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Paisa Vasool Infocus Metallic Body Phone with USB OTG Below 13000 Rupees

Paisa Vasool Infocus M810 with USB OTG Below 13000 Rupees

India is a country of 125 crore population where 65% of total population is aspiring youth. This magical inner strength has become a vital force to drive growth for India as a market. There are two popular term in risk management investment – Boom and Bubble. Fortunately, India is a booming market for communication and multimedia gadgets. We Indian believed in combined family culture, but search of job keep most of us away from the native root. This is also a reason we deliver 100% jump in communication devices sales. Today, India stands at number one position in smartphone sales growth.

The InFocus is new electronics brand in India has a manufacturing base in China and the design lab in USA. I am big fan of America technology. Infect, I use every bit of American innovation in my website development projects. Despite being a new entrant, the Infocus has been able to surpass premium Indian smartphone brands – Karbonn, XOLO and Micromax. Yes, my assessment is based on quality and built. Infocus had launched its first smartphone using the Snapdeal launchpad, but today with six magical gadgets, starting from 5000 to 13000 rupees – the growth spectrum expends upto Amazon delivery system.

In this review article, we are going through all micro level details of the Infocus M810 to bring out a complete truth whether this is a PICK or a choice of KICK. This is an Amazon India exclusive, so to have it in your pocket requires an order at

Apple iPhone gets credit to introduce a Gold colour smartphone. Following the note, much like Panorama feature, now a wide range of gold smartphones are available in the market. The Infocus M810 is a gold smartphone with fully glass body has premium feel to it. This is paisa Vasool device with gold feature and brilliant performance.

Appealing Built and Design

Infocus has packed all goodness in 156 grams golden glass body brings a thick of 6.9 mm only. Consider this an ultra premium craft without compromising specifications and performance. At a current price of 13000 rupees, a solid aluminium alloy slim craft should be appreciated. Read also 4G ZTE Smartphone in Aluminum Metal Body.

This new champ has got a glamours look that is a perfect blend of gold and black colour works really well here. The rear and front panel are fixed on a golden brushed metal frame. According to official website, the rear gets corning gorilla glass 3 protection added into an impressive metallic micro texture that extents upto the sides. I am sure of complete satisfaction for a buyer in terms of build and design. The Infocus M810 lacks a dedicated front panel protection. But that has been make-up in the form of scratch resistant, which works some extent at both – rear and front.

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Infocus M810 Golden Built and Design

The rear houses 13MP primary camera with dual LED Flash. On the left side, there are power button and volume rocker. Coming to the right side, this Phone has a SIM port and MicroSD card tray. On the bottom side of the phone is micro USB port, mic, and audio jack.

Operating system and User Interface:- The M810 runs on Android Lollipop 5.0.1 out of box. In order to compete with today’s trend Infocus brings its own user interface called “Inlife”. This is a lightweight UI mounted on the lollipop OS to extend user’s experience. This is cool and easy UI presents most of the primary settings on one click.

Infocus M810 Metallic Built

Although default setting works for all, still many custom options are available to squeeze better delivery in daily usages. I am really impressed with the Inlife UI because it s simple yet offers more personalized options for the end user. We had noticed minor lag after continues hard usages for three to four hours. I am sure that caused due to basic optimization of the UI. The Blue light filter in display toggle changes screen into a ready mode. This is most pleasing form of display reducing power consumption while reading an e-book.

Torch, NFC and power saving options make the display setting well optimized for the end users. I am not surprised with these cool features after all this is a gadget designed in USA.

Latest Hardware and Better Optimization means Impressive Performance

The Infocus M810 is powered by a rich CPU architecture. I was first told about Snapdragon 801 in a Sony flagship. This is not a new processor breed, but in the medium budget segments we welcome it with open arm for its flawless performance. 2 GB RAM along with Adreno 330 GPU effectively backing the main processor for lag free performance.

Having Snapdragon flagship processor ensures a smooth gaming session that is true in real usages as well. We had experience no lag or frame drop, despite continues gaming for hours. However, the UI indeed comes in the way of smooth running. You will experience a short hang session in the form of screen freeze or zero response from touch. We cannot confirm these minor hiccups for everyone because our usages were just too bad in order to gain most out of this device. It is quite possible – the poor handling had resulting in fake hanging that bound to happen after all every gadget has a limitation. According to my assessment, the Inlife UI is to be blamed for poor coding or improper integration over the Lollipop OS. Yes, we can assure reader that in terms of advance performance and high-end gaming the M810 is a perfect gadget to be in your pocket.

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Infocus M810 Power Button and Inline Volume Rocker

  1. Quadrant Benchmark : 26689
  2. AnTuTu Scores : 41054

Memory Management:- Drawing a gadget concept at today’s standard should be appreciated. Besides 2 GB RAM for CPU operations, it packs a 16 GB in-house storage that can be further increased upto 64 GB. Infocus ships a SIM tool to insert SIM and microSD card into ports. Approx 1.1 GB RAM and 11 GB internal storage is free for the end user. This is a memory status report after the first boot of the M810.

Let’s get your attention on the gold feature that is support to USB OTG. It does not require an application to access contents hosted at external OTG device.

Full HD IPS LCD Display

5.5 inches FHD display is indeed a plus-point in this phone. This IPS LCD features ultra thin display has natural colour and great viewing angles. FHD video playback is supported that brings immense pleasure watching Bollywood songs in true-life colours. Other definite fact about this phablet screen is brilliant colour reproduction and responsive touch.

Now we will spill out one bitter truth of this ultra vivid screen. Reading this FHD in direct sunlight is almost impossible. An anti reflective coating could have solved this problem easily. This is one big problem haunted me badly. Every time I wanted to type a message or send an email – I had to look for a shelter to escape from direct sunlight.

Massive Camera: In order to achieve better photography, there has to be a quality lens supported an image sensor and a LED flash. A camera application has great role to play in professional photography. The M810 comes with excellent camera management, which delivered better photography regardless of situation. Infocus has done good job as hundreds camera options pop-up on one click. Here, from the basic image shoot to FHD video recording is made easy. The camera application gets full mark for a professional optimization.

The primary camera is 13MP does good work in support of an EXMOR images sensor and dual LED flash. Low-light photography is brilliant because of power flash and a branded image sensor. The FHD video recording comes in fine quality for further usages in professional way. I am pleased with better camera work in low light than a natural lightning condition.

Although day-light photography is impressive, but cannot be consider brilliant. The summary of camera performance is – the end user gets good performance from the rear and front facing camera.

Infocus M810 Review and Specifications

Mediocre Battery Backup

2600 mAh battery is made with lithium-ion substance that comes sealed inside this phone. High mAh value does not mean many days of battery backup. A mAh value of 2600 looks small, but it delivers in real life. I am amazed with the response of 2600 mAh battery in the M810.

For performance and battery backup testing, my friend played many action games (Asphalt, Dead trigger, Temple Run, Modern combat) along with Facebook ON, twitter ON, Gmail ON, frequent internet browsing, listen to songs, playing videos – this all got done in 11 hours of nonstop usages. I am sure in gentle usages, the battery backup will last minimum 40 to 48 hours. I am sure the end user will be impressed with battery backup.

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Connectivity: I am disappointed for no support to Indian 4G. Just because this smart gadget is lacking 4G connectivity, my rating is negative, despite all good features. Besides the regular connectivity options, the addition of NFC in a medium budget phone should be noticed by readers.

Sensors: With four dedicated sensors, the Infocus M810 is a true smart gadget. Having Gyroscope sensor makes it a perfect choice for gaming.

A quick List of Pro Features:-

  1. Excellent Battery – Full day against hard usages
  2. Power saving mode is present
  3. Lag free performance
  4. Smooth gaming without frame drop
  5. Front camera can shoot FHD videos
  6. Dual LED flash for excellent shooting in low lighted condition
  7. Awesome display
  8. Excellent performance from both camera
  9. USB OTG support
  10. Torch an NFC function
  11. E-Book reading mode in display
  12. Hindi Languages is supported
  13. Light weight, despite a metal and glass body
  14. Really thin craft
  15. 10 point multi-touch

Infocus M810 Buttom


  1. Single SIM
  2. Impossible to see in direct sun-light
  3. Supports 4G, but does not support to Indian 4G band 2300 MHz
  4. Minor heating on heavy usages
  5. Native video calling is not supported
  6. Screen protection is not present

Verdict: Infocus M810 gets Kick, despite all goodness in built, design and performance. If you do not value 4G support, then this is the best smartphone below 13000 rupees. Trust me, this kind of quality and brilliant finish is not available even in a 30000 rupees phone. Without any second thought, the M810 is my Pick for all good features and excellent lag free performance included clear calling ability. However, I am not going to buy this because investing 13000 rupees in a phone without 4G connectivity is a wrong decision.

Magic Box Handset with built-in Battery, Charger, USB Cable
SIM Single, GSM, 3G/2G/1G
Processor Quad core, 2.5 GHz, Qualcomm Snapdragon 801
GPU Adreno 330
Memory 2GB RAM, 16GB Memory, 64GB MicroSD Card Support
Screen 5.5 inches, FHD, 1080×1920 Pixels, IPS LCD, 401 PPI
Camera 13MP[P], 5MP[F], Dual LED, ZOOM, FHD Recording @ 30 FPS, Exmor-R CMOS image sensor
Battery 2600 mAh, Li-ion, Non-removable
Connectivity NFC, BT, USB 2.0, FM, 1G, 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, OTG
Body 156 gram[W], 6.9 mm[Th]
Sensors Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Compass, Light sensor
Buy 13000 Rupees

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