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Onida Smart Convection Microwave Oven with Calories Meter

Onida 23 Liter Convection Microwave Oven Smart Chef MO23CWS11S

23-Liter Onida Convection Oven Smart Chef MO23CWS11S

In India, the leadership position of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese brands in kitchen appliances market is coming to end now as desi brands like Onida have started reinvesting themselves for today’s requirement. This article is all about an Onida convection Oven, which despite having lots of smart features and a huge capacity, is priced quite economically.

Priced at 9500 rupees, the Onida microwave Oven comes with 23 liters capacity; this makes it quite suitable for four to eight member families. Let us find out more about this unique kitchen appliance.

A Convection-type Microwave oven: Among all the three types of microwave oven, the convection-type is much smarter in cooking delicious food. In fact, the auto cook feature, which letting cook any complex recipe with lots of ease by following pre-defined steps, is only found on convection-type ovens. Furthermore, a convection oven can be used like a grill oven but a grill oven cannot be for donning feature of convection-type ovens.

Since we have now stabilized the fact that this Onida oven belongs to an elite class let us see what its top features are. And, with those, can we really say it is rightly priced at 9500 rupees.

This Onida Oven has an Inbuilt Weighing Machine

Just because of the inbuilt weighing scale – following any auto cook menu becomes a lot easier. Onida’s design engineers should be complemented for this concept. The first step of proceeding with an auto cook menu is to weigh all the ingredients listed then mixed them together accordingly. This is though not so tedious but not so easy as well.

The inbuilt weighing scale on this microwave oven, however, lets users free from these hassles. Collect all the needed ingredients in separate bowl and transfer into a big bowl inside the oven by measuring them one by one. If my cooking experience says correctly, this could save one-quarter of the total cooking time.

Calories Meter: This feature is another good reason why I am right in saying India’s desi brands now investing in things that are according to today’s need. The calories meter on this is a certification of that. We all read levels on packed food for finding calories. I think this is high time we start doing that in our home, too.

This is Onida’s signature feature as I haven’t seen it on any other Microwave ovens so far. Essentially, it evaluates recipe and gives a close to accurate calories number. This could help eater to decide what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat.

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Cook Variety of Indian Dishes using its 10 Power Levels

The Onida oven has an effective 10 power levels system. This provides lots of flexibility for users in setting the right power level according to the food cooking in. Further, it burns 1200W electricity in convection & grill mode. Its power output is 800W, though.

Installation and Demo: LG, although the most trusted consumer electronics brand in Bharat no longer provides free installation on most of its products. But Onida won’t disappoint you on this point. Post delivery call to Onida and request for a demo & installation service. This will indeed be helpful in a long run in terms of harnessing all the features of the product as well as knowing well the safety aspect.

Cooking Features: This Oven has some 123 auto cook menus, wherein 66 are only for cooking Indian foods. You will agree with me this is more than enough. Even if you cook one Indian food a day, it will take more than two months in repeating the first menu. This much variety is more than enough to have a life with lots of good Indian food. Have no doubt Indian food is the best in the world. The only condition is one should know how to cook well. It also comes with a feature to keep food warm; a much-needed feature for Indian homes.

Other Noted Features of this Convection Microwave Oven

For control management, there are some buttons and a feature touch panel for hassle-free cooking. It also comes with the deforest mode. Having a TIMER function is the first thing that makes a Kitchen appliance smart, so that is inbuilt on this, too. Although not see-through but has a designer door beside a turntable and stainless steel cavity on this Onida microwave oven.

Pro Features:-

  • Inbuilt weighing scale and Calories meter
  • Free demo and installation
  • Brilliant Design
  • Smart and user-friendly control panel
  • 66 Indian auto cook menu, keep warm, and 10 power level
  • Price is very accurate

Conclusion: Currently, we are working on an LG microwave oven review. The features of the LG oven are mind-blowing. In fact, the oven could do numbers of traditional Indian things like making Ghee. I have brought details of the LG microwave oven just to present a comparative point of view as where technology has reached now. But remember, LG isn’t going to sell that so cheap.

Coming to this Onida product, in a budget below 10000 rupees, at present, this is the best oven in terms of features. In fact, Onida is giving more but demanding less money for it. For Onida Smart Chef MO23CWS11S convection microwave oven, GS’s rating is a must buy.

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Price 9500 Rupees
Type Convection
Control Tact ( Button ), Feather Touch
Auto Cook Menu 123; ( 66 Indian Menu )
Power 800 W; 1200W in Convection & Grill mode, 10 Power Levels
Dimension 48.6×29.2×40.5 cm
Turntable Diameter : 27 cm
Feature Weigh & Cook; Calorie Meter; Keeps Warm; Express Cooking; Perfect Baking; Defrost; TIMER; Child Lock

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