We already know that LED is the cleanest and the most environmentally friendly lighting solution. Light emitting diodes or the LEDs are more and more replacing the conventional lights across spaces and sectors. In fact, the traditional lighting fixtures comes in no way close to the new-age lighting solutions when it comes to energy savings. Orient Electric, a reputed name in the consumer electrical industry, has recently enhanced its LED-focused portfolio with a complete range of new LED battens in different lengths and wattage to suit various settings. With varied benefits such as energy savings, long lifespan, eco-friendliness and design flexibility, LEDs have become a preferred choice of lighting today.

In the last couple of years, LED adoption in India is increasing fast because of government policies and big-scale programs like UJALA. We are moving fast from incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs. However, a lot needs to be done when it comes to FTLs or traditional tubelights as we know them, which bring with them the problem of bad starters and chokes and most importantly, the irritating problem of flickering.

► Orient LED Batten: Time to say goodbye to tubelights

Orient Electric’s LED batten comes without any choke or starter and thus puts an end to the problem of flickering tubelights. It’s time to make the switch and replace old tubelights with cost-effective and highly energy efficient LED Battens. So, what makes Orient LED batten a great lighting solution, let’s have a look at its key features.

Save Energy Replace Your Old Tubelights for New Orient LED Battens

  • Orient LED batten provides 80% of energy savings when compared to conventional fluorescent tubelights.
  • Its high-grade plastic co- extrusion accounts for durability while also complementing your modern home décor.
  • It ensures uniform distribution of light.
  • Orient LED batten has low glare and does not causes any discomfort to eyes.
  • An aesthetically beautiful and sleek design that proposes simplicity of installation.
  • Long life of more than 10+ years is an icing on the cake.

Orient LED Batten is without doubt a new-age lighting solution. So, what makes it really stand above the rest? Let’s have a detailed look.

Old tubelights can embarrass you. Orient LED Batten – No Starter. No Choke. No Flicker

→ Trendy Design with Different Length and Wattage Options

The slim, decorative design of Orient LED Batten makes it a perfect fit in all kinds of environments. It fits gracefully into your room’s wall and does not appear to be bulky or outlandish. Depending on the space, you can choose Orient LED batten in the following sizes.

  • 1ft variant
  • 2ft variant
  • 4ft variant

Orient Electric LED Batten Review and Specifications

Wattage options: Have you ever considered how much light is upright for your room? Have you ever evaluated if you have less or more brightness in your room? Or are you just wasting energy by putting in extra lights in your house? Orient LED batten is available in five different wattages and you can choose depending on your space requirements.

  • 5-watt
  • 10-watt
  • 18-watt
  • 20-watt
  • 22-watt

► Orient LED Batten for Years of Flicker-Free Life with Energy Saving

LED battens are usually unbreakable which gives yet another reason for choosing them over traditional tube-lights. Since Orient LED batten does not have the choke or starter, it gives flicker free lighting for more than 10 years.

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High Lumen efficacy: The efficiency of LED lighting solutions is measured in ‘Lumens per watt’, which translates to the capacity of a light fixture to product an amount of light or lumens using one watt of energy. Orient LED battens have high lumen efficacy and ensure that they produce more lighting while consuming less power.

Significant Cost Savings: Orient Electric has developed a Savings Calculator on its website that lets you understand cost and energy savings when you replace conventional tubelights with an Orient LED batten. Surprisingly, using one LED batten only saves you Rs 480 in costs annually along with an annual energy saving of 80 kWh. Simply imagine what we can achieve by replacing all old tubelights in India with the efficient LED battens. Calculate your electricity saving by Orient LED Batten at https://www.orientelectric.com/calculate-savings.

Orient Electric pushes for expansion of LED batten segment: Orient Electric, being a renowned brand, has lately also launched an integrated campaign to promote the replacement of conventional tubelights with LED Battens and support the Indian LED lighting revolution.

Orient LED Batten Launched in India

Available Lengths 1ft, 2ft, 4ft
Available Capacity 5, 10, 18, 20, 22 Watts
Long Life More than 20000 Hrs
Every Saving More than 60%
Suitable for Home, School, Offices
Price 200 to 600 Rupees