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Motorola Car Charger below 2000 Rupees

Motorola Car Charger Review and Specifications

Motorola 1.2 Amp Car Charger

Technology has improved a lot in the last 10 years but there is still a long way to go. We do have great smartphones capable of outperforming supercomputers of 80s and 90s. However, these small and portable devices still suffer from problem of battery life.

Modern lithium-ion or lithium polymer batteries can give power backup of only one or two days. In fact, some users use their devices so heavily that they end up with a dead battery even before the end of the day. Many times, we forget charge to our smartphones and face problem the next day in the office. Sure you can carry a wall charger but it is not easy to find a power outlet out there.

For people who travel via a car, there may be a solution to this problem. Most cars come with a cigarette lighter receptacle. These receptacles are nowadays used to supply DC current to portable devices and can act as a charging outlet for smartphones using a car charger (I know many people know this but it is still a worthy thing to mention).

While one can easily get a car charger for around 100 rupees from local stores but those offer low power output, are not durable and can damage your smartphone. In my opinion, you should invest in a good quality car charger that will last for years to come even if it costs a bit more money.

Motorola may have the best alternative in this case. Its car charger costs you around 1800 rupees in the market but at the same offers more features than other cheap solutions.

Motorola Car Charger

High Power Output

Those who have used a car charger earlier know how slow they are. In theory, it could take more than 5 or 6 hours for them to charge a phone with 2000-mAh battery.

The special thing about the Motorola car charger is it outputs 1.2 Ampere of electricity, which translates to 1200-mAh of energy every hour. So, a phone even with powerful 2400-mAh battery will get fully charged in around 2 hours. To give you a little perspective, the normal wall chargers manufacturers ship with smartphones are generally rated at just 1 Ampere. According to Motorola, you will get 8 hours of battery life in just 15 minutes.

Good Build Quality

Motorola is famous for its high-quality products. It has used durable and premium materials to make this charger. Moreover, it looks really appealing to the eyes. Clamps on the either side fit this device into the receptacle tightly.

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A USB port on the back not only allows the users to charge smartphones but any other compatible device.

Indicator Light

A white color indicator above the USB port tells if your smartphone is charging properly or not. It is really powerful and remains easily visible in bright daylight also.


  • Compact and sturdy
  • Attractive looks
  • Power output of 1.2 Amps


  • Single USB port


The Motorola car charger costs a lot but your money will not go waste. However, there cannot be a better investment than this.

Motorola Car Charger Review and Specifications

Output 1.2 Amp
Ports 1 X USB
Color Black
Indicator Light White
Price 1900 Rupees

Users Review and Opinion


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