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Top Mobile Phones below 3000 Rupees

Best Mobile Phone from 2000 to 3000 Rupees in India Market

Any cost below 5000 Rupees is too less for top brands to produce enduring mobile phones with a reliable processor, ample RAM, powerful battery, and other essential features. However, the brands those are a new startup do take such challenge to position themselves in the market. They do provide budget smartphones with excellent features.

In this piece, we cover top budget mobile phones under 3000 Rupees, which are best options on the market at present. They are not the products of top smartphone brands, but their build quality and performance are remarkable.

► Samsung Metro 350 Dual SIM Mobile Phone

Are you looking for a reliable feature phone under 3000 Rupees? Nokia and Samsung are the two best brands for long-lasting feature phones in India market. Take a look at the Samsung Metro 350 mobile phone. It is one of the best-selling dual SIM mobile phones under 3000 Rupees currently. This favorite feature phone has a 2.4-Inch screen and a powerful, long-lasting 1200-mAh battery. It is a lightweight mobile phone, weighs only 89 grams, withal.

Samsung Metro 350 Dual SIM Feature Phone

The Samsung feature phone has an outstanding build quality and a good-looking design. Its keypad is spacious with tactile keys. The user will find it easier to press individual buttons on the keyboard.

Usually, the camera on feature phones is just for namesake. They don’t capture quality shots. However, that is not the case with this Samsung feature phone. Its 2MP primary camera does an excellent job. You can take good quality snaps and also record footage by it.

Samsung Metro XL is an elder brother of Samsung Metro 350. Both the phones have similar specs, but with a noticeable difference in their screen size and camera features.

Samsung Metro XL has a 2.8-Inch screen, 3.1MP primary camera with CMOS sensor, and also a 2MP selfie camera. You need to pay only 400 Rupees more for this phone than what you need to pay for Samsung Metro 350. Therefore, I think you should increase your budget and order Samsung Metro XL, the best feature phone in India market at present.

Price 2800 Rupees
Features 2.4-Inch Screen | 1200-mAh Battery | 16GB MicroSD Card Support | 2MP Primary Camera with Video Recording Capability | Internet | FM | Weight: 89-Grams
Connectivity Bluetooth | USB | Stereo Audio Jack
Sales Box Samsung B351E/Metro 350 | Battery | Charger | Stereo Earphone with Mic
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► Nokia 216 Mobile Phone with Selfie Camera

This Nokia mobile phone is a perfect choice for the people who only need basic functionalities. You do not need any kind of expertise to use this mobile phone. It is suitable for your moms and dads who feel uncomfortable using a touchscreen smartphone. The menu is much easier to browse through, and the vibrant display enhances the end user experience. This feature phone is highly durable and will last for years. Moreover, it is quite comfortable for single hand use.

Nokia 216 Dual SIM Mobile Phone with Selfie Camera

Further, this phone offers GPRS connectivity and also has Preloaded Facebook and Messenger apps will keep you updated always. It also sports a VGA camera capable of recording videos.

The onboard storage of the Nokia 216 can be expanded using a microSD card. In fact, users can enjoy a long playlist of their favorite music on this impeccable phone. Since it does not have a big display, its high-quality 1100-mAh battery offers a lasting 25-Days backup. Thus, charge once and use it for a whole month.

If you are someone looking for a phone with basic features, then there cannot be a better solution than this Nokia mobile Phone. It is the best dual SIM feature phone under 2500 Rupees at present.

Price 2300 Rupees
Feature Store 2000 Contacts in Phonebook | Games | Browser | Converter | Calculator | Alarm | Music & Video Player | Torch | Voice Recording | Stereo FM
Display 2.4-inch | 240×320 Pixels | 167 PPI | LCD
Memory 32GB MicroSD card support
Camera Primary: {0.3MP | Digital Zoom 2X} | Front: {0.3MP with LED Flash}
Battery 1020 mAh | Li-ion
Connectivity 1G | 2G | Bluetooth | GPRS | USB | Dual SIM


► iBall Aasaan 4 – Best mobile phone for seniors

Gift this iBall mobile phone to your grandpa or grandma if you care and love them. The latest variant of iBall Aasaan is the best phone for senior citizens in India currently. iBall brand sells mobile phones suitable for senior citizens under its Aasaan (Easy) series. The latest variant, the Aasaan 4 is the best among all. This phone comes with all required features for convenience, care, and safety.

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IBall Aasaan 4 mobile for senior citizen

Let me inform you upfront that the iBall Aasaan 4 is a different phone for special people. It is limited in what it does, but it does excellently for what it has been designed to do. So do not have high expectation from this phone. At least one should be thankful to brand iBall for producing such basic mobile phones for seniors.

There is no reliable alternative of this device in India market at present. Thus, we have no option but to settle with it. Therefore, my observation of the phone is limited to the features it has and whether they function as supposed to do for daily use or not. One can make a fair comparison only when there are two or more similar products are available. Such as Product A is superior or mediocre than Product B. Here we do not have Product B. So, we have no option but to settle with Product A.

→ Build and design of this phone for elder

The iBall Aasaan 4 mobile phone has a decent 2.31-Inch screen. The screen is not big but looks crisp and clear. Fonts and icons appear appropriately large. You can increase or decrease font size and also there is the feature to zoom SMS, NUMBER, CONTENT list and other blocks on the phone.

The keypad of this phone is impressive. Not only the keys are big, but they also speak the number when you press them. Suppose you press 2, you will loudly hear two in the language you had set as the system language for the phone. You can set or change the system language to one of the available ten language options.

Further, the looks and design of this phone are fantastic. It looks awesome. Rounded edge adds a premium appeal to the phone design. I must say iBall designed the phone smartly. Every detail of the design has some logic and thought behind them.

→ Safety features and Aasaan App

The best mobile for senior citizen comes with a dedicated button for SOS. This phone also has the mobile tracker feature. This feature will come handy when the phone lands into a wrong person’s hand. While setting the phone, you need to set a number, which will get an alert message when a new SIM card is inserted into the phone. When someone tries to use the phone, you get the information.

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iBall designed a versatile app to make this phone multitasking compatible. The Aasaan App on this phone allows the following settings

  1. Medicine reminder
  2. Hearing Aid: Amplifying Audio – Plug-in the earphone and activate the speaker mode
  3. Digital magnifier for Zoom in to read SMS and contact number
  4. Speed Dial to predefined numbers
  5. Announcer for Incoming call name (Amar Calling………. Amar Calling………Amar Calling)
→ iBall Aasaan 4 Specs

iBall Aasaan 4 is a fantastic mobile phone. However, its battery life is mediocre. iBall had scope to put at least 2500 mAh battery. Rest of the features of this best easy to use mobile phones for seniors is outstanding. I am enthralled with its build, design, features, and performance. Remember, this phone has no reliable alternative in the market. Therefore, there is no question of whether it is an excellent device or not. If you care about those because of whom you have a great life today, order iBall Aasaan 4. It is the best phone for senior citizens in India at present.

Price 2990 Rupees
Features Dual SIM | Special Bar Design | Special Braille Keypad for the Visually-impaired | Talking Keypad | Dedicated key for LED Torch, FM, Phone Lock, SOS Key |Write SMS in 12 Indian Languages | Read SMS in 22 Indian languages | Set Phone Language in 10 Indian languages | Basic Camera with Video Recording and Playback
Sys Language English (default) | Hindi | Urdu | Bengali | Marathi | Punjabi | Gujarati | Tamil | Telugu | Assamese | Kannada
Write SMS English | Hindi | Urdu | Bengali | Malayalam | Marathi | Punjabi | Gujarati | Tamil | Telugu | Assamese | Odiya | Kannada
Screen 2.31-Inch
Battery 1800 mAh Li-ion
Entertainment Music & Video Player | Wireless FM with Recording
Safety SOS for emergency | Mobile Tracker | Privacy Protection | Phone Lock | Auto keypad Lock | Black List | Auto Call Recording
Connectivity 3.5-mm Audio Jack | Bluetooth | USB
Memory No Internal memory | Store 1000 Contacts in Phone Book | Store 200 Contents in SIM Memory | MicroSD Card Support up to 32GB
Warranty 12 Months | iBall Customer Care 1860 300 42255
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