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Most Popular Smartphones between 2500 to 4000 Rupees

Most Popular Smartphones between 2500 to 4000 Rupees

Karbonn Titanium S109 Gold – A Low Budget Stylish Smartphone

“Gold” is one of the most used terms in Indian life. We love “Gold” whether in the form of metal or Colour. Apple iPhone has been one quality gadget to promote the idea of a smartphone in pure gold colour. Interestingly, the gold variant of iPhone had scored a great sales number worldwide. Read also 10 Karbonn Smartphones Below 5000 Rupees.

Following the Apple footprint, Indian smartphone brands have been searching success in the Gold colour Smartphones. In this article, we are reviewing the Karbonn Titanium S109, which is primarily available in the Gold colour option.

Built Design and Concept: The phone comes with a regular placement of buttons and speaker. What makes it unique is the colour of gold and the price, which is indeed affordable for common Indian public. I have to praise the manufacturer Karbonn for this smartphone, which bears a compact design and also feels solid in the user’s hand.

Karbonn S109 Gold Review Specifications Price Online in India

Multitasking Processor Memory and RAM

Since the price of this gadget is low, Karbonn has restrained to spend money on hardware. The S109 Gold is powered by a quad core processor (clocked at 1.2GHz) in support of 512MB RAM and a regular graphic processor unit.

Since Karbonn has not pre-installed resource consuming bloatware, most of RAM space remains free for the end user. 512MB RAM in a 4000 rupees phone is not a bad idea, but I would happily praise the onboard storage of 8GB ROM wherein the end user gets about 5GB free after the first boot. If you find 5GB user memory insufficient for your large collection of multimedia contents, then take benefit of microSD card port, which supports memory addition up to the limit of 32GB.

The sum total of CPU and memory chapter is the Karbonn S109 Gold gets good mark for a quad-core processor 8GB media memory and 32GB microSD card support.

TFT 480P Display: I am disappointed with the TFT display panel on this phone. Karbonn should have given an IPS LCD panel instead of TFT. The display panel supports 480P (480×854 Pixels) resolution with a pixel density of 218 PPI. For a price of 4000 rupees, I do not find any complain with the display quality, which also renders decent viewing angles.

1600 mAh battery: Such low battery value is almost out of fashion nowadays. Although thanks to micro engineering of the brand, the end users should expect good backup in spite of regular usages of this phone. Mostly, battery is consumed by processor and display. And, TFT display takes less fuel than any other modern days display panel. Therefore, enrollment of low juice consuming quad-core processor and mediocre display certainly helps the end users to tight control on battery backup falls in spite of continuous usages of the phone.

Camera Sensors Connectivity and Multimedia

The Titanium S109 has a few sensors and comes with the latest connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE and HSPA and micro USB port.

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Do not expect much from the camera front as the 5MP primary and 2MP front facing camera is just for namesake.


  1. Stylish and compact gold phone
  2. Lag free quad core processor
  3. Ample memory onboard
  4. Dual SIM and Android Kitkat 4.4.2


  1. Low RAM
  2. Poor Battery

Final Verdict: For regular usages, the Karbonn Titanium S109 in gold colour avatar is a perfect choice. The phone comes with stylish looks solid built and is endowed with a powerful quad-core multitasking processor. Karbonn has tried making it a perfect choice by just adding ample memory for those wants a phone just for multimedia entertainment. Read also 4 Low Cost Stylish Mobile Phone with Huge Screen and Lots of Features.

Feature   Android v4.4.2 (KitKat)
Processor   Quad core, 1.2 GHz
Memory 512MB RAM, 8GB internal memory, 32GB MicroSD card Support
Screen 4.5 inch, 480 × 800 Pixels, 218 PPI, TFT
Camera 5MP(P), 2MP(F), Digital Zoom
Battery 1600 mAH, Li-Po
Connectivity FM, BT 4.0, 1G, 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, USB 2.0
Body 134.8 g [W], 9.9 mm [Th]
 Sensors Accelerometer
Buy 4000 Rupees


Karbonn Titanium S21 Dual SIM Mobile

The S21 is an impressive low budget smartphone with a long list of quality hardware and the latest software. Karbonn has done good work on this phone in terms of built, design and software. Although this device is one top attraction around 3000 rupees price band still we are forced to criticise onboard hardware, which appears to be falling behind the closest competitor Micromax Bolt Q339.

The Titanium S21 is more about beauty than duty. This is a stylish phone to get more attention in public places. In addition, it comes in zero size compact body I mean it is a light weight gadget has the total weight limited at just 118 grams.

Quad Core processor: Karbonn has used a quad core processor so the phone performance remains pretty much smooth. Thanks to bloatware free software system, the processor most of the time remains idle therefore consumes less battery fuel and executes instruction fast. For daily usages such as calling, listening to music, video playback, and basic gaming this is a perfect device.

Karbonn Titanium S21 Review Specifications Price Online in India

Connectivity: This stylish Karbonn smartphone can support to dual SIM (in the regular size), runs on Android Kitkat 4.4.2 operating system and offers easy access to 1G, 2G and 3G network. For content sharing, Karbonn has given Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity options on this phone.

480P TFT Display : We discover strange similarity between Karbonn S21 and Micromax Q339 when compared the display technology used on both phones.  The Titanium S21 sports a 4.5 inches TFT display that comes with the resolution figure of 480 × 854 Pixels and a standard pixel density of 218 PPI.

In spite of equivalent display specifications, Karbonn S21 screen appears to be dull compared to the Micromax phone. I guess Karbonn has compromised on the display front to continue with beautiful built and design of this phone.

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Poor Camera Management on this Karbonn Smartphone

Thinking of a better camera modulation is asking for too much when the price of the device is as low as 3100 rupees. In terms of camera specifications, when I compare it with Micromax phone listed here, I get some disappointment. Here, Karbonn has limited this cute device with 3.2 MP primary and 1.3 MP Selfie cameras. Both cameras are non-performer. An LED flash at the rear and digital zoom in the application do not help much in terms of better photography and selfie.

1600 mAh battery: The battery is not a major advantage here. On moderate usages, you will have to charge this phone after 16 to 20 hours of usages.


  1. Stylish Look
  2. Smooth performance
  3. A low budget 3G phone


  1. Average battery life
  2. Poor camera
  3. 5 inches display is not too impressive than other phones in the same price range.

Final Verdict: The Titanium S21 is more about built and design than performance. I would certainly recommend this gadget to those have been in search of a low budget stylish gadget. Read also Android One Karbonn Smartphone with FHD Recording Below 5000 Rupees.

Feature   Android v4.4.2 (KitKat)
Processor   Quad core, 1.2 GHz
Memory 512MB RAM, 4GB internal memory, 32GB MicroSD card Support
Screen 4.5 inch, 480 × 800 Pixels, 218 PPI, TFT
Camera 3.2MP(P), 1.3MP(F), Digital Zoom, LED Flash
Battery 1600 mAH, Li-ion
Connectivity FM, BT 4.0, Dual SIM, 1G, 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, USB 2.0
Body 118 g [W], 10 mm [Th]
 Sensors Accelerometer
Buy 3000 Rupees


Micromax Bolt Q339 – a Smartphone for common man

Micromax’s bolt series smartphones are famous for the best quality hardware at much cheaper price. In order to continue with the brand dominance in the low price segment, of late Micromax had announced a few new smartphones under the bolt series. One such smartphone that became available in the market is Bolt Q339. The low budget smartphone is trending online for an affordable price tag of just 3499 rupees.

Performance Hardware and RAM: In spite of low price tag, Micromax has been fair in terms of hardware collection for this phone. For better performance, Micromax trusts quad core Spreadtrum SC7731 chipset that gets ample space of 512MB RAM memory for free run. Since the phone’s software department is pretty much free from bloatware the end users get most of RAM space for apps installation.

The phone does really well in terms of the regular performance, multimedia content playback and execution of preloaded apps. During our short session with the Micromax Q339, we did not face any lag or sort of annoying response. However, let me remind you if you think of playing games, then change your decision of buying this phone. In my assessment and hands-on experience, the Bolt Q339 is a good device for day-to-day usages.

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Micromax Bolt Q339 Review Specifications Price Online in India

 Battery and Display: Since battery consumption on a phone is co-related to the display brightness level, I am presenting a review of both features together. Micromax trusts reliable battery material lithium-ion over lithium polymer that too in the value of 1650 mAh. This much battery power is used to power the 4.5 inch TFT panel has the resolution of 480 × 854 Pixels and a pixel density rate of 218 PPI.

I will give full mark to Micromax brilliance in the making of a true display panel. Touch response is indeed smooth, viewing angles are good and colours also appear to be real. The only disappointment I mark is the use of TFT panel instead of IPS LCD.

the readers should not afraid with the battery performance. What we find is that in general fuel of 1650 mAh lithium –ion battery translates into 20 to 24 hours of easy usages. If you are a pro or a hard user, then ensure to have a power bank in your pocket.

5 MP Camera with Dual LED flash

I disagree to the fact that Indian phone manufacturer cannot produce a better smartphone with a decent pair of camera. The Bolt Q339 has a 5MP primary and 2MP front-facing selfie camera. The rear shooter is equipped with a pro feature that is dual tone LED flash along with a disappointment that comes as the limitation to fixed focus, not the auto focus.

Take good quality HD video and decent selfie if the light around the subject is in right amount. In Low light, due to dual tone flash, it does much better than other smartphones in 4000 rupees price band. Finally, I would say that the Micromax Bolt Q339 is a decent smartphone with brilliant primary and front camera management.


  1. Use the LED flash as torch
  2. Very good call quality
  3. Lag-free performance
  4. Selfie camera is better
  5. Battery performance should be appreciated
  6. Charger does relatively fast charging of the phone battery
  7. Built quality is excellent considering MRP of only 3500 rupees


  1. TFT display panel
  2. This phone is not a good choice for gaming because of an above average display

Final Verdict: In the search of the best low budget phones, we selected the Micromax Q339 for better performance, superb camera modules, good call quality and certainly long delivery from the battery. Read also Four Good Quality Smartphones below 3000 Rupees.

Feature   Android v4.4.2 (Kitkat)
Processor Quad core, 1.2 GHz, Spreadtrum SC7731
Memory 512MB RAM, 4GB internal memory, 32GB MicroSD card Support
Screen 4.5 inch, 480 × 800 Pixels, 218 PPI, TFT
Camera 5MP(P) Fixed Focus, 2MP(F), Digital Zoom, Dual LED Flash, 1280×720 @ 30 FPS
Battery 1650 mAH, Li-ion
Connectivity FM, BT 4.0, Dual SIM, 1G, 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, USB 2.0
 Sensors Accelerometer, Light, Proximity
Buy 3500 Rupees

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