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Most Popular Philips Hand Blender Chopper Mixer In India

Philips HR 1459 300W Hand Blender

Philips HR2201 990 W Hand Blender

Kitchen is considered safe place in a home, but in reality that is the place of daily accidents and mistakes. Recently, my mixer’s jar blasted and the mix fruit juice, which was almost ready, spread on kitchen wall.

Have you ever tried to make a soup using a hand blender and ended up with complete mess in the kitchen? Well, do not feel hesitant about that because we all face this problem at some point. The bigger question is – have you analyzed why that happened? It was your inexperienced hand or the blender is not perfect for soup making?

We are reviewing the Philips HR2201 hand blender designed to make tasty soup without noise and mess in the Kitchen area. Even if you want to play safe, the Philips HR2201/81 Hand Blender is the right gadget you should be looking for. To be precise, Philips calls this device a soup maker instead of hand blender. It is currently available in the market for an amount of 7895 rupees.

Philips HR2201 81 990 W Hand Blender

Build and Design

Philips has kept the design simple compact yet elegant to ensure that it is well accepted in a decorated kitchen. The gadget requires frequent usages to gain perfection. Why it is costly and what it brings in terms of deliver – these are some critical questions we asked to food experts in order to complete a balance review. As a reviewer I can only say, you cannot feel the real power of this hand blender until its use.

There are four grooves on the shell that force the liquid material towards the blades and increase the efficiency. Its jar has a capacity to hold and process 1.2 Liter of soup at once. The insulated body of this device is capable of keeping the processed ingredients warm for about 40 minutes. Since it is a sealed pack container, there is no chance that the ingredients will jump out and create a mess around the platform.


The stainless steel blades for blending are attached to a powerful motor that can blend all kinds of ingredients within 20 minutes. Moreover, to use it well no special training is required as it comes with five presets and an easy to operate control panel. Philips also ships a recipe book along with this device that contains recipes of over 30 tasty dishes.

This amazing soup maker consumes 990 Watts of electricity and supports power input range of 220-240 Volts.


  • Attractive design
  • Powerful motor
  • Can make soups within 20 minutes
  • 5 presets
  • Recipe book
  • 2 liter capacity

The Philips HR2201 hand blender is really an innovative product and will help a lot in making tasty soups. However, I do think that its price is on the higher side.

Price 8195 Rupees
Power Consumption 990 Watts
Speed Settings 5 Presets
Extra Features 1.2 Liter Jar and Recipe Book
Warranty 2 Years


Philips HR1604 550 Watt Hand Blender

Sometimes a simple and easy to use hand blender is all you want over the modern, but confusing blending appliances that are famous these days. To help in this regard Philip is here with its HR 1604 Hand Blender, which looks simple works deadly. However, before we proceed with the review let me tell you the product has not got too many positive reviews in favor, those have bought seems confused with its usability. In addition, it is not affordable at the price of 2739 rupees in the market.

This hand blender does not look great, but its outer shell is made of durable materials. The unique shape of the handle provides a really comfortable grip. Its stainless steel blades have been molded in a triangular shape with the help of an anti-splash cover that not only prevents food splash, but also increases the efficiency of the blending operation. However, the beaker that comes in the box has a capacity of only 0.5 liter, which can be disappointing for many users.

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Philips HR 1604 550 W Hand Blender


The 550 Watt motor of this hand blender helps in making smoothies and soups without delay. Using this device is really easy because of only one control switch that is located on the handle. However, you will not be able to change the speed of the motor because of which blending different ingredients at different consistency might become a problem.

Voltage input range of 220-240 V is quite impressive and suits Indian conditions. Moreover, Philips also offers two years of service warranty on this product.


  • Low power consumption
  • Triangular shape of blade increases efficiency
  • Powerful motor
  • Slim-grip handle for comfortable use
  • Prevents food splashing
  • Single switch
  • Two button release system


  • Only one speed setting is available
  • Beaker is really small because of which you will be forced to process your food in multiple sessions

This blender is only good for newbies who have not used any hand blender earlier. For advanced users, there are a lot of alternatives available in the market.

Price 2700 Rupees
Power Consumption 550 Watts
Speed Settings One
Accessories Beaker
Extra Features 2 Button Release, Slim Grip Design and Triangular Shape Blade
Warranty 2 Years


Philips HR1363 600 Watt Hand Blender

Philips is famous for innovating new devices that help people in their daily lives. One of its recent innovations is the Philips HR1363 Hand Blender, which the company says is also a chopper. This product can be purchased for an attractive price of 2300 rupees. However, our observation says you will not get the kind of results from this hand blender as the manufacturer is promising for.

I have to acknowledge that the design of this gadget is really attractive. The combination of purple and white color gives a much premium touch to the body. Its soft touch handle provides an easy grip during the operation. Control buttons are located at an easy to reach place and are really comfortable pressing. One of the worries of every kitchen lady is the food splashing that occurs while blending. To prevent that from happening, Philips has equipped this gadget with an anti-splash blade guard.

You get a beaker and a chopping attachment with this blender, but the bad thing is that both these attachments have really low capacity.

Philips HR1363 04 600 W Hand Blender


The Philips gadget comes with a 600-Watt motor that helps completing the blending process just in seconds. Two speed modes result in a greater efficiency while blending ingredients of varying hardness. The blender also features a special turbo mode that can be used for tough ingredients. Specially designed double action blades cut the food in both horizontal and vertical direction resulting in quicker and finer operation. The chopping attachment that comes along is not much of use as it grinds the food instead of chopping. However, it is good for making chutneys and pastes.

Also, this Philips hand blender consumes much less electricity and does require power input between 220-240 Volts to run.


  • Turbo mode
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Powerful motor
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable and user friendly design


  • Grinds instead of chopping
  • Low capacity attachments

Since it turns out that the gadget is not good for chopping ingredients, it will be a waste of hard-earned money if you are buying it only for that purpose. However, this blender can be a good buy if your main purpose is to make chutneys and pastes.

Price 2300 Rupees
Power Consumption 600 Watts
Speed Settings 2 + Turbo Mode
Accessories Beaker and Copping Jar
Extra Features Chopping Function, Anti-Splash Blade Guard and Easy cleaning
Warranty 2 Years
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Philips HR1396 500W Chopper

Chopping is one of the most important tasks that every mother has to do in order to cook tasty food for the family, but it is also a risky task usually completed by a sharp knife. However, for those do not want to take any risk the Philips HR1396 Chopper is the best option here. Although the price of 2,438 rupees will not be easy for many households but still if you can, buy this gadget because it is going to save time and effort under adequate safety.

This device comes with a unique and eye-catching form factor. You will become a fan of the simplicity that Philips has put in designing on this chopper. The chopping container is fully transparent and is made of durable ABS material. The whole chopper unit is so small that you will not need to make any special arrangement in your kitchen for it.

Philips HR1396 500W Chopper


The real attraction of this chopper is its powerful 500-Watt motor. I was surprised to see that this device can chop vegetables of any toughness within a fraction of a minute. You might feel a little surprised when I will tell you that there are no control buttons on this chopper. To turn on the chopping operation all you have to do is push the hand rest down and when you want to stop, just remove your hand. Moreover, the one liter bowl that comes along is easy to clean and can also be washed in dishwasher.

To use this gadget, your house should have a power connection with potential difference between 220-240 Volts. But do not worry, it will not consume much electricity.


  • Eye-catching design
  • Does not require a lot of space
  • Chops within fraction of a minute
  • Consumes less power
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Single speed setting

Every penny that you will spend in purchasing this gadget will not go waste. It will help you in making tasty dishes effortlessly and without wasting much of your valuable time.

Price 2438 Rupees
Power Consumption 500 Watts
Speed Settings One
Accessories Bowl
Extra Features ABS Body and Dishwasher Safe
Warranty 1 Year


Philips HR 1459 300W Hand Blender

Most of Indian households suffer from budget problem while purchasing new products. Philips with many years of operational experience in India also knows this. That is why it offers a budget alternative of all types of kitchen appliances. The Philips HR 1459 Hand Blender is really a great product that comes at a much affordable price of just 1799 rupees.

This hand blender features a standard design like every other budget segment product, but its quality is really adorable. Its durable outer shell comes in white reflective finish that feels much appealing to the eyes. Philips also ships a strip beater and a dough hook in the box, both of which are made of stainless steel for durability. Also, you will not need any kind of special utensil to blend ingredients using this gadget as it can work with any type of container.

This device is highly portable. Both dough hook and strip beater can be detached from the main unit and the power cord can be winded around the back.

Philips HR 1459 300W Hand Blender


A 300-Watt motor might not sound too powerful, but at this price we cannot expect more. The good thing is you will be able to blend all types of ingredients with this device. Option to choose from five different speed settings is really great and can help users a lot. This blender also offers a special turbo speed mode that can be a life saver when you have very less time to prepare food.

This device supports a decent power input range of 220-240 Volts. You also get two years of warranty that only includes manufacturing defects.

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  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Offers 5 speed settings and a special turbo mode
  • Stainless steel accessories


  • The motor is not that powerful

This product is one of the best selling hand blenders on both Flipkart and Amazon. There is no need to think twice before making a purchase decision.

Price 1800 Rupees
Power Consumption 300 Watts
Speed Settings 5 + Turbo
Accessories Strip Beater and Dough Hook
Extra Features ABS Body and Cord Clip
Warranty 2 Years


Philips HR1565 50 400W Hand Blender

We all love to eat cake, but most of us prefer to buy from shop rather than preparing at home. What I have heard from many homemakers is that cake making is a tough task so buying from local shop becomes preferred choice than taking chance at home. However, reality is totally different from what many homemakers think. Cake backing is very simple and easy process. All you need is right gadgets in the kitchen to complete the entire process. Since we all are aware preparing cake is basically combination of two intelligent processes- the first is mixing of ingredients followed by the backing process. For cake backing, microwave is a fine gadget similarly we need a power device, which does even mixing of all ingredients.

Philips has designed the HR1565 mixer, a perfect solution for all kinds of mixing need. If your homemaker finds difficulty in preparing Atta dough, gift this Philips gadget. I am sure she will love this device and its efficiency in day to day usages.

The whole set is made of perfect alignment of four parts, which are mixer stand, 3 liters container, blades/hook and a cord storage clip.

Philips HR1565 50 400W Hand Blender

Built & Motor

Use of ABS material comes with glossy design that makes the entire unit a light-weight craft as well as durable for long run. The given beaters and dough hook is made of stainless steel, robust enough to give perfect result in just a few seconds.

In my opinion, 400W motor is absolutely perfect does not consume more electricity also completes task with ease. Logically, the kitchen appliance is designed for mixing and dough making work, so use of high power motor will not be a wise decision.

Turbo Function

The cord stand clip features a turbo engine control option with three speeds to choose from. In order to start the dough or mixing process, switch on the machine by pressing power button, which is placed next to the speed control on the handle. Start with low speed, after a few seconds switch to medium and close the process in high setting.

Value addition

The Philips kitchen gadget is sufficient for a family with 4 to 5 members. Indeed, it adds value to your kitchen making all mixing work super easy, completed in just few seconds. I have bought the gadget mainly for dough making. It does fine job, but the bigger question is- should we spend 4500 rupees just for a dough making gadget?

Philips should be giving at least three years of warranty since the product is very costly whereas functionalities is basic limited to dough preparing and ingredients mixing works.

I trust Philips more than any other brand in the world. In my home, Philips is everywhere. Design and concept of this mixer is perfect, but its price does not make it considerable choice for Indian middle class. Furthermore, Philips should have given a steel bowl instead of the plastic one. I am not in favor of this gadget due to its high price.

Price 4500 Rupees
Power Consumption 400 Watts
Extra Features ABS Body and Cord Clip
Warranty 2 Years

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