Radio.

Experience the luxury of multi screen cinema

With Panasonic SC-HT18 Speakers, you can turn your home into a home theater. As Panasonic is a brand that delivers manufactured articles with up-to-the-minute technology. Fortified with huge size magnets and 2.1 channel speaker system, these speakers are loud enough to offer you the impression of movie theater complex.

Design, Build Quality and Appearances: I like the two variants of the speaker — Brown colored speaker with a retro look and Silver one with the gun metallic finishing grills. The Subwoofer of the Panasonic SC-HT18 Speakers possesses a wooden cabinet. Moreover, the satellite Panasonic speakers for home theater are made up of fine quality plastic while the built quality is fabulous. The overall design of the speaker offers it a premium look and first-class feel.

Balanced Lows, Mids, and Highs: Subwoofer of the Panasonic speakers folds a tremendous thumping sound that is well-adjusted and deep. You won’t find any bogus, lurid, resonating or boomy Bass that can be found in more than a few music systems available in this day and age. Mids are undeniably flawless as you may pick up crystal clear lyrics and sounds. The breathtaking quality of the Mids delivers an amazing experience while viewing movies and videos. Highs are correspondingly well-balanced as well. Nevertheless, at great volumes, the treble overrides the Mids and Lows while you snoop to the melodies with heavy music. Therefore, you must lower the great frequencies by means of the player equalizer, as you will find a negligible treble control on the Panasonic speakers for home theater.

Panasonic Home Theater Speakers SC-HT18 with FM Radio and Remote Control

Usability Features of this Panasonic Speakers

I really think that the Radio of the Panasonic speakers for home theater is almost of no use. You see, there is not even any digital display to check the Frequency you are actually on. By the same token, the Input cable that connects the woofer to your PC or TV set is very small. As a result, if your PC or television is positioned quite away from woofer then you will have to buy the 3.5 mm Male or 2 RCA Male Aux Cable. Read also Powerful Sony Hi-Fi System with CD Player and FM Radio.

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Takes your entertainment to another level! This Panasonic Speaker System takes your entertainment to another level. In addition to offering a gorgeous sound quality, the system comes furnished with a leading-edge woofer that conveys influential bass. Furthermore, the FM tuner function allows you to tune into your beloved radio stations. Likewise, the speakers propose the USB connectivity that lets you play melodies straight from your pen drive. Including a remote control, the system lets you regulate a number of settings while sitting at the comfort of your sofa.

Won’t crack at all, not even at full volume!

If what you love is dancing to the loud, really loud music, then with the Panasonic speakers for home theater it’s not a big deal! You can maximize the volume and hang on to quite a few genres of music and it won’t crack at all.  Even though, if you turn t the volume of the speakers to be 100%, you will find the quality of the music going down to a slight bit. This is for the reason that the Treble or the Highs overrides the Mids and Lows at immense volumes.

Actually all you have to do for this is that regulate it with the equalizer and you can uphold the sound quality even on snooping to extremely loud music. However, for my part, I feel that if you desire to attain the greatest sound output, then it’s always great to play music at not more than 70% volume. And this is pertinent to every single speaker you have.


  • Crystal Clear Sound
  • Compact and sturdy build quality.
  • Bass and Treble are equally balanced.
  • Owns a Wireless remote control as well
  • Bass is fitted enough to offer you appropriate thump effect.
  • USB-Reads all Mp3 formats
  • Compatible with television, DVD Player, computer, Notebook, Smartphones, Tablets and the like


  • No Bass and Treble volume control
  • Short cords that don’t allow you to space out the speakers
  • It does not have Bluetooth connectivity
  • Radio doesn’t have any FM channel display that is quite infuriating

Is it worth investing?

Yes, of course! You just cannot acquire better quality speakers than the Panasonic SC-HT18 Speakers at such an affordable value range and segment. When it’s about the pure sound quality it offers, it’s definitely better than any of its competitors. What I favor is clarity and precision over those bogus echoing boomy bass that a lot of speakers provide at the moment. For that reason, the Panasonic speakers for home theater fit my constraints. Trust me; it will suit your needs as well. Providing you well-adjusted and stable quality sound through all frequencies, these speakers promise to be better than quite a lot of costly alternatives obtainable in the market in this segment. If you plan to purchase a 2.1 channel speaker; that too under 50 Watts RMS, then go for Panasonic SC-HT18 thoughtlessly.  It’s an awesome deal that deserves a shot!

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Brand Panasonic
Total RMS Power 45 Watts
Type 2.1 Multimedia Speakers
Frequency Response 20 Hz-20 KHz
Remote Control yes
USB Port yes
AUX yes
FM Tuner yes
RCA Jack yes
Price 3000 INR

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