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Most Popular Fitness Band Between 15000 to 25000 Rupees

Most Popular Fitness Band Between 15000 to 25000 Rupees

Microsoft Band

The Microsoft Band is an example of how premium and smart a fitness tracker can get. To be accurate, it is a hybrid device that also packs in some smart watch features. Whether to buy it or not depends totally on a question that how much money you are ready to spend for a device like this. As far as I am concerned, the price tag of 24990 rupees is certainly high according to my needs. Read also Most Popular Fitness Band Below 10000 Rupees.

Uncomfortable but Attractive Design: The band that this wearable features will result in discomfort for a first few days. You might also find it annoying to work on a desk while wearing it. However, the quality of the materials used in the making is really great. The display is vibrant and can be read easily under the bright sun.

Built-in GPS: Unlike most of the fitness bands and smart watches available in the market, this gadget also features built-in GPS that takes about 1-minute to get locked in. It helps a lot in activity tracking and planning daily goals.

Microsoft Band Review Specifications Price Online in India

Great Heart Rate Monitor

The heart rate monitor of the Microsoft Band is highly accurate and can show real time data in the activity mode. It does not matter if you wear this device down-facing or not, the heart rate data will always be accurate.

Low Battery Life: Microsoft promises about 48 hours of power backup on this device, which is certainly low. What will be the use of this band if you will have to charge it every other day?


  • Vibrant display
  • Medium and large variant
  • Features heart rate monitor and built-in GPS
  • Activity tracking
  • Sleep tracking


  • Low battery backup
  • Uncomfortable

Verdict: As far as specs are concerned, this device certainly comes with an overblown price tag. Technically speaking, Microsoft is charging more just because this gadget belongs to its premium series lineup. Read also LG Watch Urbane in India Below 25000 Rupees.

Display Yes
Pedometer Yes
HR Sensor Yes
Sleep Tracking Yes
Battery Life 48 Hours
Features Notifications
Sync Wireless
Compatibility Android, Windows, and iOS
Buy 25000 Rupees


Fitbit Surge

The arrival of brands like Apple, Samsung and Microsoft in the wearable world has posed a real threat to the traditional fitness band manufacturers like Fitbit. To secure place in highly competitive market of Fitness band, which is also considered next big thing after smartphone evolution, these brands are launching new innovative fitness tracking devices that are much more attractive than any of the earlier launched products.

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The Fitbit Surge that comes at the price of 19990 rupees is full of standalone features so that you would not need a smartphone during an activity.

Touch Display: This gadget sports a rectangular monochromatic display that has also got the support of a backlight. The low pixel density results in choppy experience, but the texts are easily readable. Different screens or faces can be accessed by swiping the display.

Fitbit Surge Review Specifications Price Online in India

Offers Built-in GPS and HR Monitor: Onboard GPS and HR Monitor help this gadget to become independent of a companion smartphone while doing activities. However, to view the health data in a comparative way, you would need a smartphone. This watch is also capable of setting daily goals according to your performance.

Sleep Profile: The device can also record your sleep profile over the night. If you are using a smartphone to view data, previous days’ records can also be compared.

Calorie Intake: The application that gets installed on phones is the same for every Fitbit device and allows for manual feeding of calorie intake. Monthly goals can be set and achieved using this feature.


  • 7 days of power backup
  • GPS and HR monitor
  • Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows operating systems
  • Digital display with backlight
  • Premium and comfortable design
  • Alarm

Cons: Monochromatic screen

Verdict: The Fitbit Surge fitness tracking device comes with all top-notch features expected in a fitness band and offers premium quality user experience in daily run. It can totally replace your wrist watch. Perhaps the greatest pro is that you will not have to carry a smartphone during the use. Read also 5 Must Have Gadgets for Your Home.

Display Yes
Pedometer Yes
HR Sensor Yes
Sleep Tracking Yes
Battery Life 7 Days
Features Notifications and Activity Tracking
Sync Wireless
Compatibility Android, Windows and iOS
Buy 20000 Rupees


Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit

The Gear Fit is a failed attempt by Samsung to put smart watch and fitness tracking capabilities in one device. However, this gadget did bring some innovations to the market when it was launched back in the year 2014. I would not recommend you to purchase this wearable device simply for the reason that only a handful smartphones are compatible with it.

Curved Display: One of the main attractions of the Gear Fit is its 1.84-inch curved display, which packs a decent resolution of 128 X 432 pixels. The display renders graphics sharp enough and you can easily read even the smallest texts. The main problem arises with the thin design that forces one to stretch arm in a painful way to read notifications. Its interface can be changed to portrait mode, however, then also browsing through the menu remains an annoying task.

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Highly Customizable: Samsung offers much more customization options on this wearable gadget than any other fitness band. You can replace the band by just pushing the main unit so that it pops out. Color and design of the interface can also be modified using a compatible smartphone.

Samsung Gear Fit Review Specifications Price Online in India

Inaccurate Pedometer

The pedometer on this device fails to give accurate details of the steps you have taken. This can be highly disappointing to those who are on a diet. The second thing that you will not like about the Gear Fit is it requires one to manually turn on and off the pedometer.

Slow Heart Rate Monitor: Heart rate monitor was the highlighted feature of this gadget that has failed to be an attractive feature for buyers. It takes about 10 seconds to measure the heart rate and during that time you will be required to keep the hand steady and sweat free.

Not So Impressive Battery Life: Battery life has one of the major factors on the purchase decision and this device considerably fails to perform on that front. You will hardly get more than 3 days of power backup on the Gear Fit.


  • Curved display
  • Customizable
  • Lightweight
  • Can show notifications
  • Also acts as remote control while listening to songs on your smartphone


  • Select smartphones are compatible
  • Pedometer is highly inaccurate
  • App does not break down data to useful scale

Verdict: There is not even a single feature on the Samsung Gear Fit that encourages me to say, this is the next fitness band I would prefer to buy. Moreover, in order to use this gadget, you need to invest in a compatible smartphone that doubles your total investment.

Price 16850 Rupees
Display Yes, 1.84 inch
Pedometer Yes
HR Sensor Yes
Sleep Tracking Yes
Battery Life 2 Days Mostly
Features Customizable and Water Resistant
Sync Wireless
Compatibility Android (Select)
Buy 15000 Rupees

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