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Multipurpose LG Microwave Oven Below 17500 Rupees

LG MC 2883 SMP 28L Convection Microwave Oven Price Online in India

28 Liters LG MC 2884 SMB Convection Microwave Oven

With the capacity of 28 liters and some innovative features, this LG Convention oven is ideal for a medium-sized family has four to six members. It's inside features stainless steel cavity, which ensures food heats uniformly. In addition, opposite to the most Microwave Oven available in Indian market because of stainless steel cavity it earns high rating at durability front. It also comes with an attractive design, which enhances the aesthetic appeal of your decorated modern kitchen. Read also 4 Latest Best Microwave Ovens for Cooking Tandoori Dishes.

Specifications: Convection cooking, 28 liters capacity, Tact buttons control, 9000 watts power output, Black floral color, Stainless steel cavity, 5 power levels

LG MC 2884 SMB 28L Convection Microwave Oven Review Specifications Price Online in India

Some Key features of this LG Microwave Oven

  • Power convection cooking: The LG MC 2884 SMB is a convection microwave equipped with four heaters that are strategically placed inside, allowing for deeper penetration of heat into the food. Also, because of this feature all kinds of food are cooked evenly.
  • Auto Cook Menu: The microwave comes with 101 Indian “Auto Cook Menu” feature that ensures easier and faster cooking. The final ready food would be as tastier as 5-star dishes. The process of “Auto cook Manu” is very simply. Mix ingredients and place inside the oven and select the required function on the “Auto Cook Menu” to start cooking.
  • Diet Fry: With the “Diet Fry” feature, you can now cook delicious Samosa, Pakora, and other snacks without using too much oil. Just because of this Airfryer cooking concept, you can enjoy delicious yet healthy meals.
  • Child Lock: The LG oven is equipped with a “Child Lock” feature that allows the user to lock the controls. This prevents kid from tempering with it. This is a great feature, if the oven to be used in a home has naughty kids.
  • Cooking completion alarm: My favorite feature of this Oven is the process completion alarm. Simply leave food to cook unsupervised in this LG oven without worrying about burning in your absence. Because of cooking completion alarm feature, the user has the option to set a timer for the amount of time it takes to cook the food. And, the microwave alerts and auto off once the process is completed.

Check Pros and Cons of this 32 Inch Convection Oven

  • Attractive design: The LG microwave 2884 comes with an attractive black color on the outer body, and enticing floral pattern on the door. This eye – catcher design greatly enhances the appearance of a modular kitchen.
  • Durable: A durable high duty microwave oven with LG trust comes with a 1-year product service warranty from the brand.
  • Easy to use: Just because of several convenience features such as “Auto Cook Menu” and “Net Step Guide”, your homemaker would find this oven easier in use.
  • Performance is outstanding: With four heaters, four different cooking modes, an Intellowave technology, the LG microwave offers an outstanding cooking performance, allowing you to prepare food in just a few minutes.
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Cons: The Child Lock feature resets when the microwave powers off

Verdict: The LG MC 2884 SMB microwave is a great Kitchen gadget to have. It has a nice aesthetic appeal, which adds class and beauty to a modern kitchen. It also delivers a great value, and you can rely on it to serve you for a long time.

Power 900W to 1950W
Technology Intellowave
Auto Cook Menu 151, 101 Indian Menu
Cooking Mode Combination, Solo, Convection, and Grill
Capacity 28 Litre
Control Tact ( Buttons)
Steam Cook YES
Power Levels 5
Features Child Lock, Energy Saving
Buy 17500 Rupees


LG 28L Convection Microwave Oven MC 2883 SMP

This is a convection microwave oven with a capacity of 28-litre and new cooking technology from the Korean brand LG. Basically, it is a 4-in-1 multi-functional microwave oven with convection, solo, grill and combination cooking modes. The brand offers one year of service warranty wherein LG service technician will visit the customer’s home.

The Oven features a stainless steel cavity, which increases reflection, ensuring that food heats uniformly. The stainless steel cavity also increases durability that does not peel off easily as is the case with any coated microwaves. Read also Onida Smart Convection Microwave Oven with Calories Meter.

Specifications: Convection cooking, 28-liter capacity, Tact dial control, Auto Cook Menu, 900 watts power output

LG MC 2883 SMP 28L Convection Microwave Oven Price Online in India
Main Features of this LG 28 Liter Microwave Oven

  • Auto Cook Menu: The LG 2882 SMPL microwave oven comes with an Auto Cook Menu feature, which allows you to effortlessly cook your food. Mix all ingredients, place inside the microwave and then select the corresponding setting on the Auto Cook Menu to start cooking.
  • Multifunctional cooking: With four cooking modes – convection, grill, solo and combination – you can now prepare all your favorite dishes with better results like a 5-star hotel dish. In spite of multifunctional cooking features, its compact size helps save space in the kitchen.
  • Diet Fry: The LG 2883 SMP microwave oven comes with a Diet Fry feature, which allows you to cook prepare healthy snacks with minimal oil while maintaining their delicious taste. This is a great feature if you are a health-conscious person. You can indulge in fried foods without worrying about gaining weight or any other health consequence.
  • Child Lock: It is designed with a child lock feature, which prevents young kids from messing with the temperature settings and other microwave controls. This is a great safety feature, and you can leave your food cooking in the microwave, without worrying about safety issues if you have kids.
  • Next Step Guide: It comes with a Next Step Guide, which guides you through the various operations of the microwave through a displayed text.
  • Pasteurized Milk: With the LG 2883 microwave, you can heat milk in a more hygienic process while preserving all the nutrients. The microwave is fitted with Pasteurized Milk technology, which allows you to boil milk in a more convenient way – you do not need to supervise the boiling to avoid spilling.
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Before you decide to Purchase Check Pros and Cons of this LG Multipurpose Oven

  • Easy to use: The LG microwave comes with several convenience features, for example – Next Step Guide and Auto Cook Menu, which ensures you enjoy an easy time when preparing your food.
  • Amazing performance: It features Intellowave technology, which speeds up the cooking process and ensures your food is evenly cooked. It also comes with four different cooking modes and an adjustable power level feature for a more flexible cooking process.
  • Safety features: The microwave is designed with a child lock feature, which makes impossible for children to tamper while cooking on. This greatly minimizes any risks of accidents occurring.
  • Very durable: It comes with a stainless steel cavity, which does not peel off easily, thus increasing the durability. It also comes with a 1-year brand warranty from LG.
  • Energy efficient: The microwave has a power output of 900 watts. The power consumption for grilling mode is 1200 watts while that of combination and convention modes is 1950 watts


  • When boiling milk, there is a risk of spilling if you use more than 1-liter
  • Cooking settings are lost in case of a blackout

LG MC 2883 SMP 28L Convection Microwave Oven Review and Specifications

Verdict: Overall, the LG MC 2883 SMP microwave is a great kitchen appliance to have. It offers a great performance, it is easy to use, and it comes with nice convenience features. It also comes as a complete package, which eliminates the need of buying additional accessories. Lastly, it is a durable product, which will offer you great service for a long time.

Power 900W to 1950W
Racks & Trays High Rack, Low Rack, Motorised Rotisserie
Technology Intellowave
Auto Cook Menu 151, 101 Indian Menu
Cooking Mode Combination, Solo, Convection, and Grill
Capacity 28 Litre
Control Tact ( Buttons )
Steam Cook YES
Power Levels Five
Features Child Lock, Energy Saving, Cooking indicator
Buy 14500 Rupees

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