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All in One Tool Kit under 2500 Rupees

ToolMax TCS01 43 Tools Review and SpecificationsToolMax TCS01 43 Tools Review and Specifications

Bosch All-in-One Metal 108 Piece Hand Tool Kit

Bosch being the pioneer and leader in the hand tools has strengthened its position with yet another excellent toolbox set recently. The product is an excellent collection of 108 multipurpose tools. In this article, I will examine these tools, and find out whether they together in a product should be priced 1900 rupees or not.

Built and Design

The product (model number 3.16514E+12) is listed under the hand tools. The set of 108 tools is more suitable for doing works related to service and repair of electronics items, furniture, etc.

The weight of the entire set is just 1.4 Kgs so, carry it around is much easier. Those have seen any Bosch toolbox before would know that how tough can be a Bosch toolbox case – certainly long lasting without scratch and damage.

All 108 tools are made by using a-grade material. Thus, they would remain effective many years. Bosch’s decade old expertise in making tool delivered the required precision when these tools are given their shape. Take an example of Bosch made pliers that keep hard jaws and will continue to be valuable if used accordingly for what it is designed to do.

Bosch is synonyms to quality and durability. We had run a review article series for hand use tools last years. The long research had given us the learning that Bosch has no match in the tool box market. Although we do not entirely believe that only one company should have a free run in market and that is why I have listed other branded tools set too which come with the same level of quality as Bosch delivers.Bosch All in One Metal 108 Piece Hand Tool Kit

What in the tool box?

The magic box has all such tools and accessories one may need during service and repair works related to anything but doable by hands. Whether one need tools for electricity service or plumber work or getting furniture back into shape, it has the necessary tools. In fact, there are some additional accessories too in the box, not exactly tools but needed during repair works. I am referring to electronic tape, tester, torch, Knife, and measuring tape in the box.

To open and close small screws, there are nine types of screwdriver bits. In addition, eight precision bits, too, is included for having coverage on most used nut screws shape & sizes. To take advantage of these bits, a Ratchet handle is given that has a flexible two-direction whirl design. It is a handy multifunctional handle tool that effectively uses 17 ergonomic precise bits in the box for opening or tightening screw & nut in sensitive electronics devices to hard furniture.

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I will include the list of all the 108 tools in its specifications sheet. I would like to point out though this Bosch toolbox got my attention because of its unique accessories. And, after having it examined from all sides, I decided to have its review here. Because of the additional accessories, this toolbox sets itself apart from many similar products available in the online market.

I cannot be wrong in saying that the Bosch all-in-one toolbox is the only set which comes, in fact complete. Having it electronic tape, voltage detector pen, L-shaped hex key, knife, torch, measuring tape, hand saw, and adjustable wrench and two pliers are proving my assessment. Very essential, neither heavy and nor light a perfect hammer too is included in the box.

Drilling in any wall is a Hercules task, and without the right tools, one might easily mess up with plaster and paint on it. Bosch offers a solution by this product. The all-in-one tool kit has a separate compartment with tiny tools for making measured holes. No longer you need to spend 100 to 200 rupees just for a hole on your bedroom wall.


  • Affordable
  • 108 multipurpose tools
  • Bosch quality
  • Lightweight

Final Verdict           

For home use, the Bosch toolbox is recommended. It features all such tools, which is needed in service and repair works. Whether you need tools to fix washbasin or ceiling fan, or desktop CPU, it has the tools for such requirements.

Price 2000 Rupees
Weight 1.4 Kgs
Tools count 108
Screwdriver Bit 9 (PH1, PH2, PH3, S6, S7, H5, H6, T15 & T20)
Hexagon Socket Wrench 6 (5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm)
Precision Bit 8 (PH00, PH000, T6, 5 Star 0.8 & 1.2 mm S1.2 & S1.5)
 Adapter 2
Ratchet Hand Screwdriver 1
Allen Keys 8
Masonry Drill Bits 3
S-plugs 30
Screws 30
Flat-nose Pliers 1
Combination Pliers 1
Tester 1
Hammer 1
Cutter 1
Measuring Tape 3 m 1
Insulation Tape 1
Torch 1
Wrench 1
Handsaw 1
Screw 3×30, 4 x 35 & 5 x 50
S Plug  5 x 30, 6 x 30, 8 x 35
Alley Key 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm
Buy Bosch 3.16514E+12 Tool Kit

ToolMax TCS01 Tool Kit

Not only Bosch, in fact, there are many other manufacturers too in the Indian market selling affordable and strong tools. Today, I have a product of this relatively lesser known brand ToolMax.

ToolMax TCS01 screwdriver set could be an alternative to the Bosch product. It is costlier (Rs. 2500) and has less number of tools in comparison of what Bosch is giving. But, when compared in quality, it is as superior as the quality of Bosch.

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Warranty commitment

While Bosch offers only six months of warranty, with ToolMax products, buyers are entitled to lifetime service warranty in the case of manufacturing defects. Buyers will have to take their ToolMax tools to nearest service center operated by the brand for getting them repaired. Damage due to improper use will not be covered under the warranty commitment.

Some total of the warranty commitment is – buyers are entitled to almost nothing after sales. Still, lifetime warranty has some benefits as it might work for some of the tools. For instance, in case hammer handle is separated then service warrant may help in getting that fixed.ToolMax TCS01 43 Tools Review and SpecificationsToolMax TCS01 43 Tools Review and Specifications

43 Tools in the box

Since I am not a technician and have no experience in using tools, I am evaluating the ToolMax product just in terms of count of tools. I do understand though there are many sizes of nut screw and to work with them, different kinds of tools are needed.

In its specifications box, I will share the list of 43 tools with their size. That will help those wants to have it for professional use.

As the product description says, it is more suitable for home use, in that case, the count of tools and their quality matters the most.

For professionals, in fact, I am not a right person to advise on how effect the tools might be in day-to-day uses. However, I can confirm though the 43 tools are strong, sturdy, and durable.

For regular users who want a set of good quality tools, the Bosch product discussed above might be a better choice because of 108 tools, much higher than 43 tools of this ToolMax product.

Final Thoughts

For professionals, besides quality, shape & size of tools matter greatly. Thus, carefully check details of both the products and then decide which is required. In terms of quality, both the products are branded tools, strong, and sturdy.

For home users, still I believe the collection of 108 tools from Bosch is a much better offer than this ToolMax tools kit. Although at the quality parameter both the products are doing well, but in terms of tools count inside the boxes and the price comparison of these two, Bosch tools kit is the preferable choice here.ToolMax TCS01 Combination Screwdriver Set

Price 2500 Rupees
Weight 2.8 Kgs
Total Tools 43
8 x Hex Keys with Holder 8 (6mm, 5.5mm, 5mm, 4mm, 3mm, 2.5mm, 2mm, 1.5mm)
10inch Claw Hammer 1
Bit Driver with wide Grip 1
Bits with Holder 8
Precision Screwdrivers 4
Large Screwdrivers 2
5.5 meters Adhesive Tape 1
Knife 1
Digital Tester 1
Hack Saw with Holder 1
Hardware Accessory Box 1 set
Large Pliers 2
9.5 feet Measuring Tape with Self-lock 1
Adjustable Wrench with cushion grip 1
Sockets 9 (5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm
Buy ToolMax TCS01
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