How to connect a multimedia speaker to mobile? Nowadays, all the multimedia speaker systems come with Bluetooth connectivity and support wireless music streaming. So, you can connect your smartphone with a multimedia speaker system through Bluetooth besides wired option, and listen to your personal songs collection in the loud & clear punch sound.

Here you read about best multimedia speaker system from 4000 to 5000 Rupees price range. The suggested speaker systems are the product of noted speaker brands in India market.

Which one do you select if there are two branded speaker systems with similar features at the same price point? Confused? Even if you have to adjust your budget, you should always prefer buying a speaker system of a professional speaker brand. A few examples of professional speaker brand are JBL, Blaupunkt, F&D, and others.

► 50W JBL Infinity Hardrock 210 Multimedia Speaker

Infinity is a sister brand of JBL. JBL and Infinity, both the brands are owned by Harman, the American speaker brand with a global footprint. Since Infinity is associated with JBL, we can trust its speaker systems for impressive high-quality sound.

50W JBL Infinity Hardrock 210 Multimedia Speaker System

Infinity Hardrock 210 is the very latest multimedia speaker system in India market. Its impeccable sound performance has made it to the group of speakers, which are currently the best-selling multimedia Bluetooth speakers under 5000 Rupees. Although the gross audio output of its 2.1-Channel speaker system is 50W, the peak audio could be as high as 100W. Yes, that loud it is.

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Indeed, this JBL Infinity speaker system generates loud and clear sounds with heavy deep bass. Heart Thumping Bass by its subwoofer will greatly impress you for sure. I can say that with surety because its subwoofer speaker is locked in a big size wooden cabinet. So the bass sound of this multimedia Bluetooth speaker is not just hard and deep, but also very natural thanks to the wooden cabinet.

100W Multimedia Speakers under 5000 Rupees {हिंदी में} | #JBL Infinity Hardrock 210

Price 4990 Rupees
Features Peak Audio Output → 100W | Deep Bass Sound | IR Multifunction Remote
Sound Sound Modes: {Gaming, Music, Movie} | 50W RMS → 12.5W×2+25W | Satellite Speaker Driver: 3.5-Inch Full Range | Subwoofer: 6.5-Inch Full Range | FR Range: {Satellite → 140Hz to 120KHz | Woofer → 20Hz to 120Hz} | Signal-To-Noise Ratio: >= 60-dB | Separation: >= 40-dB
Connectivity USB | Bluetooth 5.0 | RCA | AUX
Build Subwoofer in Wooden Cabinet → Heart Thumping Bass | Gross Weight: 4.75-Kg


► 40W LG LK72 XBoom Boom Blast Multimedia Speaker

Currently, one of the best multimedia speaker systems under 5000 Rupees comes from the house of LG. The LG XBoom 2.1-Channel speaker system can generate maximum 40W audio. 10W from each satellite speaker and 20W from the woofer.

Although how loud is the audio isn’t that important. The most important thing is how natural is it and how deeper is bass. The one-word review for the audio quality of this LG multimedia speaker system is OUTSTANDING. It produces loud and clear sound with deeper bass.

LG LK72 XBoom Multimedia Speaker System

Further, this speaker system has the required connectivity options for pairing with a smartphone, computer, LED TV, and in fact, any audio producing system with 3.5-mm audio port. Are you looking for a quality speaker system with punchy sound to connect with your big screen LED TV? Here it is.

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The LG speaker system also has a built-in FM tuner with FM antenna. Thus, it is a 2-in-1 system, a multimedia speaker system and an FM radio. Its signal reception quality is excellent. Therefore, it is a perfect speaker system with FM radio to be in your bedroom if it is located inside part of the house where the radio signal quality is thin.

Price 4200 Rupees
Features 2.1-Channel Speaker System | Deeper bass and clearer vocals with Bass Blast+ | Advanced EQ | Wireless Music Streaming | FM Radio Tuner
Remote Power | Volume Control | Bass Control | Preset | Repeat | Memory | Mute | Play-Pause
Sound 40W | 2.1-Channel → {10W×2 + 20W}
Connectivity Port-In | Aux-In | Bluetooth | Connect with {TV | Desktop | Laptop | Mobile} | Pendrive Reader | SD Card Reader | RCA
Build Wall Mountable | Notification Display Panel | FM Radio Antenna
Sales Box Speakers | S17 Remote | Battery | Documents


► 60W Philips Multimedia Speaker System {MMS6080B}

The Philips 2.1-channel multimedia speaker system produces excellent punchy sound with heavy Bass. It connects with audio producing devices really fast, withal.

Are you looking for a speaker system to play Bollywood peppy numbers? Here is a recommended multimedia speaker system under 5000 Rupees. Users of this Philips speaker system call it a musical thunder and rightly so.

Philips MMS6080B is a 2-in-1 system. It is a speaker system with FM tuner. To listen to live FM stations on this Philips speaker system, you need an FM antenna for the FM station signals. Good quality branded FM antenna costs in the range of 500 to 800 rupees.

Philips MMS6080B Multimedia Speaker System

There is a port on the woofer, close to the Bass control knob to connect FM antenna. Insert another end of an FM antenna into the port, and you are ready to your tune favorite FM stations.

Further, this Philips speaker system comes with a remote. No need to walk to the speaker to adjust volume and to select a new track. Users can control everything right from the remote. Use it to adjust all settings in a much easier way.

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I could not find a single fault with this 60W speaker system to blame Philips. It is one of the best multimedia speaker systems in 4000 to 5000 Rupees price range in India market.

Price 4900 Rupees
Features USB Reader | Built-in FM Tuner | Wireless Control
Sound 60W: {2×15W + 1×30W} | Rich Bass
Connectivity AUX | USB | Bluetooth
Sales Box Speakers | Remote Control | RCA Cable | Stereo Cable | Documents


► 56W F&D F550X Multimedia Wireless Speaker System

In a market where people are looking for smaller and yet lurid sound systems, F&D has created one speaker system, in their mini-systems series that will make some heads turn. Speaker systems from this company are not only cheap but also of premium quality.

The F&D F550X is one Bluetooth speaker system that won’t disappoint. I like the compact simplistic build on this multimedia speaker system. Nobody can suspect that behind the cabinet on the main unit, is a 28-watt subwoofer, enough to light up a House party.

FD F550X Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker

Similar to most mini-sound systems from major brands, the F&D F550X has a simple and compact design. It can fit even in the tiniest of racks, beneath your TV/ PC stand.

The front facing is creatively designed and is complemented with some partially concealed LED lights. The satellite speakers, too, are schematized to match with the main unit’s design.

Further, it comes with one conventional color, Black. However, this shouldn’t worry you since the multicolored LED lights, pretty much dominate the guise- than the color.

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If you are the kind of person who enjoys extremely loud music, then this F&D speaker system is recommended for you. The system uses 2.1-channel speakers that are far much better from its competitors.

3 Best Speaker System under 5000 Rupees (हिंदी में) | LG | F&D | Philips

Price 4600 Rupees
Features LED Lighting | FM Radio | Wireless Control | Wireless Music Streaming | High-Definition sound | Ideal TV speaker System | Ideal Home Speaker System
Sound 56W Audio Output: {2×14W + 1×28W} | 6.5-Inch Bass Driver for Woofer
Connectivity USB | AUX | Bluetooth | NFC | SD Card Reader
Build Dimensions: 31 x 31 x 43.9 cm | Weight: 4.7-Kg
Sales Box Speakers | Remote Control | Stereo Cable | RCA cable | Documents