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Premium Mixer Grinder below 9000 Rupees

Best Mixer Grinder Juicer below 9000 Rupees

If you have been following our mixer grinder section, you will notice that we have had a slight preference over budget mixer grinders than their premium counterparts. In this article though, we will focus on the very best mixer grinders in India. These are the topmost grinders in India, reaching a price of up to 10000 rupees. As usual, we considered a number of aspects when compiling this list. Some of these aspects include quality, motor size, durability, and reliability.

Typically, most premium mixer grinders run on motors of not less than 750 Watts, and this is for a reason. If you are building a premium gadget, let’s say a car or any electronic, it ought to outperform its cheaper versions. In the same way, premium mixer grinders have a limit as to how weak a motor they can run and this limit is 750 Watts.

However, what sets apart premium mixer grinders from other grinders is their robust nature. If you are looking for a heavy duty mixer grinder that won’t let you down no matter what, then it has to be a premium grinder. In this piece, we have discussed a number of unfailing grinders. Actually, we have had a chance to use all of them, so we have no doubt when we recommend them to you.

► 750-Watts Ultra Elgi Duramix Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

Top on the list is the Ultra Elgi Duramix 750P mixer grinder. Comparing it to the Elgi Ultra Vario+ which we covered just recently, we noted a considerable difference between these two devices. Although both mixer grinders use 750-Watt motors, the Duramix variant has a thicker grinding jar as well as metal couplers.

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Ultra Elgi 750 Watts Duramix Mixer Grinder

On the other hand, the Vario+ (which is the cheaper version) uses plastic and rubber couplings which are feebler than metallic ones. This device also has a digital display which is missing in the Elgi Ultra Vario+. Here are some of the features we liked in the Elgi Duramix.

All-metallic durable build: Notably, the Elgi Ultra Duramix comes in all metallic body which not only makes it durable but also stylish. The average heavy-duty mixer grinder price in India ranges between 6000 rs and 12000 rs. Therefore, this device falls well within its price range.

On a personal note, I noted that this device has better jars than those of the Elgi Ultra Vario+. At least this time the engineers were kind enough to build the jars with a spherical chamber. This design allows for uniformity, especially when grinding grains.

→ Powerful motor with SLO-grind functionality

At this price range, the Elgi Duramix is arguably the best mixer grinder with 750 watts. To start with, the engineers fitted it with a variable slow speed dial. This dial is used for regulating the grinding speed especially for ingredients that are not meant to be crushed vigorously. Elgi Ultra calls the feature the SLO-grind utility.

Additionally, this grinder has a three-speed control system. Nonetheless, we were disappointed that the engineers omitted an electronic speed sensor on this device. Probably the sensor was unnecessary here, bearing in mind that the device already has a reliable speed control system.

Silent operation: Just like the Vario+, this device has very little noise output. Though, this feature does not come as a surprise in a premium grinder. Almost all premium mixer grinder models maintain a noise-free operation. The metallic couplers on this device keep everything intact and vibration-free thus achieving a smooth soundless experience.

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→ Additional safety features on this mixer grinder

Elgi Ultra also added a number of safety features on this device. These include a lid-lock system for hands-free and spill-free experience, an overload protection system and non-slip feet. Also, the gadget has automatic cut-off protection to protect the motor from burning out.

Other features: Additional features on the best mixer grinder in India market below 9000 Rupees include a Digital time display, a mini cup with a lid and a T-spanner. Surprisingly, most of these additional features are missing in the cheaper Elgi Ultra Vario+.

Price 8850 Rupees
Features Digital Time Display | Slo-grind (Variable slow speed dial) | Fixed Speeds | Slow Speed Juicing/Chopping | Silent Operation | Overload Protection | Electricity Off/On Resume Protection | Auto Motor Cut-off Protection
Motor 750-Watt | Metal Coupler | Turbo Speed
Jar Four: 3 Jars + Mini Cup | Mini Cup with lid | Small (0.5L), Medium (0.8L), Large (1.5L) | Jar Material: AISI 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel | Flow Breakers in Jars | Metal Coupler | Jar Locking (Mechanical sensing) | Lid lock for hands-free operation
Build Metal Body | Non-slip Feet | Spatula | T-Spanner | Dimensions 210L × 210W × 240H mm | Hook-type Power Cord | 2-meter cord
Warranty 24 Months on the unit | 5 Years on Motor | Ultra Elgi Customer Care: 1800 102 2040; [email protected]

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