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All in One Food Processor with Powerful Motor for Modern Kitchens

Philips Food Processor HL1660 Review and Specifications

Multipurpose Philips Food Processor HL1660

With an old trusted international brand like Philips, your life has always got simpler and less time consuming!

Having a food processor is a ‘must’ these days. As it helps you with most of the things you cook in your kitchen in a much more advanced manner. It not only lessens the amount of time and effort you once had to put in your cooking but it also makes everything look much smoother as well as better. It is suitable for any and every person, may it be a homemaker living in a family of 7-8 people or some ‘busy with the office work’ individual.

Philips has been everyone’s since 125 years or more, now there is a reason of such inclination of its clients. It has barely let anyone down with its products which are only getting better with technology as time passes by! Assuring you value for the money you spend.

We’ll now know about the various features of this food processor here.

Flawless Chopping

Chopping off the food items is one of the integral focus parts of such mixers. This Philips product brings to you the PowerChop technology, which cuts and mixes your food items amazingly well in mere few seconds. It literally results in giving you the kind of batters you always envied on Master Chef!

Safe Plastic Safe You: That’s right; this Philips food processor has Food Grade plastic as its main body components. For those who don’t exactly know what this means, allow me to explain: Food Grade plastic is the one that is not at all harmful for you or your food unlike the other plastic categories are! In other words, it overcomes the fact that ‘plastic is not good for your health’ and gets it all safe. Also, the design of the overall product is well thought when it comes to safety.

Dishwasher Secure: If you do not do the dishes on your own or do not have house help to get it done for you and instead you got a dishwasher, you need not worry. Also, this product is perfectly safe for all the cleaning process in the dishwasher.

Less Space Occupancy: The sophisticated compact design of the food processor makes you use less space of your kitchen while it also serves the purpose in the most complete way. You then can remove all the substitutes you once used in place of this product that scattered away in your kitchen making it look more like a mess.

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Limited Control yet Awesome Food Processor

The speed setting won’t let you go on till a number 5 or even 4 but only 2. This might seem not so satisfactory to some people as most of the mixers and food processors have more range but those two-speed settings get your work done in the most professional way which doesn’t really leave any room for more. The first setting is majorly for batters like eggs or while making a cake whereas the second one is basically for chopping, slicing or grating vegetables.

Strong Base: The bottom of this food processor does not shake or move while you’re doing your mixing, unlike the other food processors. As a matter of fact, it stands stable even during the kneading process. Even its feet do not start to slip off during the processing.

Stainless Steel: Everyone’s favorite the ‘stainless steel’ is the material used to create the jars of this product. The major advantages of this category of steel are that it does not at all prone to stains unlike the common steel jars; it also has nil chances of getting affected by contamination, extremely easy to maintain and have a very durable life as well.

Demo Available: Oh yes the tutorial is available for this one but it might not be at your home but on your screen! That’s right; the demo for this product is there on YouTube for you to understand it fully before use. It shows you how you have to assemble the food processor and get going with its use.

Reliable Build Quality means No Leaking

Some of the mixers or juicers have a tiny amount of leakage taking place during the mixing is on. This is something that does not happen in this food processor. The jars are all well fitted and of good quality.

Pros Features:-

Saving Time: The powerful 700w motor combined with the power chop technology – getting the work done in seconds. The dough kneading which makes it all messy is completed in no time that too amazingly well!

Compact Layout: The design of the food processor is sturdy and takes way less space in your kitchen while it also cuts down the use of various substitutes which you once used in its place.

Variety of Jars: In this food processor, you have jars for every different job. May it be for juices, kneading dough or chopping – there is always a separate stainless steel jar which eases up the work for you. The jars are big so the quantity won’t be an issue ever.

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Short power cord: The power cord is not long enough has makes trouble in case you need to shift or drag the food processor to some distance which might be a small issue for some customers.

Not Much Variety of Blades: Less kind of blades make you have lesser creativity while doing your cutting of any kind of food item.

Moderately Noisy: If you get annoyed by even a little bit of the typical ‘mixer noise’ this one might not be for you. As it does not do the work and also stays silent. There are no loud sounds but it does have the common buzzing.

Ending thoughts

A Philips food processor with 2 years warranty, sturdy design, and compact layout seems a fine buy to me. As it completes all the requirements well! The price, on the other hand, is a tiny drawback especially for the customers with a certain amount of budget with them. One thing that has been positive in all the customer reviews is the chopping, which is absolutely perfect. Leaving no space for much of imperfection, the product shows value for money.

Price 6999 Rupees
Good for Making Paste, Chutney, Shakes, Smoothies, Slice and Shredder, Atta Kneading, Juice from soft and hard fruit, Onion & Vegetable chopping.  Purées batters, mixing cake batters, Grind Meat
Power 700 Watt; Five Star Energy rated
Speed Setting 2
Special Features Dishwasher Safe, Safety Lock, Pulse & Non-Slip Feet
Warranty 2 Years

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