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Multipurpose Latest Philips DivX DVD Player below 5000 Rupees

Philips DVP3886X/94 DVD Player

Although DVD players are getting phased out by time, manufacturers are still optimistic that if they produce advanced players with more sophisticated utilities, they might save this dying line of electronics. Nowadays, people use pen drives and flash disks to store their movies, music, and photos. These drives are not only small and light in weight, but also can hold way more data than a typical DVD disc. To keep pace, TV manufacturers are producing televisions with USB ports from which the pen drives can be attached to so as to play videos from it. Consequently, this trend has put DVD players out of business and the only rational DVD player model is one which can read USB drives.

All the same, there are still some DVD players that are worth buying, owing to their practicability. The Philips DVP3886X DVD Player is one such player. Although Philips has discontinued the production of most of its DVD players, the DVP3886X player is not close to meeting its death, since it’s still a favorite to many. Apart from featuring a functional HDMI 1080p upscaling capability, this DVD player can also convert audio and video files from CD’s as they play, to MP3 files and later copy them to Flash drives (Flash drives are mounted on the player’s USB port). Here are the likable features of this product.

Features of the Philips DVP3886X DVD Player

Wide variety of Files supported plus Pro-Reader capabilities: The DVP3886X/94 supports a huge range of video, audio and photograph formats and will play them seamlessly. Among the many supported files are VCD, DVD, DVD+ – R /RW, MP3 JPEG, WMA, and DivX. You also get a Pro-Reader enhancement on this player, which allows you to have a faultless playback on almost all disc types. With this enhancement, you can play scratched and blotched discs without any hold ups. This is because Pro-Reader technology automatically converts the weak or damaged Analog signals to strong digital ones, thus drawing information from damaged discs.

Excellent video output qualities: This DVD player gives you a whole new range of options when it comes to your presentations or movie sessions. With its 12bit (108MHz) D/A converter and Video Upscaling capabilities, you are assured that the sound plus display remain as clear as they could ever be. This is regardless of the fact whether you are watching the video on a projector or on an analog TV. This product is able to display high definition videos including 720p, 1080i and 1080p videos. It supports upscaling through its HDMI port for the three resolutions, (namely 720p, 1080i, and 1080p.)

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USB Media link capability

This DVD can play all your supported files stored in your phone or thumb drive, via its USB port. Moreover, this gadget is made in such a way that it supports conversion of files to MP3. The converted files can be readily copied to your external device via the USB port. This means that you really don’t need a computer for copying files to your external drives with this product. Moreover, this process is not that much of a hustle since the menus are intuitive and straightforward.

Convenience utilities: Unlike most players in its class, the DVP3886X/94 DVD player is thoroughly equipped with some convenience options. These options come in handy, especially when making a video presentation. Actually, this is one of the few DVD players that can perfectly fit for a conference presentation, even without a laptop. For one, it allows for video enhancements such as rotate, zoom and flip. It can also be set to support slideshows with MP3 background playback. The JPEG compressed image support also means that you can actually present a good slideshow without any troubles.

Philips DVP3886X DVD Player Review and Specifications

Easylink supported remote control: I like the fact that this DVD player comes with an EasyLink supported remote controller. This remote control allows you to control and operate all plugged in HDMI CEC equipment at the same time. So after connecting this DVD to multiple HDMI-CEC equipment, you can easily make commands such as “Play”, “Pause” or “Standby” for all the connected gadgets using just this one remote.

Audio Surround support

The 5.1 channel that is configured on this device’s audio output system allows the user to enjoy a full-time audio surround. Of course, this sounds much better when the DVD player is plugged into an amplifier or any stereo system. Philips fitted a Dolby Digital sound system on this DVD player, which is among the best sound systems for DVD players in the market. The “90” signal to noise ratio rating and 80 dB distortion score means that there is very little audio distortion. With a good external sound system or home theatre, you are assured that things will just be ultra-clear.

Power economy: This DVD player is highly efficient with power consumption, as it only needs an operational wattage of 10 W. It needs a supply of 230 Volts with a minimum frequency of 50 Hz. This is a very low consumption rate and won’t injure your electricity bills at all. The standby power consumption score is 0.5 W, so even if you forget switching it off for a week, this won’t reflect any difference on your power bills.

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Warranty and Pricing

This product comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer and is priced at 3899 Rupees. From my opinion, this is not a bad price, especially considering that other DVD models from competitors (with the same specs) could be way above 4000 rupees.

Final Verdict: Judging from all the features described in this piece, I think the DVP3886X is a must have component in your home. It’s advanced HDMI support and Easylink capabilities are a people pleaser, not to mention an out of the box light weight design. This DVD player is a great one, I would strongly advise you to buy it instead of other Sony players.

Price 5000 Rupees
Brand Philips
Device Type DVD Player
Model DVP3886X/94
Speaker surround-sound channel configuration 5.1 channel
Weight 998 grams
Dimensions 20.9 x 36 x 3.9 cm
HDMI Support Yes
Media Load type Tray
Supported File formats VCD, DVD, DVD+ – R /RW, MP3 JPEG, WMA and DivX
Audio System Dolby  Digital

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