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Best Multimedia Speaker under 10000 Rupees

Best Multimedia Speaker from 7000 to 10000 Rupees Range

What speakers should I buy? There are basically eight types of speakers in the market: earphone, headphone, multimedia speaker system, portable wireless speaker, soundbar system, home theater system, specially designed speaker system, and speaker system for vehicles. All these types of speakers generate sound using the standard speaker technology but their design and way to connect and communication changes as per their setup.

If you need a speaker system for your LED TV, consider a soundbar system. A 2.1-Channel multimedia speaker system could be better than a soundbar in terms of sound quality, but will not fit well in the TV setup. Similarly, to carry on tour, you need a portable wireless speaker. You cannot carry a Home theater system or a specially designed tower speaker system in your backpack.

Which is the best multimedia speaker under 10000 Rupees? In this piece, we cover the best multimedia speaker system from 7000 to 10000 Rupees price range. Here you read about best-selling multimedia speaker system of top speaker brands Sony, Bose, JBL, Philips, boAt, LG, and others.

► Sony Multimedia Speaker System {SA-D40}

When it comes to selecting a digital system primarily for sound and visual entertainment, Sony is my top favorite brand. This Japanese brand provides magical audio and video qualities to its products.

Sony D40 Multimedia Speaker System

The Sony D40 is currently one of the best-selling multimedia speaker systems under 10000 Rupees. Since not all buyers return to give rating online, then a healthy 4.3-Rating out of 5-Points indicates how good this Sony speaker system is, and how well it has been received by its buyers. Moreover, with 5 speakers, it is an excellent, affordable substitute for a 5.1-Channel home theater system.

This Sony speaker system generates outstanding audio with clear, deep bass. In fact, its audio quality is such that whoever will listen to, will appreciate your decision of buying it. However, it lacks control features. To control Bass and Treble in the audio, you need to use the sound equalizer on the connected system. Its remote is just good enough to control its volume only.

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Sony D20 2.1-Channel speaker system with 60W audio output is a younger brother of Sony D40 4.1-Channel speaker system with 80W audio output. The price difference between both these speaker systems is just 1000 Rupees. Therefore, I think the D40 offers better value than the D20.

Price 8000 Rupees
Features 4.1-Channel Speaker System | Big Size Subwoofer Box for Wider sound effect| Remote | Wireless Music Streaming | Compatible with {LED TV | PC | Mobile Phone | Audio Player | Pendrive}
Sound 80W | Bass Reflex Center-Speaker | Center-Speaker with Surround Sound and Dolby ATMOS Enabled
Build 80-mm Cone Type front Full-Range Speaker | Front Speaker with Metal Grill
Connectivity Bluetooth | USB | AUX
Sales Box Speakers | Ac Adaptor | AC Cord | Stereo Mini Cable | Foot Pads
Cons No Bass & Treble Control


► Bose Multimedia Speakers {Companion 2 Series III}

These speakers can blow anyone’s mind with its unparalleled performance. The two-channel audio system creates a stereo effect, which is best for watching movies and playing games. It produces undistorted sound at all the frequencies and generates sharp trebles. However, the people who love deep bass will be highly disappointed with this multimedia speaker system.

Both the units of this speaker system come packed in slim outer shells, which give a much appealing feel to the eyes. The drivers are designed in a way that they face the user at an angle for better music listening experience. As far as controls are concerned, you will only find an analog volume control dial on the front. For everything else, the users will have to depend on the equalizer of the device from which they are playing the music files. However, my advice would be not to play with the equalizer a lot because that can damage the speaker itself.

Bose Companion Multimedia Speakers

Furthermore, one of the great benefits of purchasing this speaker is you will be getting a headphone jack option on it. There is also a connectivity panel at the back of the main driver unit contains all the essential ports like Aux-in, Power-in, and PC-in. The power cord that comes along is long and highly durable.

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Fortunately, you will not have to spare a lot of space for this speaker system. Bose has tried its best to keep the size of both units as small as possible. Moreover, the connectivity cable of the left speaker is long enough and allows the units to be placed anywhere on a computer table.

Price 8000 Rupees
Sound TrueSpace Stereo Digital Processing Circuitry | Wide and Lifelike Sound
Connectivity AUX-In | Headphone-Out
Build Volume Control
Sales Box Speakers | Cables | AC Power Pack | Documents


► Philips Home Entertainment and Speaker System {MMS2180B}

The Philips speaker system is a multipurpose entertainment system. It is a fully-functional 2.1-Channel multimedia speaker system. It is an FM radio player. Also, it is a music player. Its compact build and design make it ideally portable. Use it in a Kitchen to listen to FM programs, plug it with a LED TV to enjoy TV programs in loud and clear thrilling sound and also power it up in your home party to play favorite tracks from a Pendrive.

Philips Home Entertainment Speaker System MMS2180B

The cabinet of this multimedia speaker system is made of wooden instead of plastic. That makes the audio much more natural and soothing to the listeners’ ears. There is LED notification on the front along with essential control buttons. Whereas, the volume control knob in a unique design is on the top.

Philips MMS2180B is a 2.1-Channel speaker system. To produce a total of 80W audio at its full volume, it has two powerful satellite speakers and a 5.25-Inch subwoofer for extra Bass. The audio is thunderous, with high treble by default. Hence treble-dominated songs sound a bit harsh to listeners on this Philips home speaker system. Still, not just me, even those who have bought this Philips speaker in recent months have rated it best for excellent audio quality.

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Considering high treble in the audio by default, Philips should have provided treble control. You can control only Bass on this speaker system.

Price 7500 Rupees
Features Remote Controller | Wooden Cabinet with Matt Finish | Control Buttons | Volume Control | LED Notification | Bass Control | NO Treble Control
Sound 80W | 2.1-Channel | 5.25-Inch Subwoofer for Extra Bass
Connectivity Bluetooth | USB | AUX | FM Radio | SD Card Reader
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