Xiaomi is expanding its reach from being just a smartphone brand into some of most lucrative segments as well – like the air purifier business. GS already has an air purifier review article that includes the best-selling products of Moonbow and Honeywell: Best Air Purifier in India below 30000 Rupees.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Swachh Bharat Mission for making our streets garbage free. However, this is not enough. This is just an initial step for making public places contamination free. The Swachh Bharat mission will take at least a decade more to consider polluted water & air as part of its initiative?

In last few years, polluted water though has been on priority of those live in metro cities. And, the surge in demand for reliable water purifier has shaped a big market.  Kent, Aqua Guard, Pureit, HUL are some leading water purifier brand offers economical efficient products.

So as we are prioritizing cleanliness in public places and purity in water, this is time to pay attention to an invisible threat, too – yes, polluted air. Experts say pulled air is much more harmful than polluted water. The kind of diseases might develop because of breathing contaminated air is incurable. For instance, is there any treatment for Asthma and lung cancer?

Xiaomi entry into Air Purifier market: The brand Xiaomi has huge presence in Asian market with a significant market share in Chinese and Indian markets. That provides Xiaomi a great advantage in terms of planning and developing products for potentially 2.5 billion consumers. Time and again it has been proven that Xiaomi understood pulse for budget market. And, so it has been unchallenged there with its innovative, efficient, economical, and durable products thus far.

The launch of an air purifier is seen as Xiaomi’s desire to capitalized in those areas which are still unguarded by big players. When Xiaomi could make mark in heavily volatile smartphone market why not it should jump into air purifier business, which is, by the way, waiting for aggressive trusted brands. Coming to the Mi purifier, this efficient machine has been designed by a company operationally part of the Xiaomi ecosystem.

Types of Air Pollution: Much like water pollution, air pollution, too, has many sources. Essentially air in our home and surroundings are contaminated because of industrial smoke, garbage on street, traffic on dusty road, and endless construction activity.

In Delhi, air pollution is because of huge construction activity, burning factory, heavy trucks, and illegally burning crop root in farm lands in neighboring states. However, in my city Chennai, civic apathy in cleaning garbage from streets is the main reason of contaminated air.

People staying on the outskirts of city generally believe – they are at a safe distance from the polluted air zone. Actually, this is an illusion they believe in. Whether you live in main areas of a metro city or on outskirts – is irrelevant. If the city air is polluted, it is matter of a great concern for all including the population in neighboring cities. Air in your area appear to be clean but has hidden layers of contamination – sufficient for causing a savior health concern essentially starting with breathing allergy leading to asthma and cancer.

Recently my relative from Siliguri (a mountain city) came to Chennai to see a doctor in Apollo for their son’s asthma treatment. He developed the decrease in last few years after they move to a new locality where construction activities have been in full swing. Therefore, be vigilant – not only for visible pollution but invisible pollution as well.

Buying an air purifier is certainly a big step forward. By the way, drinking purified water all the time is possible but breaching only purified air is impossible, practically. Still having an air purifier in your home will be a great relief.

Air Purifier market: In India, the first set of air purifier buyers would come from metro cities, starting from Delhi. Currently, Air purifier demand is too small to shape a market where big players compete with each other with new innovative products based on government’s guideline.

Before Xiaomi, there are only two to three brands active in the Indian air purifier market. And because of costly products they have been presenting, they failed in even getting noticed by potential buyers – comes from middle-class background essentially. Indian purifier market today demands efficient economical product. Xiaomi’s entry has to be seen in that direction.

Mi Air Purifier 2 Review in India

This is, in fact, first time I heard about Xiaomi’s air purifier so decided to present you a comprehensive review of it. By the way, when Xiaomi had launched the first generation of this is a mystery.

Priced economically at 10000 Rupees, the Xiaomi air purifier has a lot to offer. It, however, requires further enhancement to be suitable and effective in Indian conditions. Xiaomi’s decision of a minimal design pays off. It will easily blend with the color and decoration in the room you decide to install.

One of the big reasons why Xiaomi has been very successful in making products popular is they are designed to ensure utmost user’s convenience. Installing an air purifier requires effort. However, Mi air purifier is super easy to installation. All you need to do is plug it into a power socket and press the single button. While choosing a secure place for its installation, ensure to keep some distance between walls around and the device.

Xiaomi provides “Mi Home App” available on play store and iOS store – for managing the device. The specification sheet says maximum noise is 30 dB. In quiet rural areas, you hear the same amount of noise. Based on specifications the Xiaomi air purifier operationally appears not so noisy. But here is a catch. In a closed flat, a device constantly making close to 30 dB sound could be irritating to those have a habit to relax in pin drop silence. In fact, during hands-on, I felt so. I think there is further enhancement required for reducing noise. See, I am very sensitive to sound so my experience cannot be a benchmark at least for this efficient air purifier. Although it is quite silent, in fact, less noisy compare to other air purifiers in market.

Build Design and Performance of this Xiaomi Air Purifier

The cylindrical air filter of Mi air purifier offers higher surface area than usually seen the rectangular air filter known for better efficiency. There are two fans blowing pure air from the top of the unit. This is indeed a smart and better placement of fans for a great coverage. Xiaomi claims within 10 minutes, the purifier will able to purify air in a room.

Xiaomi made this gadget compact in size but that hasn’t impacted its performance. This proves from its ability to produce pure air 310 cubic meters per hours. And, according to manufacturer, with the CADR value, it is well-suitable for up to 400 sq feet size of room.

Xiaomi’s app handles its smart features. And, the app is designed in such a way that it might be a central control point for all smart gadgets from the brand in future. Connecting through Wi-Fi, the app shows running status of the Mi air purifier in your home. The app also provides you real-time data for PM2.5 level of pollution, humidity in air, and temperature. One app will work for all the purifier units in your home. In addition, you can rename the purifier devices for setting them uniquely.

Mi Air Purifier Pressure System

You need to replace air filter once in seven to eight months. And, the cost of air filter is 2500 Rupees. Here Mi Home app will come handy and will notify as when you need to replace air filter.

I like the notion behind the device that is – purifying the air in a room but without being noticed enough. There is only a single LED indication – not quite visible, though – shows the mode the device is running in. All other features maneuver is limited within the app user interface.

Pro Features of this Budget Air Purifier

  • Pretty much silent operation
  • Beautiful Compact design
  • Efficient working
  • Affordable
  • Apps based control
  • Low power consumption

Xiaomi has got everything right with this air purifier. It looks compact and is priced economically. In fact, it is the cheapest air purifier in market today. In auto mode, operationally it is quiet and efficient. Mi’s App, too, is very handy and user-friendly.

Purifier technology being used with this Mi air purifier and other similar products in market requires further enhancement. If you are in an urgent need of an air purifier, this is the best option at present. Efficiency and quiet operation is the key of Mi Purifier 2. Nearest air purifier you could buy without compromising efficiency is from Honeywell and Moonbow. However, their products are not cheaper.

Price 10000 Rupees
Performance 310 m3/h
Air quality sensor PM2.5
Other Sensor Temperature and Humidity
Power consumption 1.5W to 31 watt
Weight 4.8 Kg