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Paisa Vasool Phablet Lava Iris X9 Below 11000 Rupees

Paisa Vasool Phablet Lava Iris X9 Below 11000 Rupees

The Lava Iris X9 is a brand new smartphone to succeed the Iris X8, which was an Octa core model launched in year 2014. It was announced long back, but the brand made it available from this month at Amazon India. At a price tag of 10500 rupees, it is a smartphone with a great value for money. Its camera, processor, display and few unique features are a real example of Lava’s designing depth. The Lava X9 is like a hot cake around 11 thousand rupees budget in this summer market.

I am surprised with the fact that this phone has failed to get attention from tech pundits. We hardly find any update or review coming out for the Iris X9. Even the brand itself has not listed it officially.

Nevertheless, the Iris X9 is a good smartphone endorses effectively to its MRP of 11000 rupees. Online retail is giving a discount of 500 rupees. If you are seeking a camera phone with good performance and interested in buying Iris X9, then you have to spend just 10500 rupees to own this phone. If I trust my sources in Amazon and Flipkart, this phone is going to be listed there with a price tag of 10599 rupees. And, if you can hold your desire for just little longer, you might get a 10% cash back offer on the purchase of this phone.

Coming back to the Lava Iris X9, we really liked this smartphone. Remind you, this is not a smartphone for heavy duty gamer rather it is a good choice for a working person. If I am allowed to summarize the basics of this phone before proceeding to deep digging, I will only say, this is a complete cell phone with all awesome features, good processor and good design.

Sales Box

I am little disappointed that the sales box does not contain a flip cover. Lava has been generous towards customer by giving a quality flip cover in the sales box. Lava’s U-turn for flip cover is unfortunate. Smartphone, battery, charger, earphone, USB cable and warranty card is port of the sales box combo.


In terms of overall outer appearance, it looks quite bulky. Just a second, hold on my friend, this is not bulky rather a perfect phablet with a decent screen. I am a big fan of smartphones that have a big screen. Currently, I am using Doodle 3 and Sony T2 Ultra Dual. Both are big screen gadget. Lava has made it available only in white colour; therefore you do not have option to choose between colours variant.

A perfect phablet X9 is packed in solid craft that is full proof from all angles. Sudden fall – no problem dear, oh my god what happens when my baby throws it from bed – absolutely no problem. Its body or display all are made with full protection.

The Iris X9 reflects a rectangle shape wherein all corners are smooth and a metal strips covers all corner. Lava has done the best display management wherein the approach has been to cover as much as screen space is possible for display overlay.

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In terms of all spots, we find all buttons are at the right side, speaker is placed at the rear and balance all things come to the front.

Operating System

Lava has developed its own OS called the Star OS. This is pure waste of money. Lava’s sister brand XOLO had invested heavily in the HIVE – a custom operating system, which did not stand longer in the market. The Star OS is lite and better optimized than the HIVE. HIVE was too loaded and eating most of processor resources. Although I am admirer of default Android User interface, but the Star OS is like breath of fresh air.

What we have observed that the most of uniquely developed user interface and OS has been refreshed and re-deigned and converted into a polished and lite application. Recently, we had witnessed that the Sony has made significant improvement and made the Xperia user interface a simple and lite application. The same move has already been taken by LG. Now Lava or XOLO comes with a dedicated user face that is much more lite and fast than its previous approach.Lava Iris X9 Review Specifications and Price in India

I would like to admit that the Star OS is the first user interface has given me immense pleasure during navigation within the phone. Every time you rub on the screen, the apps gallery makes 180 degree flip and take you to next page of the app gallery. Lava integration some of unique app that helps the end user to save resources mostly consumed by applications running in the background. I will discuss that all this article.

In totality, we are giving full mark to Lava for this interesting user interface. I promise you are going to like it. Every time the screen flip will occur, you friend will pay curious attention to your phone. Also, Lava has blessed this smartphone with some intelligent apps such as Smart Flip and smart gesture control. The end user has option to set an icon to access this phone.


The X9 is powered by a MediaTek quad core processor supported by Mali 400 MP2 GPU and a 2 GB RAM. Its standard performance is good and you will not be stopped by lag or application delay. However, playing a game like Modern combat 5 or Asphalt 8 is a painful experience. The running processor does not go along the demand and fire of an HD action game application. Yes, you can play bubble shooter, Temple Run 2 or other arcade games, which demands for less resource.

Those needs the best of gaming should avoid this smartphone and those needs a complete smartphone with all qualities should consider it. We can summarize this, gaming is tough, but the rest of operation and multitasking is lag-free thanks to 2 GB of RAM. Lava’s optimization led to assured consumption of 700 MB out of 2 GB RAM wherein approx 1.2 GB is free after the first boot.

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Phone Booster

This is a popular concept app, a part of the user experience enhancement in the Star OS. This application lets you free-up RAM from a bunch of closed applications. We all aware that Android has a core problem whereas even closed applications continue to secure RAM. This is great application and an intelligent solution from Lava.


Wow! This is called a smartphone with complete specifications. While we are thrilled with a 2G RAM, 16 GB storage is like Gulam Jamun with Ice-cream. Out of 16 GB ROM, the end user gets share of approx 11.85 GB after the first boot. In my assumption, this ought to be sufficient storage. However, if you desire for more to store photos (camera performance is excellent), then you can go for a Transcend MicroSD card with a limit of 32 GB. I would suggest you take 16 GB card because 12 GB + 15.85 GB = 27.85 GB is quite sufficient for image store, music gallery and video collection. Do not waste your money. OK!


The Iris X9 sports a 5.5 inches screen. Lava has utilized the screen in the best possible way for giving a 720P display, confused, HD display – now OK. This IPS LED display is piqued – wrong – improved – this is right word, so has a pixel density of 267 PPI seems quite realistic.

Thanks to the Star OS and 2 GB RAM, display response is awesome or blossom. Touch response is absolutely fantastic. No lag, no frame drop or application delay. Viewing angle is good, pixels are invisible and colours look perfect. Saturation little over and bright is like TouchWiz in a Samsung smartphone. We confirm that Lava has done great job in display side of this smartphone. In addition to this, Lava has used the best display protection solution – Asahi Dragontrail glass.


Most of Indian smartphones are “Paidal”. Hindi readers will be able to under meaning of “Paidal”. We always said that Lava and XOLO does pure justice with Camera feature in a smartphone. The story is repeated here.

The primary camera is a 13 MP auto focus does amazing photography and video recording with a 5P lens that is optimized for F2.0 Aperture supported by a BSI sensor and a dedicated camera application. There is further enhancement in form of the Blue Glass Filter. To make better photography absolutely possible, the rear shooter is backed by a super LED flash and power microphone to record voice during video recording.

Video recording is good, photography in natural light and in low light is also good. I do not think anyone with raise finger as far as the camera performance of the Iris X9 is concerned. Looking back to some of enabled camera features, we find features such as face detection, Geo-Tagging, HDR mode and touch to focus.

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The 8 MP front facing selfie shooter camera is able to focus wide with a 4P Lens, BSI sensor and F2.4 Aperture. The front shooter is much more effect in producing great result than what we have seen a 11000 rupees smartphone. This magic is created because of BSI sensor and better aperture. It is not only focuses on your face rather all covers wide background that makes a selfie much more worthy than a regular one.

If you need a camera smartphone and does not want a Sony phone, then the Iris X9 is a good choice under 11000 rupees from the recent launches. We give full mark for camera performance.


Good news is that the Iris X9 supports 850 MHz spectrum. Therefore, this is the smartphone should be considered for mountain reason or rural area usages. Also, it works with 900 MHz (1G or GPRS), 1800 MHz (2G or GPRS), 1900 MHz (2.5 G or EDGE) and 2100 MHz (HSPA or 3G). Wi-Fi supports standard band and mobile hotspot. Bluetooth 4.0 is the latest one and GPS with USB port is more to make your life easy.


It has support for HotKnot feature, which lets you share content between two HotKnot enabled devices. Just mere touching display of two HotKnot powered devices could be productive to share endless contents.


The Iris X9 lists Accelerometer, Light and Proximity sensor for smart working. As I already told you, this is not a gaming smartphone, which is also proved with the fact that it does not have gaming sensors.


Audio player, video player with HD media playback and fast FM tuner is part of the entertainment department that completes it in terms of multimedia. Main speaker is extremely loud and clear. Bass orientation is good and low output does not lose the essence of music whereas the high level sound remains clear without crinkle in output. This is called 100% solid multimedia performance.


  1. A complete smartphone
  2. 100% Multimedia and musical experience


  1. Not for gaming because of the average processor


I am for this smartphone. This is a one good craft from Indian’s primary smartphone manufacturer.

Full Specifications
Price 11000 Rupees
SIM Dual, Mini GSM, 3G+2G
OS Android Lollipop 5.0.1
Screen 5.5 Inches, HD, IPS LCD, 267 PPI, Asahi Dragontrail glass
Processor Ouad Core, 1.3 GHz, MediaTek
GPU Mali-400 MP2
Memory 2GB RAM, 16GB Memory, 32GB SD card Support
Camera 13MP[P], 8MP[F], HD Recording, F/2.0/2.4 Aperture, BSI Sensor
Battery 3000 mAh, Non-Removable
Connectivity 3G, BT, Wi-Fi, GPS, USB, FM

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  1. Lava Iris X9 (White, 16GB) comes with lots of features. It has 13MP primary camera with dual LED flash and 8MP front facing camera which gives clear image.

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