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Paisa Vasool Infocus Smartphone with 4G OTG

Paisa Vasool Infocus M350 with 4G OTG Below 7000 Rupees

The Infocus M350 is one best-selling smartphone in the market with Indian 4G, USB OTG, smooth performance, better camera and new control features. Users would be able to personalize this phone with inducted custom tools for performance, display, booting, memory and camera features.

Built and Design: This is kind of “Hatake Design” that has less appeal than a regular flat concept in most of the today’s phones. The outer shell is made out of premium poly-carbonate goes real thinner at sides. There is a shiny silver metal looking band that covers all sides wrapping buttons and ports with utmost precision.

The Power button has got nice metallic cap sits at the right side of the device whereas the volume rocker finds a place on the left side. Here, 3.5 mm audio hole is final at the top and USB data port at the bottom for much easier connectivity. The rear has got a glossy back panel, which is removable easily hides sealed battery, SIM ports, and a microSD card slot.

Even though it is a plastic shell, the overall profile does not feel bulky or cheap. Infocus micro design engineering in the M350 renders a compact solid feedback in the hand.

Calling and Network

This is a dual SIM smartphone supports 4G, 3G, 2G, and 1G. The first SIM port is for the 4G or 3G usages whereas the second port is left open for 2G or 1G network connectivity. Calling audio quality is excellent backed by zero signal drops even you continue talking longer.

Hotspot and Tethering come with a much easier control panel, which makes data setting much easier. I cannot miss the really fast GPS. Thanks to powerful processor and network sensors, GPS connects really fast for accurate result even in congested streets area.

Infocus M350’s 4G band (2300 MHz TD/FD) qualified for working with current Airtel and upcoming Reliance Jio 4G networks.

In order to make a complete smartphone, this phone is loaded with all those features making headlines in low to medium range phones, currently. One of them is call recording feature.

  1. Auto call recorder
  2. Call recording of user defined numbers

Camera: Infocus keeps a bit more emphasis on the betterment of camera technology. In M350, both cameras have the 8MP sensor and autofocus feature, too. And, both performs brilliantly on job; such incredible camera performance by a budget smartphone is really surprising.

There are few minor cons should come in your notice for a complete understanding of its camera feature.

  1. The first noticeable issue is delayed focus. From the brand Infocus, the end user expects quick focus, but the M350 has a bit slow autofocus feature.
  2. Images get over sharp at corners, this indicates the rear shooter is not very qualified in terms of group shots.
  3. Shutter speed is one minor con that will bother only professional users.
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The above said weaknesses are a reminder to professional users. For a regular user like me, this is a camera that works flawlessly in ideal to harsh conditions.

Front and Main Camera

I have no hesitation in saying the M350 is the best selfie shooter below 7000 rupees. Great detailing and supreme clarity- this is much more than what we had asserted in the first overview. The 8MP camera with wide-angle lens and autofocus does very good job. This is my pick for a perfect selfie.

In the 7000 rupees category, this is the best performance from a rear camera. The 8MP shooter is a deadly performer in low-lighting condition. It gets job done by using a super LED flash and BSI sensor in a much effective way.

Based on the performance in low light ambient, you can predict how good the rear camera would be while shooting in natural light. Output in good light conditions is a benchmark setter. Images do turn out excellent, filled with live accurate colors, crisp, share a good balance in contrast. This is a real DSLR type output.

Infocus M350 Review and Specifications

While FHD recording, users need to use the tap-to-focus feature instead of auto focus. That does not affect video quality, though. I am sure you will be surprised with accuracy in output videos in terms of color, micro clarity and wide coverage of the subject.

In order to capture noise-free videos and images, you should have sturdy hand. I had to struggle little a bit before I capture a perfect shot.

Both cameras of the M350 offers benchmark-setting performance but have minor cons that can be ignored by a regular user. According to the current trend, the Infocus M350’s camera gets crown for the best performance in 7000 rupees price band.

Lots of Multimedia feature: The main speaker grill is presented at the back delivers rich audio output. Loudness is neither high nor very low. In terms of sound quality, the balance between bass, mid-range, and treble is bit messy that happens due to low-frequency range. You will notice low bass in audio output.

  1. FHD playback from internal memory and USB OTG
  2. FM Tuner
  3. Pinned up the video up with continue with smooth performance
  4. Flawless 1080P video playback in popular format

Impressive HD Display

Infocus has a good talent base that delivers in every aspect of a smartphone. The 5 inches HD display is really neat, crisp and warm offers decent color reproduction. Viewing angles are great but showing some distortion when tilted on the extreme angle. Brightness is high, but not very reflective. This is one very good display by the Infocus team. Blue light filter and color temperature setting options are for users to make the display little more personalized.

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Operating System and User Interface: The M350 runs on Android Kitkat 4.4.4 out of box. In terms of Android lollipop update, the brand has not said anything so far. In-house developed “Inlife” user interface is mounted over operating system in order to render freshness in the UI. The UI is indeed well-coded, works without taking any resource slice out of the main processor.

Infocus restrained itself installing unwanted bloatware leaving behind absolute RAM and processor power for the end user.

Notification Control: The Stock Android is open ground for notification. In my phone, by the end of the day, I have more than 100 notifications to review and terminate. This is one good user-friendly feature that lets you control over notification.

LED Notification: Assign a unique notification for each app according to priority, usages or liking.

Auto Start control: This feature lets you select apps that will be opened up when the phone is restarted (booted). Also, you can decide apps that will run in the background in day-to-day usages. This is a great feature to save Battery, RAM and CPU power for smooth multitasking.

Apps traffic control: I used to dream about this kind of feature in a smartphone. You can decide over app’s access to mobile data via network tower and Wi-Fi or only Wi-Fi or no access. This feature is indeed great to control unwanted data syncing by Facebook and Google products.

Torch: This is a mandatory feature in a basic phone. Then, why premium smartphones ignore it? This is a feature must have in your phone. Today, smartphone being an ultimate gadget should be enhanced enough in true sense.

Gesture Control

Although the feature is present, but in very limited edition. Not much you can take out of this.

Overall, I had a great experience with the Infocus M350. I always welcome baby feature that makes a smartphone an ultimate gadget for all kinds of usages. Infocus has worked hard on the basics in order to bring essential features in much easier form. I am a true believer of stock Android, but for add-ons, you need a base that comes here in the form of “Inlife” user interface. Well done Infocus, the Inlife user interface is brilliant and quite helpful for the end users.

Summary of UI: Understand the significance of these micro-enhancements. If the Infocus continue evaluating itself like this, it might crush some of the big brands – have a very arrogant approach with their custom user interface.

Memory: I have minus 0.1 marks because apps data is not movable to the SD card. 2GB RAM with 16GB internal storage and 64GB microSD card expansion adds USB OTG support in a gadget priced at just 7000 rupees is simply ridiculous (positive).

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Infocus M350 Rear Built

We have to be little more generous to the brand, which offers much more than the market standard. Yes, you can move apps to microSD card. After the first boot, approx 11.65GB internal storage and 1.3GB RAM is left for the end user.

Battery: Although the battery is made of lithium polymer, but you can expect excellent back-up in daily usages. A hard user with 3 to 4 hours of active screen when the power saver is on – lasts for 20 to 24 hours. In terms of general usages, I predict, the battery fuel will last at least 40 to 45 hours. Users like me, who is very limited to calling, web browsing and listen to music, can get guaranteed 48 hours of backup.

Power saver: This is a must have feature. In fact, I will urge you to have look for power saving feature before making a choice confirmed.

Performance is smooth, no lag or crash

Just by doing some micro correction, the Infocus delivers absolutely fine performance. I have already detailed the micro features that work in a great way to improve performance.

  1. No heating problem
  2. Web browsing is really smooth
  3. Gaming is mind-blowing thanks to better utilization of Mali T760 M2 GPU
  4. Zero application delay
  5. Touch response is fantastic
  6. The UI is fairly smooth works side-by-side with Android Kitkat operating system
  7. No lag

Sensors: The Infocus M350 packs a long list of sensors. In that, the Gyroscope is one of the sensors for improving gaming performance. Also, the presence of Accelerometer, Compass, Light and Proximity sensor makes it a complete intelligent next generation gadget.

Verdict: M350 with 4G LTE and OTG in a premium case is a paisa Vasool smartphones available under 7000 rupees. Infocus got right in every aspect of this phone. I am very happy that I got a chance to review it. Choose Infocus M350 as your next phone if your budget is in between 6500 to 7500 rupees.

Price 6999 Rupees
Magic Box Handset with sealed Battery, Charger, Earphone, USB Cable
SIM Dual, GSM, 4G/3G+2G/1G
Processor Quad core, 1.5 GHz, MediaTek MT6732
GPU Mali-T760 MP2
Memory 2GB RAM, 16GB Memory, 64 GB SD card Support, USB OTG
Screen 5 inches, HD, 720×1280 Pixels, IPS LCD, 294 PPI
Camera 8MP[P], 8MP[F], LED Flash, ZOOM, FHD Recording
Battery 2500 mAh, Li-Po, Non-removable
Connectivity BT 4.0, USB 2.0, FM, 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, GPS, A-GPS, OTG
Body 146 gram[W], 10.6 mm[Th]
Sensors Accelerometer, Compass, Gyroscope, Light, Proximity sensor

6 thoughts on “Paisa Vasool Infocus Smartphone with 4G OTG

  1. Once again an extremely well written review…now this review has made me more confused…coming to the point i’m particularly looking at 5999 price range phones….if i can extend my budget i’ll consider 6999 category. now considering all the positive factors eg. availability(flash/registration sale),look and feel, performance,good camera quality(front and back),screen quality and RAM..can you suggest me two phones in each category i.e 5999 and 6999 range. i’ve few in mind…let me see if they matches yours…
    Thanks and Regards…

    1. I have to stop an ongoing draft to respond your query. Actually, I am in final stage of Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime review, which is also available at a price of 6999 rupees. Also, my team is working on an article wherein we are reviewing top 7 smartphones between 6000 to 7000 rupees.

      For 6999 rupees
      Infocus M350 – My Choice
      Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime – Public Choice

      Without doubt The Redmi 2 Prime is much better and superior pick. However, I would still prefer Infocus M350. In fact, this week I have ordered two M350 for my friends.

      I had critical view about Samsung when it was top in the game. I knew one day Samsung bubble will bust. I have been proven right. I do not thick Xiaomi does any good with mass followers. Few cheap tactics to promote products do not get much appreciation from me. Also, I dislike MIUI user interface which cause major lag and heating problem in phone, despite good hardware. In addition, Xiaomi releases frequent UI update, which is mostly huge in size. A common user cannot apply those updates without high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity.

      Most reviewers sit in AC room with all luxury rate a phone good choice for everyone. They never think, a common user cannot have the same infrastructure as they enjoy in their high-speed studio.

      The Redmi RedMi2 is indeed a good smartphone with top-notch specifications. Even so it is not free from cons some of them really critical. I will give details of those cons in the upcoming article.

      For 5999 Rupees
      Karbonn Titanium MachFive – My Choice and Public Choice

  2. Excellent….thats what i wanted…well in 6999 range…i had the same choice..but in the 5999 range i was thinking more of micromax xpress 2, redmi 2 and honor holly….anyways thanks once again…actually i’m planning to buy the new phone by 1st week of September…so by that time i’ll get more detailed article from the way i’ve alredy ordered the iball andi 4l pulse windows phone from paytm…

    1. We are in process to obtain Micromax Canvas Express 2 review unit. Therefore, As of now, I cannot say much about the Micromax Express 2. Honor Holly has only 1GB RAM whereas the MachFive 2GB RAM. Do not buy Red Mi 2 – frequent lag and Heating.

      For CPU performance, RAM is much more important than processor power. A quad core processor at 2GB RAM will perform much better than an Octa core has just 1GB RAM.

      There have been many advancements in CPU architecture, which deals multitasking much more effectively. However, the RAM technology remains pretty much the same.

      Finally. I will say – while choosing a phone never compromise with RAM size and Battery power.

  3. I keep on reading many tech and review blogs….i never found any one review a gadget from the users perspective,they just read out what is written by the a user will use the product in the real world, should be the basis of the reviews and not just the specifications.Frankly speaking takes the user angle also….and thats why i love to read the reviews…hope i had came across this site much earlier…thanks for your effort…and keep up the good work

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