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Multi stage cooking and Auto defrost with LG Convection Microwave

LG MC2886BRUM 28-Litre Convection Microwave

LG MC2886BRUM 28-Litre Convection Microwave

Having a convection microwave in your kitchen can be a big privilege for you if you are a homeowner since it will let you cook your breakfast before going to work with its fast cooking techniques and mechanisms. Are you a busy individual and sometimes you have no time to cook for your breakfast in the stove or oven?

A convection microwave is a big help in making your food tasty in a matter of minutes. Are you a prospective buyer of a convection microwave oven? Confused with the models? LG has been in the business of manufacturing convection microwave ovens for years now. Their microwaves are considered the best in the market and many people prefer them to others.

Now, coming to the topic of our discussion, are you planning to shop a new microwave appliance or planning to scroll microwave oven price in India? Then, you ought to think about an effective or money-saving purchasing. To get proper functionality and long-life of appliances, it requires the proper research from your side. Well, in that case, I would definitely suggest you look at LG MC2886BRUM 28-Litre Convection Microwave. While there are hundreds of models of microwaves available in the market today, but if you are looking for a microwave with perfection, very few alternatives can equal this convection microwave. Read on to know more!

Decent cooking method

A convection unit equipped with this culinary tool gives you more freedom in cooking and trying out new recipes. Here, cooking is solely dependent on the transfer of heat with the help of the circulating fan. While the fan allows the food to be cooked evenly and helps in browning and crisping, you can get a combination of grilling, cooking as well as well as baking. Doesn’t that make your cooking cool?

A casual and imperturbable combination of convection and microwave features!

LG MC2886BRUM 28-Litre Convection Microwave is just one of the different kinds of microwave available in the market today. Yes! I am saying that because it exhibits both the convection and the microwave features.  It can be most suitable for you if you love baking because its cool design is suitable for toasting, heating, baking and a lot more. You can even cook, warm and broil food with it. What more do you expect from a convection microwave?

Stay stress-free with its added convenience!

This all-purpose microwave oven is simple, extremely convenient and it is going to be around for a while particularly in your kitchenette. Not to downplay the fact that a huge industry of unhealthy food can crop up because of this culinary creation but when used in moderation it can really help ease life a little when you just want to chill out after a crappy day at work.

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Trust a brand that delivers a faith of excellence! Since years, LG has been nurturing Indian homes and ruling in their hearts. This global leading company has always served the nation with the latest technology-rich environment-friendly features and prices according to its customers. Its popularity among its customers has made it the major shareholders of the electronic industry. Moreover, LG has turned out to be a solemn brand by constructing the goods that are obtainable and certainly approachable for each kind of individual.

Maintains appealing value of food

The different power levels are available with the product that is useful for different types of heating offered. It can help in increasing the aesthetic value of the food because of the browning. This is accomplished because of the convection features and the quickness of the microwave is maintained.

What’s more? The heat circulated because of the convection feature helps in keeping meats and such products moist and inhibits the escaping of their juices. Furthermore, you can eliminate the need to preheat the food since the microwaves do defrost before the heating begins.

Now let us get to its estimating price and a concluding judgment!

Are you tired of consuming burned toasted breads set in your old microwave? Then, try change- convection oven that would help you avoid running for a suitable purchase. LG MC2886BRUM 28-Litre Convection Microwave’s apposite design has been devised in conjunction with proper defrosting and cooling mechanisms and is just one of the many advantages it offers.

You can get this at an Indian price of 15990 INR with a 1-year manufacturing warranty. Though this combination convection microwave oven is more expensive as compared to normal microwaves, the features that are acquired make it cheaper in the long run. So, is it favorable for you to buy? Well, I would give it a THUMBS UP! Hopefully, you will love it too!

LG MC2886BRUM 28-Litre Convection Microwave Review and Specifications

Capacity 28 Litres
Cavity type Stainless steel
Number of preset menus 251
Variable cooking power levels 5
Type of wave Intellowave
Programme panel Tact Dial
Turntable diameter 320
Brand LG
Child lock Yes
Accessories Multi-Cook Tawa
Power output 900
Power consumption for microwave 1950
Power consumption for grill 1200
Power consumption (combination) 1950
Warranty 1 year
Price 15990 Rupees
Multi-stage cooking yes
Auto defrost yes

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