Noisy Fan Getting to your Nerve? Beat the Heat with the Silent Orient Aeroquiet Fan!

With the departure of winters, all of us are ready and willing to welcome the approaching season of summers. As the hot summer days strike, we try to find relaxation in setups where there is sufficient cooling. Flawless inside temperature enhances the quality of life. Here arises the need of fitting the best ceiling fans for making your home more relaxed, particularly during midsummer. These ceiling fans are a standard fitting at homes, and it is so, for a good reason. These are enormously significant machines that can make your life easy, calm and comfy.

We all desire for relief and coziness in our lives and look down on any unease and discomfort. That is why, not anything beats the must-have cooling system that is unparalleled in our households. Here, I am talking about the ever-popular ceiling fans. They are not just an excellent means to circulate air but can also complement some flair and style to your apartment when picked wisely.

Are you fed up of looking at the same basic white ceiling? Or are you re-innovating your home? Well, if what you want is style, then ORIENT ceiling fans are a perfect choice. Why? It’s a simple reason. For those who are particularly cautious about their home décor, Orient has anything and everything to enhance the splendor of home. Read also Orient Electric LED Batten – An Ideal Replacement for Those Age-old Flickering Tubelights.

Orient proposes matchless products from an exclusive wide range!

Orient is quite a widely held brand that is not just popular for premium ceiling fans but for its extensive ranges of good-looking and economical home appliances as well. These appliances and fans are favored all over India for their exceptional design that has been developed with modern and up-to-date technology. Every single of them is made with premium artisanship and cutting-edge technology. In addition to being cost-effective and dropping your power bills, these fans array from masterworks to simple designs. Orient ceiling fans arrive in several shades and designs with everyone one having something different and exclusive to offer you.

When picking the kind of ceiling fan you’re seeking for your household, you must keep in mind more than a few kinds of stuff. With Orient fans, you can get inclusive assortments of styles and designs from which you can choose the one that fits your financial plan and home décor. You will discover some of the deluxe and trendy looking designs that you must have never seen before. These fans are not just trendy but have extra features that make them the TOP-CLASS choice in the market. You will perceive a number of high-end and low-end options that make it promising for you to taper down your exploration without trouble. So now, you can pick fans that are really cool and impeccably balance with your patio. Just get set to fetch the one to make your home tempting to family or guests.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the brand Ambassador Orient Aeroquiet

ORIENT AEROQUIET fan – the hottest yet coolest ceiling fan!!

Now, let us come to the matter of the moment, the ORIENT AEROQUIET fan. This is the hottest yet coolest ceiling fan. How? Read on to know! Orient Aeroquiet assures maximum airflow with blissful peace and quietness – just, what the name suggests. A leading product in the Aero Series of Orient fans, it sets innovative standards in the section owing to its exceptional performance and matchless design. With its cutting-edge design of aerodynamically profiled blade, the fan guarantees all-out airflow while confirming the noiseless operation. On top of, the 100% rust-free blade composed of high-quality glass filled compounded ABS ensures auxiliary forte to the blades. More than that, the robust 18-pole heavy motor makes it a smooth and silent fan with the help of its double ball bearing. Let us take a look at what makes it so special:

Sturdiest & Heaviest Motor: The durable 18-pole heavy motor of the Orient Aeroquiet comes with a double ball bearing that ensures smooth & quiet and charming operation of the fan. The integrated motor is potent that owns a speed of 310 RPM. Its double ball bearing structure diminishes friction that is caused during the blade rotation. Thus and so, the overall cost of maintenance is reduced.

A Super Silent Ceiling Fan in a Contemporary & minimalist design

The Orient Aeroquiet fan claims one of the best ceiling fan designs. Speaking of its styling, the Orient Aeroquiet ceiling fan is an utter champion when it comes to its first-class PU texture and gorgeous curvy profile. The upper and lower canopy with an integrated design, the spindle covers, as well as the attractive rim on top made of stainless steel adds a trace of elegance to its design.

Orient Aeroquiet has the powerful 18 Pole Motor with Double Ball Bearing

Super Silent Operation: Are you looking for a ceiling fan that runs smooth and quiet? If yes, then with the Orient Aeroquiet, you can attain this for all kinds of sound sensitive areas, including your bedroom or office.  The progressive aerodynamic profiled blade design promises extreme airflow in addition to maintaining a soundless operation. Double ball bearing makes it a charming and silent fan for Bedroom.  This fan, owing to its soundless operation, runs smooth and quiet, unlike other fans that are no more than an idiocy shoot. You can stay assured that this will be very quiet, thanks to a huge impact of its aerodynamic profiled blade design. The mere sound you would supposed to hear is the sound of the mild gentle wind it offers…not anything from the motor. So now, you can enjoy a peaceful nap along with some comforting moments in your bedroom, AEROQUIETLY!!!

Powerful Air Throw: The Orient Aeroquiet is really one of the best ceiling fans in India when considering its powerful air throw. With this, you can likewise access different speed that lets you regulate the airflow level according to your requirement and suitability.

Orient Aeroquiet Ceiling fan comes with Rust-free strong ABS blades

In conjunction with all other powerful features, the 100% corrosion free blade is composed of first-class glass filled compounded ABS. This enhances the overall strength of the fan blades.

Energy-Efficient: The Orient Aeroquiet is fairly energy efficient. It consumes merely 62 Watts of power while conveying the finest performance in absolute low voltage circumstances as well. Even during extended power failures, you can put your mind at ease as the fan is attuned with your inverter.

What Makes Orient Aeroquiet the Smartest choice? To cut the long story short, Orient Aeroquiet Ceiling fan efforts to address a major but a hidden necessity of a quiet fan with a grander air delivery along with exceptional and smooth aesthetics. The company, with this product, concentrates on presenting a seamless blend of invention, presentation, performance, and aesthetics.

The fan registers its success in all the footings of designing and styling. Owing to its curvy outline, impeccably integrated design and excellent quality PU finish this fan turns out to be a moniker of class and elegance. And yes, not to forget, an incorporated canopy design — top and bottom — in addition to the spindle cover as well as a decorative rim of stainless steel boosts its sophistication and style.

Orient Aeroquiet has the Aerodynamic Design

The Orient Aeroquiet ceiling fan, all in all, pledges to deliver maximum air flow with divine quiet and peace. You can call it an aerodynamic fan, owing to its blade that holds an aerodynamic design to certify a silent process on top of the all-out air throw. Absolutely incredible! In like manner, the 100% rust-free blades deliver bonus by setting highest strength standards. Taking together the durable 18-pole motor, you attain a brilliant, smooth, and quiet action. Taking everything into account, I highly recommend it. A really noiseless fan yet very potent!

Orient Electric : A service to have confidence in!

Orient owns a distinctive status in terms of delivering flawless electronic solutions. You can avail an inclusive range of electronic appliances together with concessions and paybacks. The company sells anything and everything associated to electrical solutions. By the same token, they propose the distinction of each and every product they sell. All told, they promise the delivery of a superior service experience.

Orient Aero Quiet Fans propose a limited warranty of 1-Year to guarantee greater dependability and stability. The warranty covers the flaws in manufacturing, and it does not comprise of the reparations happened due to the improper fitting by the consumer, damaging, or short circuits. Wholly, the warranty does not include external fittings as well.

Consumers would have to call the official Service Center of Orient Electric to request the arrival of a service engineer to the location to get the fan reviewed or fixed. You can get your grievances recorded with the local official service centers in case you encounter any problem associated with the operation of the fan. If you are not satisfied by the service of the service center, then you can contact the customer care support team.

Orient Customer Care Number 1800 103 7574; 079 – 4026 0260, 079 – 6777 8777, 011-40507000


Why trust the brand – ORIENT ELECTRIC?

Orient Electric is now recognizable as a household term in the Indian fan manufacturing business for around 60 years. This international company producing fan and electrical products are very viable in terms of rates, quality, and eminence. The nation’s oldest and leading producer of fans, Orient, serves all their consumer’s needs in accordance with their outlooks and prospects.

The Best ceiling fan brand Orient has acknowledged several respected honors, prestigious awards, and accolades for its perpetual commitment to producing excellent lifestyle electronic solutions. Each of these solutions is targeted to meet the best standards in the industry. To name a few, here, we are listing some of the prestigious awards, the company bags.

  • The prestigious ‘Business Superbrand’ status for 2016
  • The “National Energy and Conservation Awards 2016”
  • The “Asia's Greatest Brands 2016”
  • The prestigious ‘Icon of the Year 2015' award
  • The ‘National Record’ certification from Limca Book of Records
  • The “Star Performer” Award for many years by the Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC).
  • Rated as “Star Export House” by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India.

On the whole, Orient Electric has received the faith and conviction of billions of consumers by providing front-line lifestyle electronic appliances.

The Bottom Line! When I imagine about elegance or style in a ceiling fan, the first brand that strikes my mind is ORIENT. The corporation has produced ceiling fans, together with other domestic appliances for years. In fact, if you are on a lookout for a ceiling fan, you'd, beyond a shadow of a doubt, go for Orient. Reason? For the reason that they are well-known for their stylish fans that add a trace of elegance and class to your room.

Orient Aero Quiet is the best ceiling fan that balances your home décor and elegances and is undoubtedly going to suit your sense of taste. This fan is sure to add grace in addition to functionality. Using it is a brilliant choice to provide a trendy and tasteful spin to your house. There are several whys and wherefores and the solutions are simple. This brand’s new ceiling fan assures maximum airflow with fantastic quietness.

Orient Aeroquiet Super Silent Ceiling Fan Review and Specifications

On top of, this cool fan is a very inexpensive tool for your home décor. To sum up, when it is about adding some elegance to your room, this fan is somewhat low-priced than any other option to decorate your home.  It may perhaps be just a single tool, but it can acquaint with some grave flair and panache that is greatly perceptible within your room. So wait no more!! Choose a Premium Silent Fan for Bedroom that not just complements coziness and classiness to your home but also enhances value, as it is just so special! If you desire to spruce up your home décor or just add some better air circulation, the Orient Aeroquiet Fan is the smartest choice for you!!! Read also Switch to Energy Efficient Fans to Shrink Your Energy Bills.

The baby likes Silence more than a Lullaby. Orient Electric Aeroquiet- Very Silent, Very Powerful

Orient Aeroquiet Specs
Sweep 1200 mm
Power Consumption 62 Watt
Speed 310 RPM
Air Delivery 240 CMM
Key Feature Super Silent, Low Power Consumption, Elegant Design
Buy 4500 Rupees