What is a nebulizer? There are four primary ways to ingest medicine: with water, air, rubbing on the skin, and directly injecting into the body. Patients with asthma, different types of breathing allergies, and other respiratory disorders must take medicine with air. Taking medicine with air is possible with a Nebulizer System. It is designed to deliver medication prescribed by a physician to the lungs' airways. The nebulizer and air compressor combined provide an aerosol mist for inhalation by the patient for medical treatment only.

Which is the most effective nebulizer in the Indian market? Here, you will find the best-selling nebulizers between 1000 and 5000 rupees. Nebulizers recommended in this article are among the best on the market as a result of their high-quality construction and superior performance.

☼ OTICA ONEB-9 Nebulizer for Hospital

The Otica Nebulizer is an ideal nebulizer for hospital use, thanks to its durable components and reliable performance. The motor in this Nebulizer machine has 100% copper winding. Therefore, it is built to withstand frequent and heavy use, providing consistent and efficient nebulization therapy for patients. Otica brand provides up to 18 months warranty for the product.

The hospital nebulizer comes with two types of masks, a Child Mask and an Adult Mask, to cater to patients of all ages. Additionally, it includes five air filters to ensure hygienic and high-quality medicine delivery.

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The Otica ONEB-9 Nebulizer is designed with patient comfort in mind, with anti-vibration technology and quiet operation. It is easy to use and compact, making it suitable for both inpatient and outpatient care settings.

The reliability, durability, and advanced technology of the Otica ONEB-9 Nebulizer make it a trusted choice for healthcare professionals in hospitals and clinics worldwide.

Price ₹1149 → Amazon
Features Designed for Hospital | Pure Copper Motor | Heavy Duty Level | Made in India | Warranty: 18 Months


☼ Agaro NB22 Nebulizer

Agaro is one of the fastest-growing brands in the Indian market for home use, kitchen use, and health-related products. Agaro products are cheaper yet better than their competing products in terms of build quality and performance.

Agaro Nebulizer NB21 is one of the best-selling nebulizers for under 2000 Rupees. Recently Agaro brand launched its successor the model NB22. This newest model has an improved design and better performance than its predecessor.

  वेट ग्राइंडर: ₹1000 - ₹5000

The build and design of the Agaro NB22 nebulizer are very impressive. So is its performance. I cannot believe its market price is just 1300 Rupees.

This Agaro nebulizer machine provides reliable aerosol delivery with ultra-fine particles. This way happens better utilization of the medicine in the medication cup. That eventually leads to a faster cure of Asthma or any other inflammatory disease of the airways to the lungs.

Before you decide to buy Agaro NB22 Nebulizer, check its unboxing video and see for yourself whether this nebulizer is useful and worthy of your requirement or not.

Price 1300 Rupees
Features Low Machine Sound | Reliable Aerosol Delivery | Ultra-Fine Particles | 12-months Warranty
Specs Working Compressor Pressure: >10 PSI. Max ≥ 40 PSI | Compressor Free Airflow: ≥ 8L/minute | Medication Capacity: 6ML | Average Nebulization Rate: 0.2ML/min | Particular Size Rate: 0.5 ~ 8 µM
Build Angled-Mouthpiece | Dimensions: 17.5×8×19 CM | Weight: 1-Kg
Sales box Nebulizer System | Air Tube | Mask for Child | Mask for Adult | Nebulizing Cup | Mouthpiece | 5 Air filters | User Manual with Warranty Card

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