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Multi Stages RO UV UF Water Purifiers below 6000

Luzon Dzire Aqua Grand Plus Water Purifier Review Specifications and Price Online in India

Clean Purifier 14 Stage with PreFilter Water Purifier 

India has a terrible water pipeline system thanks to the pathetic rule of previous governments. Even in metro cities, a large chunk of populations does not have corporation water connection. This means that most of the people are forced to drink or use water that is high in TDS levels and contains lots of bacteria. But hey! Do not lose hope yet. We have a great product to suggest you.

The Clean Purifier that features a 14 Stage purification system is one of the most affordable water filter machines in the Indian online market. You can purchase it for an amount of 5,499 rupees. This product was launched a couple of months ago and since then it has attracted many customers. In this review, we will dive deeper into what this purifier really has to offer to a budget person.

Impressive Purification

Well, before we move into the details, you should know something about its purification technology. The water purifier is not suitable for the consumers of corporation water.

In general, corporation water has low TDS levels. And, when the water passes through an RO membrane for re-purification then even important minerals are removed along with harmful bacteria. RO systems of the modern world are not smart enough to differentiate between good and bad minerals.

The Clean Purifier 14 stage is an RO machine. And, a Reverse Osmosis based purifier creates a volume difference at the nano level purifications.Clean Purifier 14 Stage With PreFilter Water Purifier Review Specifications and Price Online in India

However, for high TDS water, this machine is a perfect choice. It also features other purification technologies like UV and UF. Activated carbon eliminates the bad odor of water and makes it taste good. As I have mentioned in the introduction also, the water inside this purifier moves through 14 different stages. The second stage is most attractive among all because in this process  the antiscalant balls as a protective layer enhance the life of RO membrane.

Fully Automatic Operation

Whenever you fetch water from the tap, the Autofill feature kicks in and starts the purification process. The device automatically stops after the tank is filled. This not only enhances user experience but also helps in saving electricity. The product supports a wide voltage input range of 110 – 300 volts. Therefore, even in the case of power fluctuations, the water purifier will continue to offer you clear & purified water.

Compact Design

The water purifier supports only the wall mount installation. But do not worry, because it will not consume a lot of space on the kitchen wall. The manufacturer has taken a good care of its design. Moreover, it is made of high-quality materials that will not damage easily. The whole setup weighs in at 9 KG.

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Unfortunately, there is no indicator panel on this product. So, be sure to check the quality of the water every day.

15-Liter Storage Capacity

In total, this machine is capable of storing about 15 liters of water. In my opinion, this much storage capacity will be good for a medium size family. The tank is made of food grade materials, so there is no chance of contamination. Also, the manufacturer has featured a water level indicator on the front that will help the users in figuring out how much water is left in the tank.

I am really disappointed with the brand’s decision not to offer installation support. This applies even if you are ready to pay. There are only two options for the customers. They can either assemble the machine themselves or hire a local technician. I am certain the complication in the installation will disappoint many buyers.


  • Outer shell is made of strong and durable ABS material
  • Total storage capacity of 15 liters
  • Can purify water at the rate of 15 liters per hour
  • Based on UV, RO, and UF
  • Also features a pre-sediment filter and an antiscalant chamber
  • Inbuilt SMPS is capable of resisting power fluctuations
  • Low power consumption
  • Autofill and auto shut off


  • No installation service is provided from manufacturer’s side
  • Supports wall mount installation only


Even with an MRP of 5500 rupees, the water purifier offers some great features. Most of the 14 stage purifiers that I know of are generally priced above 9000 rupees. It is equipped with UV, RO, and UF technologies, which is quite surprising.

The water purifier does come with some cons. The main disappointment is that manufacturer is not providing installation service. Also, this product is not suitable for purifying low TDS water.

Price 5500 Rupees
Total Storage Capacity 15 Liter
Filtration Method UV, UF, and RO
Purification Capacity 15 liters/hour
Electricity Required Yes
Build ABS
Buy Clean PreFilter


Luzon Dzire Aqua Grand Plus Water Purifier

These days, the water purifier market in India is buzzing with many new start-up brands. The potential of the market has already created a stiff competition among the top players. Moreover, a number of small brands are considering this competition as an opportunity to secure a stable place. This is the reason that we are witnessing the launch of new purifiers almost every month.

Just a year before, assurance of dream girl Hema Malini had made us believe Kent is the right brand for a quality purifier. However, the huge tussle between popular and new brands have changed the market reality and ultimately benefited buyers.

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The price of multistage purifiers is coming down, which means now more people can afford quality water purifiers. One example of this trend is the Luzon Dzire Aqua Grand Plus Water Purifier, which was launched last year at a price of 5191 rupees. I have selected this product for this review because even popular manufacturers do not offer the features that it comes with at such an affording price.

Filters Water Using RO, UF, and UV technologies

Inside this purifier, the water passes through many chambers. Using the RO (Reverse Osmosis) method, the device removes all the harmful chemicals from the water that our eyes cannot even see. However, there is a downside of this technology. In the case of soft water, it removes even those minerals that are necessary for our body to function properly. This is the main reason I hesitate to suggest an RO purifier for the household blessed with corporation water connection.

The purifier machine features a TDS controller that improves the taste of water. However, customers should not blindly believe on TDS controllers because they not only add the essential minerals but also those dissolved chemicals that can harm your body. Therefore, the best thing to do would be to get the TDS level of the water coming to your house calculated. If it is above 500 mg/l, then RO system is good, but if it were below the number, I would strictly recommend you to refrain from purchasing this device.

The UF unit consists of pores that are small and do not allow harmful particles and bacteria to pass. The UV lamp is powerful and kills all the bacteria by ripping their DNA. Its efficiency gets increased because of the horizontal placement.Luzon Dzire Aqua Grand Plus Water Purifier Review Specifications and Price Online in India

Attractive Body

The transparent cover that covers the top part of the machine offers a much appealing feel to the user's eyes. The addition of a transparent storage tank is always better, but we cannot question that considering the price point. It comes with a water level indicator that will help the users in many ways. Moreover, this product is wall mountable, which means it will not consume huge space in your kitchen.

Some of the customers I interviewed during the research were disappointed with the build quality of this purifier. Its outer shell flexes a lot even when low pressure is applied. The tap is made of low-quality materials and can break in case of a collision.

12 Liter Storage Tank

This purifier stores about 12 liters of water at once. Its storage tank is made of food grade materials. The best thing is that it is capable of purifying water at a fast rate.

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Requires Electricity to Work

Since it is a UV & RO purifier, you need to ensure a supply power source for this machine. Do not worry about the electricity consumption, as it consumes very less electricity. Trust me, your power bill will always remain under control.


  • Looks good
  • TDS controller improves the taste of water after it passes through RO chamber
  • UV lamp kills all bacteria
  • Supports wall mount installation
  • Great for households with hard water connection


  • Build quality is not up to the mark
  • Soft water consumers should not buy it

The manufacturer has done a good job of designing and offering this product at such a great price. Perhaps, there cannot be a great solution for budget people who do not have corporation water connection. But there are some cons associated with this purifier. Firstly, it does not feature a membrane fail or UV fail alarm. Unless the users taste the water, they will not know if it is functioning properly or not. Secondly, it can do more harm than good if installed for purifying soft water because the RO chamber removes all the particles that are bigger than the size of water molecules.

Another big issue is that the seller provides installation service only for Delhi NCR customers and that also for 500 rupees. The people who live in other parts of the country will have to hire a local technician.

Price 5200 Rupees
Total Storage Capacity 12 Liter
Filtration Method UV, UF, and RO
Electricity Required Yes
Dimensions 58 x 48 x 28 cm
Weight 7 KG
Buy Luzon Dzire Grand Plus

Users Review and Opinion


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