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Multifunctional Singer Sewing Machine for Advance Users

Multifunctional Singer Sewing Machine for Advance Users

Singer Futura XL Computerized Sewing Machine

Singer is perhaps the biggest and bestselling brand when it comes to manufacturing and marketing of sewing machines worldwide. For almost 165 years now, the brand has maintained its reputation by launching some of the finest sewing machines into the market. One of its most recent launches goes by the name of Singer Futura XL Computerized Sewing Machine. Priced quite heavily at Rs.74900, this machine is from Singer’s computerized machines section. And because of lots of good and smart features, it is already making waves in the market.

Let’s find out all we need to know about this Singer machine.

Progressive technology

The dimensions of this product are quite standard and measure 22×9.5×13 inches overall. It features an automatic electronic thread cutter which trims. In fact, it trims the bobbin thread and top when you are done sewing automatically on its own.

The threading system used on this machine is SwiftSmart and has a multi-hoop capacity of 18.5×11 inches. Further, there are also 2 snap-on hoops included with the machine for creating various designs and patterns with the help of computerized software. And, a total of 125 designs already available on the machine for users to go for.

Custom stitching options

This machine could very well be one of the smartest sewing machines out there because it automatically reads various designs and patterns if placed in the right format. It also allows customizing of designs with the help of computer and the right software.

The designs can be flipped or rotated to any direction and size which is a major plus for users looking to bring changes and get creative with their stitching. Moreover, there’s also a lettering program available on the machine which allows users to customize and change fonts according to their preferences.

Smooth and faultless stitching

Apart from all the amazing features above, there’s a presser foot sensor which automatically notifies users in case their foot isn’t down.

The machine works very smoothly and stitches quite like a champion on various kinds of fabrics. Anything from silk to thick denim is stitched on faultlessly by this machine provided the user knows what they are doing.

The electric needle twin function on this Singer sewing machine limits the needle movements when two needles are being used together for stitching. And, it also prevents breakage of needles. There are also six Staybright LED lights featured in order for precise stitching in absolute clarity.

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Singer Futura XL Computerized Sewing Machine Review and Specifications


  • 25 years warranty
  • Customized stitching
  • Does embroidery
  • 6 LED lights for clarity


This sewing machine is one of the best in the market. Highly recommended for professional use, this machine is great for working over extended hours on a regular basis. The only shortcoming of this sewing machine is that it might be a bit pricey for buyers looking to buy one under a budget.

With massive 25 years of warranty provided on it, users can look forward to years of incessant use. Otherwise, this machine has everything one could ask for in a sewing machine and it indeed is the whole package.

Price Rs. 74900
Brand Singer
Light Bulbs 6 LED
Warranty 25 Years
Stitching Functions 125 Inbuilt
Weight 1 Kg

Users Review and Opinion


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