Being among the most reputable electronic brands, Motorola is fighting to keep her name on the top of the chart. The journey has not been easy for this slowly fading giant. However, I would say that if all its gambles bear fruit, she might restore her position on the chart. Among the very ambitious gambles that Motorola has ventured into is camera production. Sadly, Moto is still a few leaps behind other major players in this particular market, such as Foscam and Philips. Just the other day, security researchers from Context Information were able to hack into a Motorola Focus 73 CCTV camera and this has brought about a lot of mistrust issues on the consumers part. Read also Godrej Security Solutions for Homes in India.

Motorola Focus 73 Camera and Smart Monitoring System Review

Even so, I won’t say that Motorola isn’t working hard to give its customers high-quality cameras. Despite the little hitch discovered by Context Information in the Moto Focus 73 monitoring system, this gadget is still among their best performers in the cameras section. Here are some of its features:

Motorola Focus 73 Price Online in India

Weather Proofing and Design: The Focus 73 camera has been built to withstand the severest of elements.  It has a transparent IP66 casing that can be able to withstand very adverse climatic conditions like gusty winds and rain. It has a compact build as it measures 12.5 by 14.5 by 19 cm.  However, I noted that it’s pretty heavy about 1.1 kilograms. I assumed that the weight would help with overcoming the winds. All the same, such weight on a monitoring camera means it will consume a lot more power when tilting and maneuvering. Moreover, the weight actually limits the camera in terms of the surfaces that it can be mounted on. Of course, you don’t want that thing hanging loosely from anywhere. It would crack a skull if it fell on someone’s head.

Wireless Connectivity Option on this Monitoring Camera

This Motorola HD home monitoring camera supports Wi-Fi connectivity but lacks a USB port. This tells you that the camera has very little wiring. Apart from the DC power input, no other wire is mounted on this device. Wireless connectivity allows you to connect with the camera from your PC or smart device. To use your smartphone to manage the camera, you will need to download the Hubble app for easy management.

Easy mounting capabilities: As most people would presume, the over a kilogram weight would bring some serious mounting problems though this is not the case in this particular camera. This camera comes with a rigid mount that can be attached to ceilings and walls. Nevertheless, I don’t trust it. The camera should, however, be positioned in a place that allows free movement for an effective tilt and pan movements. It has a 270-degree viewing field and mounting it properly could help utilize every degree in that viewing field.

Monitor Your Home Remotely using this Motorola Smart Camera

The Motorola smart CCTV camera is Hubble supported and this means that you can actually monitor your home remotely through your android phone or iPhone. The app also records all eventualities and keeps a consistent log of all happenings. However, this feature has discouraged many buyers from buying this camera, because Hubble is a really expensive affair. To start with, Hubble will charge you a monthly fee for streaming stuff through their server with the camera. On a second note, you have to incur additional internet charges for remote access because the camera does not support connectivity through a local network. So it must record stuff, upload it to the Hubble server and then download it to the Hubble app on your phone. This tells you that with anything below 5MBPS internet speed, the camera won’t work.

Pricing and Final Verdict: It’s quite sad to imagine that Motorola could actually sell this disappointment of a camera at such an outrageous price. The cheapest figure I found for this Motorola home monitoring wifi camera is 10500 Rupees. Honestly, this thing is not worth even half of that money. My advice, “don’t buy it” unless you’ve got money to waste on overly ambitious projects like the Focus 73.

Motorola Focus 73 Review and Specifications

Dimensions 12.5 by 14.5 by 19 cm
Weight 1.1 kilograms
Connectivity Wi-Fi
Night vision Yes (Infrared up to 10 meters)
Remote Monitoring Yes (With Hubble app compatibility)
Local network support No
Inbuilt Microphone No
Remote Pan and Tilt support Yes
Video output quality  H264
Motion and sound triggered recording Yes
USB port No
Price 10500 Rupees