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Best Mixer Grinder Juicer Blender under 6000 Rupees

Best Mixer Grinder Juicer Blender under 6000 Rupees in India Market

Mixer grinders have become a standard feature in most Indian homes. Of course, if you have a deep regard for healthy foods, then you understand that a mixer grinder is crucial in preparing a healthy meal. Be it a glass of juice or a dish of Atta flour for chapattis a good grinder gives you the exact results that you want. If you are not aware of how to choose a mixer grinder, or you are inexperienced with these gadgets, this article is meant for you. We compiled this list of budget mixer grinders as an ultimate guide to help new buyers make the right decision.

One major question we always receive in our comments section is how many watts mixer grinder is good? Well, the answer to this question is that it all depends on your needs. But generally, high wattage blenders and grinders tend to do a better and faster job. In other words, the higher the wattage, the lesser the time the grinder takes to crush stuff. Take for instance these two mixer grinders – a 550-Watt grinder versus a 750-Watt grinder.

The main difference between 550 watts and 750 watts mixer grinder may not be the design. As a matter of fact, both mixers might have the same design as well as jar capacity. However, if we fill each of the grinders with half a Kg of grain, then it is logical that the 750 grinder finishes the job faster. In addition, the 750-watt grinder tends to generate more RPMs (rotations per minute) than the other grinder. Hence, it can handle a bigger load of grain without jamming. Here are the best grinders below 5500 Rupees in India.

► 2000W Inalsa Power Blender

The power blender from the house of Indian kitchen appliance brand Inalsa is currently the cheapest blender with 2000W motor. Then its build quality is excellent and performance is top-notch. It can process everything consumable as expected. Yes, it can crush ice and make nut paste for nut butter. The brand offers 2-Years complete service warranty as well.

Inalsa Power Blender 2000W

Inalsa products are very affordable. You could trust this brand for high-quality durable kitchen and home appliances. There are many Inalsa products in my home and my relatives’ home. So, I am well aware of the build quality of the products of this brand.

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Is this Inalsa power blender any difference from a regular mixer grinder? NO! Apparently, a regular mixer grinder will be more useful than this power blender. Because it is just a power blender and mixer. It is not a total food solution for food processing.

Sujata Dynamix with 900W motor will cost you less than 5000 Rupees. Whatever can be done in this Inalsa 2000W power blender, the same can be done in the Sujata 900W mixer grinder as well.

Price ₹5490 | Amazon | Flipkart
Features For: {Blend, Chop, Grind, Crush, Puree, Emulsify, Others} | Process everything Consumable | Ice Crushing | Warranty: 2-Year
Motor 2000W | 100% Copper Coil | 3000 RPM | Power-ON/OFF | Speed Levels | Plus Control | Motor Cooling Vents
Jar Capacity: 2-Liter | Build-Material: BPA-Free Tritan | Blade: 8-Leaf Stainless-Steel | Durable Blade-Shaft


► 750W Bajaj Maverick Mixer Grinder

The newest Bajaj mixer grinder machine is the latest food processor under 6000 Rupees on the market. Equipped with a powerful 750W copper motor, the Bajaj Maverick mixer grinder model comes with a kneading jar and a coconut scrubber besides three regular jars for blending, grinding, mixing. Does it worth it at the current market price?

Bajaj Maverick 750W Mixer Grinder Food Processor Coconut Scraper

Bajaj Maverick mixer grinder machine impresses with its well-balanced motor body, which has a bigger base and strong suction rubber feet. Presently you can buy it only in black color. The body seems durable. But the design is not futurist, rather a usual one.

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With this mixer grinder cum food processor, Bajaj brand provides three stainless steel jars besides kneading bowl and coconut scrubber. The SS jars have a solid body, and their blades are made of grade-304 hard steel. So is the quality of the kneading jar and coconut scrubber.

Check what Inalsa and Rico brands have to offer if you really want a mixer grinder with a kneader and a coconut scrubber. At the current market price, Bajaj Maverick mixer grinder machine even with 5 Jars set looks pricey to me.

Price ₹6000 | Amazon
Features Wet & Dry {Grinding | Mixing | Blending} | Kneading | Chopping | Coconut-Scrubbing | Shredding | Slicing | Finger-Chips} | Warranty: {2-Years on Whole-unit | 5-Years on Motor}
Motor 750W | 100% Copper-Winding | Over-Load Protection | Non-Slip Rubber Feet | ABS Plastic Body | 18000 RPM
Jar Stainless-Steel Jar | Hard Steel Sharp Blades | 1.5-Liter Blender | 1.0-Liter Mixer | 0.4-Liter Chutney


► 750W Preethi Steele Supreme Mixer Grinder

The Steel Supreme mixer grinder from the house of Preethi brand is truly a masterpiece. It is one of the best mixer grinders under 6000 Rupees.

The 750W copper motor is very efficient and generates enormous power. The jars have a solid stainless-steel body, and their sharp blades are made of hard steel. So, this Preethi mixer grinder can grind even the hardest ingredients with ease.

Preethi Steel Supreme 750W Mixer Grinder Juice Machine

What makes Preethi Steel Supreme mixer grinder special among the hundreds of 750W mixer grinder machines on the market is its build and design. Preethi brand’s in-house developed TURBO VENT technology is a part of the design. The technology is basically an advanced ventilation system that keeps jar and motor cool during operation. That results in the perfect grinding of spices and enhances motor life, too.

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If I am not wrong, Preethi Steel Supreme is the only branded mixer grinder with a steel motor body. Its Matte finished steel body has an anti-finger mark coating. Post using it, simply wipe using a dry cloth. It will become as new as it was on day one.  Moreover, ergonomically designed jar handles have chrome plating. The ring around the speed control knob illuminates, withal.

The waterfall design of Preethi Steele Supreme mixer grinder not just makes it look attractive, makes it well balanced, too. However, what is the use of a well-balanced body when the jars do not have lid lock? In the absence of lid lock feature, you will have to keep your hand on the lid during operation to avoid an accident.

Price ₹5200 | Amazon
Features Wet & Dry {Grinding, Mixing, Blending} | Warranty: {2-Years on the whole unit}
Motor 750W | Copper Winding | Over-Load Protection | Non-Slip Rubber Feet | Steel Body with Anti-Fingerprint Coating | High-Grade Nylon Coupler | LED Power Indicator | Class-I Protection | Class-F Insulation | Max Run: 30-Minutes (Ideal 5-Minutes)
Jar 3 Stainless-steel Jars {1.5L Blender | 1.0L Multipurpose Jar | 0.5L Chutney Jar} | 1.5L Juice Extractor Plastic Jar | Hard Steel Blades | Jar Handle Chrome Plating


► 900W Sujata Multimix Mixer Grinder Juicer

Usually, I say that the brand is one of the brands. However, in the case of Sujata, I will say this with full surety say that it is the best mixer grinder brand in India market. I am a huge fan of its silent 900W copper motor with double ball bearing. In fact, all the mixer grinder models of Sujata brand features the same motor. Sujata Multimix mixer grinder is not different either.

Sujata Multimix Mixer Grinder Juicer Machine 900W Motor

Sujata Multimix mixer grinder machine comes with a chutney jar, a dry grinding jar, a juice extractor, and a juice maker. So, it is a complete set. Having this mixer grinder and juicer machine in your kitchen means you need not buy any other food processing machine. You can separately purchase 1-liter or 1.5-liter jar if you need one. They are available on the market.

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For a premium product, you must pay a premium price. The current market price of Sujata Multimix MGJ machine is 5890 Rupees. It is too high but is the right price considering the product quality and the pricing of other mixer grinder models of this brand.

Should you buy Sujata Multimix mixer grinder and juicer machine by paying close to 6000 Rupees? Isn’t it too pricey? Yes, it is! Still, I recommended it. If you want a well-made mixer grinder with a heavy-duty motor, then consider it. It is the best mixer grinder machine under 6000 Rupees in terms of build quality and performance.

Price ₹5890 | Amazon
Features Wet & Dry {Grinding, Mixing, Juicing} | Warranty: 2-Year
Motor 900W | Double Ball-Bearing | Copper-Winding | Over-Load Protection | Class-I Double-Insulated | 90-Minutes Continuous Run | Speed Levels: 4 | 22000 RPM | ABS Plastic Body with Non-slip Rubber-Feet | Power-Cord: 2.15-Meter
Jar 2 Stainless Jar {1.0L Multipurpose Jar | 0.4L Chutney Jar} | Juice-Extractor Jar | Juice Maker Unit


► 750W Preethi Taurus Mixer Grinder Juicer

Preethi is a favorite brand of Indian buyers for a quality MGJ machine in a premium design. In fact, it was the Preethi brand, which by launching a super-premium mixer grinder Zodiac break the convention that a heavy-duty mixer grinder machine cannot have a premium design. Preethi Zodiac was the first, and it is even today one of the most stylish mixer grinder machines in the market.

Preethi Taurus 750W Mixer Grinder with 4 Jars

Preethi Taurus has an eye-catching design similar to Preethi Zodiac mixer grinder. The difference, however, is in their color, the number of jars with them, and therefore in their price. The current price of Preethi Zodiac is 6800 Rupees whereas Preethi Taurus costs only 5499 Rupees.

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Preethi Zodiac vs Preethi Taurus: Preethi brand ships a total of five jars with Preethi Zodiac model. That includes a 0.5L chutney jar, 1.0L multipurpose jar, 1.5L blender, 3-in-1 juicer jar, and a master chef jar for various cooking activities. Preethi Taurus mixer grinder machine coves with 0.5L chutney jar, 1.0L multipurpose jar, 1.5L blender, and a 3-in-1 juicer jar. Jars of both the MGJ machines are made of stainless steel and blades in them is made of high-grade SS metal. Therefore, it is no secret that Preethi Taurus mixer grinder is a twin sister of Preethi Zodiac.

Similar to Preethi Zodiac, Preethi Taurus mixer machine has the safely alert indicator underneath its control knob. The indicator by illuminating alarms the user immediately that due to overload the motor is not getting started.

Price ₹5499 | Amazon
Features Wet & Dry {Grinding, Mixing, Blending} | Warranty: {2-Year for Whole-Unit | 5-Star for Motor}
Motor 750W | Copper Winding | Over-Load Protection
Jar 4 {1.5-Liter, 1.0-Liter, 0.5-Liter, 1.2-Liter 3-in-1 Juicer} | Stainless-Steel Jar | Stainless-Steel Sharp Blades
Build ABS Plastic Body with Non-slip Rubber-Feet


► 750W Butterfly Desire Juicer Mixer Grinder

The Desire juicer mixer grinder machine of Butterfly brand has been a favorite choice of those buyers who want a well-designed mixer grinder with a powerful motor. In fact, some of the best-selling mixer grinders under 5500 Rupees, which have a premium design come from the house of Butterfly brand. Butterfly Matchless Prime mixer grinder is a suitable example.

Butterfly Desire Juicer Mixer Grinder with 4 Jars

A 1HP (or say 750-Watt) motor powers this premium mixer grinder. The body of motor unite and jars are made of either hard ABS plastic or polycarbonate. However, the design of four general use jars is interesting. Their inside shell is made of stainless steel ensures their durability whereas outer shell is made of hard plastic.

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Durable build quality? No denying the fact that the entire unit looks eye-catching. However, a mixer grinder set is not for kitchen decoration. People want to buy a mixer grinder machine for five to seven years of use. I do not think jars with the Butterfly Desire mixer grinder machine would last that long.

Now a billion-dollar question — is this Butterfly mixer grinder model a value for money product or not. I provide the details, you judge for yourself. This Butterfly mixer grinder juicer model competes with the 5 Jar mixer grinder and juicer machine from Panasonic. The Panasonic mixer machine, however, has a 550-Watt motor. Although the quality of its four jars, made of stainless steel, are far superior to the build quality of four jars with this Butterfly mixer grinder.

Should you buy this Butterfly Desire mixer grinder? I think Butterfly product design team for this mixer grinder juicer model over-focused on the design part. They missed the central point that in mixer grinder durability and performance is a top priority, not design.

Price ₹5500 | Amazon
Motor 750W | 20000 RPM |  Copper-Coil
Jar 4 Jars (1.75L, 1.5L, 1.25L, 0.6L) + Juicer Jar
Warranty Up to 5 Years


► 750-Watt Elgi Ultra Vario+ Mixer Grinder Juicer

Elgi Ultra is one of India’s best upcoming kitchen brands. This company has been in existence for a couple of years now, and within this time, it has challenged more prominent brands like Preethi and Sujata. Notably, Elgi Ultra has a very promising, ultramodern mixer grinder known as the Vario+. Before we continue, first take note that this is a noiseless mixer grinder. Secondly, its 750-Watt motor has an electronic speed sensor. The sensor's main job is to correct the rotational speeds hence guarantee a uniform grinding. Here is what we liked about the device.

Elgi Ultra Vario Plus 750-Watt Mixer Grinder in 5500 Rupees

Powerful Good performing motor: In the past, the Gadgets Shiksha has reviewed many 750-Watt mixer grinders. However, the Elgi ultra Vario somehow won our hearts. Right from the moment you turn this device on and hear the motor come to life, you get that energetic feeling. The 750-Watt motor on this device combined with its 4 unique speeds gives you total control over your operation. The motor is also very responsive when performing slow speed juicing. Particularly, it won’t crush the seeds if you don’t want it to, especially when making passion fruit juice.

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Electronic Speed Sensor Technology: What makes the Vario+ the best mixer grinder below 6000 Rupees is its speed control system. The manufacturer incorporated an electronic speed sensor in this device. The sensor automatically detects whenever the speed is too slow or too fast in any grinding mode. This ensures uniformity when preparing powders and juices.

Silent Operation: Additionally, this gadget is super silent. In fact, if you are looking for a soundless mixer grinder, this gadget is one of the best options you have in India. The device is able to achieve a silent operation through its well-designed blades as well as its tight coupling system. The motor coupler is made of plastic whereas the jar couplings are made of rubber. Moreover, the device has a jar locking system as well as a lid lock to facilitate hands-free operation.

Safety Features: We also liked the fact that the designers fitted this device with non-slip feet. These help it sit securely on tables. Furthermore, the engineers added an overload protection system to this device. This system protects the motor from burning out whenever the device is overloaded.  The Vario+ also includes an automatic cut-off system.

On the weaker side, this gadget lacks power on/off indicator as well as a digital time display. We also discovered some issues with its lid lock buttons. Putting the locks in place is a bit hectic, and it won’t suit you if you are always in a hurry.

Price ₹5600 | Amazon
Features Slow Grinding/Juicing/Chopping | Warranty: 2-Year
Motor 750-Watt | Speed-Levels: 4 | Overload-Protection | Electricity Off/On Resume Protection | Auto Motor Cut-off Protection
Jars 0.5L Chutney-Jar | 0.8L Mixer-Jar | 1.5L-Blender | 1.8L Juicer with Extractor | Jars with Flow-Breakers & Rubber-Coupler | Mini Cup with lid | Juicer with extractor | Lid-lock for Hands-Free Operation
Build ABS Plastic Body | Non-slip Feet | Height: 215-mm | Power-Cord: 2-Meter


► 750W Preethi Blue Leaf Expert Mixer Grinder

The Preethi Mixer grinder has a great design, and its performance is reliable, too. Made of engineering-grade ABS plastic, its build quality is A-grade. If used with care, this elite yet affordable mixer grinder set might last more than 5 years without any service. I can say this with surety since I have been using a Preethi induction stove from more than five years. I haven’t encountered any yet.

Preethi Blue Leaf Expert Mixer Grinder

Powerful 750W Motor: Because of this very size motor, I would not recommend it for a small family with members count four or less. Using it for processing a small quality of ingredients will waste more electricity for lesser output.

The powerful 750W motor of Preethi Blue Leaf Expert mixer grinder can generate 18,000 runs per minute. Even tough ingredients like dry ginger and turmeric will turn into fine pieces in just a few seconds. You can use this 750W mixer grinder for all types of consumable items.

Up to 5 Years Preethi Warranty: The nearest Preethi service center will repair any fault in the motor unit free of cost up to 5-years from the date of purchase. Preethi brand offers 2-years warranty on the whole unit and an additional 3-years warranty for the motor.

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Preethi offers original premium quality stainless steel jars with tough blades with the Blue Leaf Expert Mixer Grinder set. The Jar set includes a 1.5L multipurpose jar, 0.5L Chutney Jar, 1.5L Juicer Jar, and 2.1L Master Chef for Atta Kneading. The Juicer Jar and Master Chef Jar are made of high-quality ABS plastic. All the four jars are well-made and ergonomically designed for high-quality output in much lesser time.

Should you buy this Preethi mixer Grinder machine? I am thoroughly impressed with the looks and design of Preethi Blue Leaf Expert Mixer Grinder. Excellent performance, durable build, Preethi trust and long warranty commitment by the manufacturer are the factors why even at a high price, it is one of the best mixer grinder machine sets in the market.

Price ₹5100 | Amazon
Features Wet & Dry {Grinding, Mixing, Blending} | Atta-Kneading | Warranty: {2-Years on Whole unit | 5-Years for Motor}
Motor 750W | Copper-Winding | Over-Load Protection
Jar 4 {2.1L Master-Chef Jar for Atta-Kneading | 1.5L Multipurpose jar | 0.5L Chutney Jar} | Stainless-Steel Jar | Stainless-Steel Blades | Lid with Lock
Build ABS Plastic Body with Non-slip Rubber Feet
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