Orient Electric, a renowned company that is part of the expanded USD 1.6 billion CK Birla Group, on Thursday, February 23, 2017, announced the launch of its brand new ceiling fan – Orient Aeroquiet that assures to deliver maximum airflow ever coupled with blissful silence.

The mega launch event was held in Suryaa Hotel Ballroom, New Friends Colony in New Delhi. The event was graced with the presence of high-ranking company bureaucrats, state dealers, and mass media officials. Mr. Rakesh Khanna, CEO, Orient Electric was present at the event to introduce the very silent yet very powerful Orient Aeroquiet fan. He also announced a new integrated brand campaign featuring company’s longstanding brand ambassador and former Indian skipper MS Dhoni.

What all has been covered in the orient event? The company decrees that the Orient Aeroquiet is the first product in the Orient’s Aero Series range of premium ceiling fans. The fan promises to set new standards in the sector with a design that’s one-of-a-kind with its brilliant performance. The stylish fan folds a stroke of brilliance when considering its specifications. With a dominant 18-pole motor that ensures a smooth operation as well as the 3D aerodynamic design for all-out air delivery, this ceiling fan becomes truly exceptional.

Super Silent Ceiling Fan Orient Aeroquiet Launched

Addressing the invitees of the event, the company stated, “The Orient Aeroquiet is a fan that talks technology in each of its part. Meet the highest-class finish and superior power of its heavy 18-pole motor for its highest air delivery. Its fully integrated design is something that the industry has not witnessed till date. The blades are ABS blades that make it strong and rust-resistant. What attracts the most is its aerodynamic design that will surely catch everyone’s attention. It also consumes less power when compared to a conventional fan. The high-class finish makes the fan easy to clean as well.”

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Moreover, the company claims that the same technology is used in F1 cars. As the F1 cars use aerodynamics to reduce air friction and reach progressively high speeds. Similarly, Aeroquiet fan cuts air more efficiently. This reduces noise to a minimal. Something conventional high-speed fans cannot! The company claims that they are delighted that for the first time they are presenting a breakthrough in the technology of ceiling fans that evidently address a significant and yet dormant need for silence.

The Best ceiling fan brand, Orient, seems to be very excited to launch the Aeroquiet ceiling fan to the marketplace. To boot, they state that this is the ceiling fan for the futuristic and for the free-thinking, empowered and arduous customers of the moment who search for more wisdom and sense with their procurements.

Orient Aeroquiet — an utter conqueror in terms of technology, imagination, workmanship and design!

When we talk about invention and revolution, ceiling fans have perceived some aesthetical escalation over the ages, but primarily, they remain all the same. Orient Ceiling fan is a flawless specimen of extreme success in footings of technology, imagination, workmanship, expertise, and design. On top of that, the company pronounces that they soon will be publicizing more options in the Aero Series range of Silent fans.

Orient Aeroquiet Super Silent Ceiling Fan Review and Specifications

With Aeroquiet, the company focuses on three crucial features that comprise of lessening of noise, growth in airflow and aesthetics. Orient Aeroquiet offers a notable air throw of 240 CMM. It has a practical minimalist design that proposes the tractability to merge it in any imaginable setting. This would match your bedroom, drawing room, or your workplace.

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Following are the major highlights of the fan:-

  • Compounded ABS Blades to offer signature air throw
  • Noiseless Operation – the most marketed feature!
  • Wide sweep of 1200 mm length with 240 CMM of air delivery
  • An Exceptional Design with Revolutionary Technology
  • The Powerful and Energy-Efficient Motor

Let us have a deep glimpse of all the features of The Orient Aeroquiet ceiling fan.

  • Noiseless Operation – the most marketed feature!

In accordance with the examinations led by third-party labs, the Orient Aeroquiet produces sound that is around 4 dB less than normal ceiling fans. That is a prominent difference indeed! So now, you no longer have to tolerate all those annoying noises while you are at home! This Silent fan for Bedroom is a responded plea to relish soothing moments at home, particularly bedroom, without a thrashing nuisance. So now, with Aeroquiet, desiring for a wonderful, uninterrupted nap is no longer a far-flung dream!

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the brand Ambassador Orient Aeroquiet

  • Wide sweep of 1200-mm length with 240-CMM of air delivery

The Aeroquiet fan devours a sweep of 1200-mm that is adequately wide-ranging so as to offer air circulation in an extensive coverage area. Moreover, the air throw of 240-CMM demonstrates that the blade’s curvy design is not just for a display, it has a utility as well. The 3D aerodynamic design certifies that this first-rate ceiling fan delivers air thrust to cover remoter and broader areas.

  • An Exceptional Design with Revolutionary Technology

Everything considered, this exceptional noiseless fan would make your bedroom or living room rather appealing. As a matter of fact, these fans are way more than those motor-powered blades that offer the utility of air flow. In light of this aerodynamic fan, a pioneering technology with the first-rate designs is going to make its way into the marketplace. The fan proposes a first-class look with its extremely lustrous finish in addition to the enhancing rim of stainless steel on its top.

Orient Aeroquiet has the Aerodynamic Design

  • The Powerful and Energy-Efficient Motor

Orient Aeroquiet’s motor is fairly a monster. This five star fan owns the durable 18-pole heavy motor that has a double ball bearing to ensure an operation that is charming and quiet. Nevertheless, the second name to this ceiling fan with a powerful motor has to be efficiency!! Consuming around 62 watts of power, that is nearly 10 watts lesser when compared to motors of your other conventional fans, this fan becomes commendable. This is a truly an amazing achievement as its motor is rather dominant.

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  • Compounded ABS Blades to offer signature air throw!

In addition, the blades are 100% rust-free and are finished with high-quality glass filled compounded ABS that offers power to them. ABS or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a combination of a polymer and a thermoplastic. ABS is impeccable for the technological usage for its capability to be machine finished. As soon as it is molded into the finished product, it becomes resilient to chemical weathering, rusting, or any other physical sway. This makes it the seamless material for creating the exclusive airfoil, wing-tipped blades of the fan that would provide signature air throw in conjunction with a noiseless operation.

Orient Aeroquiet has the powerful 18 Pole Motor with Double Ball Bearing

What was all the fuss about?

The whole shebang is that Orient Electric has actually done an efficacious job by introducing the Aeroquiet fans in the market. With this, the company implements a smooth and high-tech design with the state-of-the-art technology in the world of ceiling fans. More than that, the remarkably competent power consumption in addition to the noiseless operation is an icing on the cake.

Orient Fans Photos from Silent Ceiling Fan Aeroquiet Launch

This Premium Silent Fan for Bedroom is truly a decent blend of excellence, presentation, intelligence, and attractive looks. As far as invention and technology are concerned, Orient Ceiling fan has fully blown the scenario, confirming the technical proficiency of the Aeroquiet fan. Truly outstanding!

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Future Ideas and Strategies of Orient Electric for its premium, noiseless ceiling fan!

Presently, Orient Electric, as mentioned above, is a fragment of the USD 1.6 billion CK Birla Group. A household name in the Indian fan industry, the company has been distributing the best ceiling fans to more than 35 nations. These nations include several countries in Africa, Asia, Middle East, and the United States. In fact, this is the leading producer and exporter of best ceiling fans in India. Out of every 100 fans exported from India, Orient Electric shares an export of 60 fans. That means the company holds an export share of 60% fans in India. The company unveiled the premium ceiling fans – Orient Aeroquiet on Thursday, February 23, 2017, in New Delhi.

Orient Fans Photos from Silent Ceiling Fan Aeroquiet Launch

It’s the time to wave a big good bye to that infuriating fan noise!

So, are you the one who desires for something new that might enhance your home décor? If your answer is yes, then this Orient Ceiling fan is the best ceiling fan in India.  This ceiling fan features cutting-edge technology of aerodynamically profiled blade design that guarantees supreme air delivery in addition to a silent operation. The Orient’s series of noiseless ceiling fans would not just enhance your interior décor room dynamics; in fact, this fan is worthy of your glamming up your high-class drawing room. So now, the time has come to welcome a fan that’s minimalist and functional!

The baby likes Silence more than a Lullaby. Orient Electric Aeroquiet- Very Silent, Very Powerful

Sweep 1200 mm
Power Consumption 62 Watt
Speed 310 RPM
Air Delivery 240 CMM
Key Feature Silent Operation, Aerodynamic Design, Powerful Motor, Low Power Consumption
Customer Support 1800 -103-7574
Buy 4500 Rupees