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Modern Double Door Refrigerator Below 25000 Rupees

Samsung RT29JARZESP/TL 275L Frost-free Double Door Refrigerator

If budget is not an issue and you want a relatively big fridge, then I would like to recommend the Samsung RT29JARZESP/TL refrigerator. This 25,500-rupee fridge not only sports a premium design but also comes with premium level features. Read also Five Star Rated Samsung Single Door Refrigerator in 16000 Rupees.

Save Power Bill with 4-star Energy Rating

Samsung has used the most efficient technologies on this refrigerator. It consumes really low electricity and has got energy rating of four stars. There is no chance that this product will increase your power bill to an unmanageable level. You will not be required to purchase an additional stabilizer as the refrigerator supports a wide voltage input range. Still, I suggest using a voltage stabilizer to protect heavy electrical gadgets against the power fluctuation. In my home, I use V-guard stabilizer since the brand offers of the best quality built and minimum five years of service warranty.

Samsung RT29JARZESP TL 275L Frost-free Double Door Refrigerator

Can Run On Inverter Power: This Samsung refrigerator is especially designed for Indian customers and comes with an inverter friendly compressor. It is certainly a perfect gadget to protect Indian food in Indian eco-system.

It does not matter if your house suffers from frequent power cut, low voltage or fluctuation, you will always get chilled water from this Samsung gadget. Moreover, the cool pack that this refrigerator comes with is capable of retaining cool temperatures for up to 12 hours, which is the highest offered by any product in this segment.

Powerful Cooling Operation: Cool air gets dispersed through a number of vents located in different sections. This helps in creating an all-around cooling system that maintains the same temperature throughout all the corners. The ice maker that this refrigerator comes equipped with stores two times more ice than what other refrigerators in the market are capable of storing. The freezer has a total gross capacity of 69 liters, which is more than what you will ever need.

For keeping fruits and vegetables fresh for longer durations, Samsung has featured a concealed crisper at the bottom that locks the moisture inside. One good thing is that this crisper can also release extra moisture from special vents if the humidity reaches harmful levels.

Elegant Design on this Samsung Refrigerator

This refrigerator is the final destination for those who are looking for an aesthetically pleasing fridge for their kitchen. It's platinum inox finish will certainly blow your mind. The recessed handles of both doors not only save space but also provide a nice appeal to the refrigerator itself.

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Storing items becomes a lot easier with the user-friendly design of this product. There are two large shelves on the door, which can be used to store taller containers. The shelves of the refrigerator section can be pulled out without putting any effort. There is also a fresh room at the top that keeps the food chilling and fresh even if the door gets opened a lot.


  • Premium design
  • Great quality build
  • 10 years of warranty on the compressor
  • Runs on inverter in the event of power cut
  • Strong shelves, can store heavy items
  • Spacious compartments
  • Retains lower temperatures for about 12 hours
  • Stabilizer free operation

Verdict: Stylish look, advance features, and the latest sensing technology make it suitable for all Indian homes. In my opinion, the MPR is well justified with the list of features this Samsung double door refrigerator brings to your home. Samsung has covered almost all available modern day features in this refrigerator model. However, the extra features like water dispenser are not possible to achieve in this price segment. Read also Best Double Door Refrigerator Under 22000 Rupees.

Gross Capacity 275 Liters
Number of Shelves 3
Design Double Door
Weight 50.7 KG
Dimensions 555 mm X 1635 mm X 637 mm
Energy Stars 4
Supports Inverter Power Yes
Extra Features Frost Free, IceMax, Easy Glide Shelf Out, Big Bottle Compartment and All Round Cooling
Buy 25000 Rupees


Godrej RT EON 260 P 3.3 260 L Double Door Refrigerator

Godrej is the most trusted Hindustani brand in the Indian market. No matter which shop you head to, the executives will always tell that Godrej is the best brand when it comes to buying a refrigerator. However, there is one fact that every customer should be aware, Godrej products generally do not come at budget-friendly prices.

The next product in our list is the Godrej RT EON 260 P 3.3 Refrigerator that comes with all the features and capabilities that you would expect on an ideal fridge. But you will have to pay 23,490 rupees to take this refrigerator home.

The Best Design in the Market: Do not get me wrong, I am not calling this refrigerator as the most beautiful fridge in the market. There is nothing special when it comes to look. However, I do like the user friendliness of this double door gadget. Godrej has designed this refrigerator in a way that benefits the end users in a number of ways.

Godrej RT EON 260 P 3 3 260 L Double Door Refrigerator

It features a pull-out drawer that can be used to store those items that are used frequently. There are two hooks in the freezer section that allows the user to hang polybag items. The freezer also contains a special dry fruit bin, which is really a surprising thing. A tilting bin on the door is best suited for storing cans and other beverages. There is also a dedicated dairy bin on the door that comes with a lid on top. This is not all there are a number of attachments, which we cannot discuss in this review segment. However, we can confirm that those small attachments certainly help the user’s day to day experience.

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Great Cooling

There are a number of air vents on this refrigerator, which makes sure that the cool air reaches every corner. These air vents are fused with silver particles for benefits like superior cooling and bacteria removal. A special lamp inside the refrigerator emits far infrared light to lock the moisture of fruits and vegetables. In the event of a power cut, the refrigerator can maintain lower temperatures for up to 10 hours.

Will Not Increase Your Electricity Bill: If electricity bill is your main concern, then do not worry as this refrigerator comes with the 3-star rating. Moreover, it starts with a really low voltage consumption of 140V and is also capable of running without a stabilizer.


  • Durable outer shell, metal components come coated with Zinc Oxide
  • Aroma Lock feature filters the air
  • Silver fused air vent to kill bacteria and enhance the cooling operation
  • User-friendly design
  • Cooling retention of up to 10 hours
  • Tilting bins
  • Glass shelves can resist weight up to 150 KG
  • Moisture lock crisper with control slider

Cons: Does not come with an inverter compressor

Verdict: The only downside of purchasing this refrigerator is that it cannot work on inverter power supply. However, that does not bother you much as it is capable of keeping the items cool for up to 10 hours in case power cut continues many hours.

The most important fact that makes this Godrej double door refrigerator a super hit product is that it offers easy accessibility to all the compartments. I won’t be wrong if I rate this as the best user-friendly refrigerator in the market. Read also Godrej Single Door Refrigerator with Many Features below 11000 Rupees.

Gross Capacity 260 Liters
Number of Shelves 2
Design Double Door
Weight 55 KG
Dimensions 597 mm X 1518 mm X 706 mm
Energy Stars 3
Supports Inverter Power No
Extra Features Tilting Bins, i-Fresh Technology, Silver Shower Technology, Pull Out Drawer, Aroma Lock and Toughened Glass Shelves
Buy 23500 Rupees

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