One of these three digital cameras is suitable for your next vacation trip

We are halfway past June and I am sure many families will already be making some exciting plan for a summer trip. There cannot be anything more satisfying than a trip to a cool place like Shimla or Manali.

Everyone likes to capture important moments of his or her lives. Photographs give pleasure and happiness even when a moment is left far behind in past. Many say that images not only capture light, but they also stop time.

To capture a photograph, a person always depends on a camera, though buying a DSLR for just a trip is not the most money friendly option. Alternatively, you can go for a compact digital camera. In the last few years, manufacturers have flooded the digital camera market and some of these devices are really great at capturing images.

To make the purchase decision easy for people, we have done a review on the three most popular digital cameras out there.

☼ Nikon S9900 Digital Camera

The first device I am going to review in this article is the Nikon Coolpix S9900. It is a compact ultra-zoom camera priced at 14,500 rupees. This price tag makes the Nikon shooter one of the cheapest options available in the Indian market.

Decent Build Quality: Even at this price point, Nikon was able to use quality materials for making the camera body. A rubberized grip makes it much easy for the user to hold this device. The whole setup is slightly heavy, which is not a bad thing. While shooting images, more weight actually helps in stabilizing the hands.

Although it is not the most compact point-and-shoot camera, still you will not have to use a dedicated carrying bag for it while traveling. The camera body perfectly fits in the hand of any size. User-friendly placement of buttons helps a lot during the usage.

Articulating Display: In my opinion, the USP of the Nikon camera is its 3-inch articulating LCD display panel. One can flip and rotate it up to 180-degrees. This functionality will certainly attract people, who do video blogging. In addition, High pixel count (921,000 dots to be exact) enhances graphics and enables the user to capture accurate shots.

Nikon Coolpix S9900 Review Specifications Price Online

The Nikon Coolpix S9900 sports a small 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor that shoots at 16 megapixels. Still, it captures great images. A fixed-mount lens on the back is capable of zooming up to 30 times.

Powerful processor and ultra-sensitive sensor help in preserving the smallest details of a scene. The auto-focus system of this camera has also impressed me. In fact, it focuses on the object within a few moments at all zoom levels. Color reproduction is remarkable, though the software processing over-sharpens the shadows. Full HD video recording is available with 30 fps and 25 fps options.

This Nikon device greatly suffers in low lighting conditions. Its maximum ISO level is limited to 1600 (normal mode). Another disappointing thing is the Coolpix S9900 fails to capture long exposure shots. If doing astro-photography is your thing, then this device may not be the best solution.

Nikon has equipped this device with all the connectivity features an amateur photographer will ever need. On the right side, one can find a micro USB and a micro HDMI port. Inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity lets the users transfer captured images to a laptop or a desktop without a physical connection. This camera also features an NFC chip for a fast pairing of smartphones and tablets. It also tags the images with their exact shooting location using an onboard GPS system.


  • High-speed burst mode (up to 7 frames per second)
  • Full HD video recording
  • Swiveling display
  • Decent battery life
  • Shoots quality images
  • Good build
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Great zoom level

Verdict: Only a handful of point-and-shoot cameras offer swiveling display and the Nikon Coolpix S9900 is one of them. Customers can easily record selfie videos during a trip with it. This camera generates stunning images and appreciable videos.

Price 15000 Rupees
Sensor 1/2.3 inch CMOS Sensor, 16 MP
ISO 125-1600
Burst Mode Up To 7 Frames Per Second
Lens 30x optical zoom
Still Formats JPEG
Display 3 inch
Storage SD Card Slot
Connectivity Wi-Fi, HDMI, And USB
Video Features Full HD At 30 FPS
Battery 1x EN-EL12
Weight 289 grams


☼ Canon SX710 Point & Shoot Digital Camera

Over the last few years, point-and-shoot cameras have improved greatly. In order to maximize profits, manufacturers are offering DSLR-like controls on these compact devices. One such example of my claim is the Canon Powershot SX710 HS Digital Camera.

At just 17,000 rupees, it offers those features that are generally found on premium level cameras only. Many experts regard this device as the best point-and-shoot camera for travelers.

Ultra Fast Processor: At the heart of the Powershot SX710 HS is Canon’s DIGIC 6 processor, which is really fast. Canon has used this processor on many full frame DSLR cameras. It processes information within no time and clears the buffer before anyone notices. As a result, users can take six images per second in the continuous shooting mode.

The Canon camera shoots mind-blowing images with its 20.3 MP sensor. The size of this sensor is a little less at 1/2.3-inches. Built-in lens-shift image stabilization works pretty well and successfully eliminates shaky movements. Its lens has a focal length range of 25 – 750 mm (35mm equivalent) and zooming capability of up to 30 times.

A special feature called Focal Reframe assists a lot in video recording. It allows the users to define a path for camera movement when the object is zoomed in. Slow motion recording at 60 frames per second in full HD resolution is an appreciable feature considering the price point.

Canon Powershot SX710 HS Review Specifications Price Online

Canon has discovered a unique design language for this efficient camera. A flat grip will fool users: they might think that it will be uncomfortable to hold but that is not the real case. To balance Powershot SX710 HS in hand, you will have to place middle finger around the grip in the vertical direction while resting the thumb on the left side of the control dial. The control dial itself is on the rear (other manufacturers feature control dial on the top).

Build quality of this device is not as good as of the Nikon Coolpix S9900. Customers, therefore, will have to be extra careful while handling it.

Central position of the tripod mount stops the battery flap from opening. Thus, in a case of low battery situation, users can change the battery only after removing the tripod (if used).

As I mentioned in the introduction also, the Canon camera comes with many DSLR-like features. The most important of all is the Manual Mode using which you can control ISO, Shutter Speed as well as Aperture.

The camera lens can focus at the objects located just one centimeter away. This ability makes it great for capturing macro shots. Other features worth mentioning are face detection, self-timer, and auto focus tracking.


  • Battery lasts for 230 shots
  • Adapter is supported
  • Bright and vibrant display with 922,000 dots
  • DIGIC 6 processor enhances image quality
  • Slow motion video recording
  • Stereo microphones

Conclusion: The Canon Powershot SX710 HS is a great device for those who want DSLR-like controls at an affordable price. You will be able to enhance the quality of images by capturing them in manual mode. It is also good for recording slow motion videos.

Price 17000 Rupees
Sensor 1/2.3 inch CMOS Sensor, 20.3 MP
ISO 80-3200
Burst Mode Up To 6 Frames Per Second
Lens 30x optical zoom
Still Formats JPEG
Display 3 inch
Storage SD Card Slot
Connectivity Wi-Fi, HDMI, And USB
Video Features Full HD At 60 FPS
Battery 1x NB-6LH
Weight 269 grams


☼ Sony WX350 Digital Camera

A compact camera is of no use if it cannot fit in the pocket of skinny jeans. Many reviewers consider the size of point-and-shoot cameras as one of the most important attributes.

The two cameras we have discussed in the preceding sections are good on the specification front but do not impress much when it comes to compactness. It looks like both Nikon and Canon are overlooking the greatest need of people i.e. portability.

Sony is growing at a much fast rate in the camera market. It has already secured a highly reputable place in the minds of photographers. One of the many reasons behinds its fast success is the approach this brand adopts. Sony always tries to focus on what people need.

The Cybershot DSC-WX350 is a widely appreciated compact camera. It feels more like the Sony RX100 (which is an amazing camera of the premium segment). As of now, one can purchase it for an amount of 17,000 rupees and yes, it is a super-compact device.

Pocket-Friendly Design: The Sony WX350 is so compact that you will be able to carry it inside the pocket of a trouser. Its construction is of high quality. The plastic body will last for years to come. Curved edges and glossy finish provide a great appeal to the whole setup.

On the front of this camera is a 3-inch tri-luminous display. It sports 460,800 dots and generates perfect colors. Viewing angles are also wide. I would like to point out though this display does not offer any kind of articulation.

Sony Cybershot DSC WX350 Review Specifications Price Online

Small Sensor, High Pixel Count: Sony has featured an 18.2 MP sensor measuring 1/2.3-inches diagonally on this camera. Images turn out to be detailed and natural. Its “G” lens offers 20x zoom and focuses on the subject quickly.

Moreover, low light performance of this camera will certainly impress many customers. A wide ISO range of 80-3200 enables it to capture a good amount of lights in all conditions. Full HD recording is possible but only in AVCHD format as MP4 movies are limited to 1440 X 1080 pixels. Its continuous shooting feature, however, is impressive offers speed of up to 10 frames per second.


  • Colorful display panel
  • Ultra-compact outer shell
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Pleasing looks
  • Solid build

Final Thoughts: I must say, Sony has produced a remarkably compact camera. However, its usage is limited. I cannot recommend it to people critical of image quality.

Price 17000 Rupees
Sensor 1/2.3 inch CMOS Sensor, 18.2 MP
ISO 80-3200
Burst Mode Up To 10 Frames Per Second
Lens 20x optical zoom
Still Formats JPEG
Display 3 inch
Storage SD Card Slot
Connectivity Wi-Fi, HDMI, And USB
Video Features Full HD At 50P
Battery 1x NP-BX1
Weight 136 grams