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Most Popular Fitness Band Below 10000 Rupees

Most Popular Fitness Band Below 10000 Rupees

Water resistant Fitbit Charge

Fitbit is the best brand to opt for when it comes to health tracking devices. Its products are durable, full of features and come at reasonable prices. The Fitbit charge that we are now going to discuss has been one of the bestselling fitness bands in the country. One can grab this device for just 9990 rupees.

Wireless Operation: The most useful and amazing feature of this gadget is that it transfers data to your smartphone wirelessly. All you will need to do is pair it with an Android or iOS device.

Long Battery Life: This band easily passes over the industry average with its seven days of power backup time. Credit should be given to the less power hungry display that mostly remains in standby time.

A Great Tracking Device: Achieving daily health goals become really easy with this gadget. It records steps taken, the number of calories burned, size of the meal consumed, the duration of comfortable sleep and even the amount of water intake. However, some of the records have to be manually entered into the app.

Fitbit Charge Price Online

Soft On The Skin: The earlier fitness bands manufactured by this company were famous to give skin irritation. But the Fitbit Charge comes with an ultra-soft band that feels much comfortable on the hand.


  • Users can view their friends’ achievements
  • Option to set challenges and daily goals
  • Supports Android and iOS platforms
  • Inbuilt display
  • 7 days of power backup
  • Alarm and stopwatch
  • Water resistant

Cons: The software is not as smart as that of Jawbone’s

Verdict: The Fitbit Charge fitness band is a great choice because not only it keeps track and record of your health rather also looks nice on your wrist as a replacement of time display watch. You can easily manage calorie intake as well as the amount of work done.

Price 10000 Rupees
Display Yes
Pedometer Yes
HR Sensor No
Sleep Tracking Yes
Battery Life 7 Days
Features Water Resistant and Caller ID
Sync Wireless
Compatibility Android and iOS


Track Sleep and Food by Jawbone Up24

Baba Ramdev’s Yoga program, Shree Shree Ravi Shankar’s Art of living and PM Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan are some great initiatives attributed the rise of preventive health care among Indian. Nowadays we have lots of debate on health and Indian’s new generation accepts the idea of preventive health care through various methods. A fitness band certainly helps in this process.

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Furthermore, credit should also be given to internet age, technology companies, and improved medical sciences. Since the last couple of years, more and more brands are focusing on fitness devices. One of the most affordable yet highly functional gadgets of such type is the Jawbone Up24 that was launched back in the year 2013. Even though it is not the latest fitness band, but the features embedded on its chip are really amazing.

Comfortable But Annoying Design: The first fitness band that Jawbone had launched was not comfortable at all. But learning from the mistakes, the brand has improved many things in the Up24 band. The edges of the only button present on this device has been curved so to avoid damage to the skin. The pattern of the outer shell offers a nice appeal. But as the two ends of the band get folded at the bottom, you will find it quite annoying while working on a laptop.

Water Resistant: Its body is water-resistant which should not be considered waterproof. You will be able to wash your hands wearing this device, but be sure to remove it before going to shower or in the bath tub.

Mouthwatering Features: Jawbone Up24 fitness band gadget is not an ordinary band, which tracks only steps rather, it makes good reports about your sleep, exercise, and food activity. In simple words, this band can easily replace your nutritionist if you can strictly plan diet and follow regularly.

Jawbone Up24 Price Online

Supports Both Android and iOS Platforms

The app supports an application, which helps users to analyze and understand health records, is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Features that the manufacturer has built-in on the application are simply mind blowing.

7 Days Battery Backup: Charging the Up24 fitness band is really easy. Just remove the cap and attach it to any USB port using the connector that comes in the box. Once fully charged, the device offers at least 7 days of power backup.


  • Tracks steps, sleep and food
  • Easy to use app
  • Supports both Android and iOS platforms
  • Helps in planning diet


  • No watch face
  • The band is a little thick

Verdict: Jawbone Up24 band is the most amazing fitness tracking device in this price segment. I would highly recommend it to those who seriously want to lose weight and stay healthy. However, the lack of watch face is something that will stop many customers from buying it.

Price 6500 Rupees
Display No
Pedometer Yes
HR Sensor No
Sleep Tracking Yes
Battery Life 7 Days
Features Water Resistant
Sync Bluetooth
Compatibility Android and iOS
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Set Daily Goals with Garmin Vivofit

Garmin should be credited with some appreciation for launching a fitness tracker, which is really affordable. Moreover, it is one of the devices in the market that offer much long battery life. The Garmin Vivofit is currently available in the market for a price of 4999 rupees only.

Digital Display: The vertical display of this device houses a display similar to that of any other digital clock. It lacks backlighting technology, so you will face some problem while viewing the data in the dark. Good thing is it shows all the details in a highly managed way.

Really Long Battery Life: You might not like the display technology used, but that is what makes it possible for this device to offer more than a year of power backup.

Bluetooth Technology and Water Resistant

The Vivofit uses Bluetooth to wirelessly upload the tracked data to your mobile device. The application is easy to browse through but lacks a few basic features. Garmin also ships a USB adapter in the box that allows the users to sync data with PCs or Laptops.

One can wear this fitness tracker 24/7. Its components are so watertight that you can go swimming without removing this device.

Compatible with Heart Rate Monitor: The Garmin Vivofit might not be housing a heart rate monitor, but that does not mean it cannot support one. A separate band that records heart rate can be bought separately and the data can be easily viewed on the display of this device.


  • Long battery life
  • Water resistant
  • Supports heart rate monitor
  • Operates wirelessly
  • Challenges
  • Sets daily goals
  • Tracks sleep
  • Captures step data as well as calories burned

Garmin Vivofit Review and Specifications


  • No back-light
  • No food tracking

Verdict: In the less than 5000 rupees price segment, Garmin Vivofit one is the best device that we can buy in India. It offers all such features that are expected on a fitness tracking device.

Price 5000 Rupees
Display Yes
Pedometer Yes
HR Sensor No
Sleep Tracking Yes
Battery Life 1 Year +
Features Move Bar, Goal Setting, and Challenges
Sync Wireless
Compatibility Android and iOS


Mi Band Budget Fitness / Activity Tracker

Xiaomi is the brand if you are limited on budget for a fitness band. Going into customer favor, Xiaomi has the habit to break the price barrier set by premium brands. Generally, fitness brands are priced above 5000 rupees, which is certainly not the budget most Indian want to spend as preventive health care is a low-key concern.

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Xiaomi has done an extraordinary job by launching the Mi Band for an unbelievable price of 999 rupees only. Currently, the device is listed out of stock on the company’s official website. I would like to suggest patience until new stock becomes available online. Please note some websites are selling a fake version of this fitness band.

Comfortable: The rubberized material used in the band is much soft and feels great on the wrist. The main unit has an aluminum face and does not feature a display. You will find three LED lights, which prove to be pretty useful during the use.

This gadget is IP67 water-resistant and could be worn while swimming or taking a bath.

Amazing Battery Life and Accurate Tracking

Battery life of the Mi Band is beyond expectation. The manufacturer promises about 30 days of power backup, but you will easily get past 40 days. Considering the fact, it houses a battery, which is less than 50 mAh in capacity this is really a great achievement.

Attracted by the price of Mi fitness band, many people have questioned whether or not it measures everything accurately. If you are one of them, I assure you for accurate results from this gadget when it comes to tracking steps you have taken or the distance you have covered.

Poorly Organized Application: The Mi Band is compatible with smartphones running Android 4.4 or above. However, the interface lacks quite a few basic features. You will not be able to compare the data recorded from previous days. Also, this device does not share information with third-party health apps.

Xiaomi Mi Band Fitness Review


  • Stunning battery life
  • Great design
  • Comfortable
  • Water resistant
  • Accurate step and sleep tracking


  • Not easily available
  • No real time data

Verdict: I would happily gift and recommend Xiaomi Mi Band to readers. Actually, market demand of Mi Band is so high that you will find difficult to get one delivered to your address.

Xiaomi Mi Band Fitness Specifications

Price 999 Rupees
Display No
Pedometer Yes
HR Sensor No
Sleep Tracking Yes
Battery Life 30-40 Days
Features Goal Setting
Sync Wireless
Compatibility Android 4.4 and Above

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