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Motorola Headset can Produce Powerful Bass Audio

Motorola Pulse Max Wired Headset Review Specifications and Price Online in India

Motorola Pulse Max Wired Headset

Motorola is in a bid to become a leading headphones producer in the market. In order to achieve this dream, the company has been focusing on producing mid-range priced headphones. Even so, it has ensured that the low price factor on these headphones won’t interfere with the quality and performance of these gadgets. One very likeable headphones model by Motorola is the Motorola Pulse Max Wired Headset.

Not only are these headphones cheap, but also they come in an irresistible design that will help you stand out from the crowd. The powerful drivers will immerse you completely into your gaming or movie session. For convenience when carrying this product, Motorola has built this product as a detachable and foldable pair of headphones, which you can separate it into smaller parts and slide it comfortably into its pouch.

Special features of the Motorola Headset: A Wonderful Design

Even though this product looks a little bulky from a far distance, they are incredibly light in weight. They weigh about 100 grams on average and therefore they won’t feel pesky on your head. The designers also gave this product some serious padding on the ear cups and headband. The wide headband ensures low pressure on your head for maximum comfort. This product comes in two major colors, black and white, but with the excellent finishing, there is absolutely no reason to decorate this product with fancy colors.

These Headphones are highly portable as you can always detach the 3.5 mm line-in cable and fold the ear cups into position. Now the two parts can be put in a pouch or your trousers pockets. On the adjustable joints above the ear cups, you get some silver trimming that looks somehow metallic. The Motorola logo is engraved on the sides of the ear cups and is also polished in the silver metallic color. I have to say that I liked the White headphones more than the black ones. The Big M logo slapped on the ear cups, looks better on the white headphones and is easily identifiable.

Compelling Sound Quality

These headphones are all about the bass. With the heavy cushion padding, you’ve got to be very careful with high volumes. The powerful 36mm drivers deliver a clear sound output.  With a 32 Ohm impedance on the headset, sound distortion is kept in check. The length of the ear cups is adjustable so can adjust them comfortably to the exact position where you feel there is no sound loss. This product comes with an in-line Microphone, which allows you to answer calls with ease. The microphone is housed on a shelling that also has the playback controls (Next, Pause and Answer buttons). The inline Microphone allows for Hands-free calling and reception.

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Unlimited Compatibility

These headphones come with a standard 3.5 mm to 3.5mm jack cable. The cable is detachable from the headphones so that if it breaks, you can always replace it from any Motorola shop near you. The detachable factor means that you can fit practically any AUX cable on this device. This adds on onto compatibility. Through the changeable cables, you can use this pair of headphones on any gadget, be it a laptop, a Smartphone, tablet or MP3 player.


I am not happy with Motorola’s decision to omit a Bluetooth feature on this device. The only connections that this pair of headphones can make are via the 3.5 mm AUX-in port. But judging from their low price, the decision is understandable. Even so, the designers should have included a Micro SD player and chargeable battery. This way the Motorola Pulse Max headphones would have been a practical decision for all customers. Without the SD slot, these headsets are no different from your normal in-ear earphones. The line-in cable is long enough and won’t limit you in terms of mobility. It measures 1.2 meters.

Pricing and Verdict

This product is fairly valued as it has a price tag of 1200 Rupees. For that price, I think it’s a fair deal. I would recommend these headphones to anyone who owns a Music Studio or a cyber cafe. They are a great option for places with unsophisticated needs such as in a music studio. The long audio cable further makes them a good studio option. However, for a normal user, I would advise you to buy something that at least has Bluetooth and a Micro SD player.

Price 1200 Rupees
Brand Motorola
Type Wired Headphones
Model name Pulse Max
Driver Size 36mm
Audio cord length 1.2 meters
Compatible gadgets Laptops, iPad, Smartphones, TV's
Impedance 32 Ohm
In-Line Mic Yes
Detachable and foldable Yes
Bluetooth No
SD player No

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